Report: Amazon Screws Up British 3DS Deliveries

There are some very unhappy Nintendo fans in the United Kingdom today, with mega-retailer Amazon reportedly failing to deliver 3DS consoles to many customers who paid extra for "expedited delivery".

It's 11.30am in the UK at the time of posting, and Amazon's forums are filled to the brim with customers complaining that not only had their 3DS not arrived yet, but that they now believed it would be arriving a day late. That day later being Saturday, which for anyone opting to have the handheld delivered to a work address means they're shit out of luck.

Making matters worse, customers are reporting that while their consoles have failed to show, games are being delivered just fine, enabling them to unwrap their new purchases and... read the manuals.

Note that, because it's not yet lunch time, there's still a chance the units will be delivered on-time. The fact so many people's orders are still listed as "dispatching soon" on the day they were supposed to have arrived, however, gives people genuine cause for concern.

Amazon UK customer service reps have told customers that "an investigation is under way". Normally you'd simply write this off as an unfortunate accident, but when you're dealing with launch-day customers who paid extra for guaranteed speedy delivery, the word "accident" isn't one that's going to wash.

It's unclear whether this delay affects a fraction, some, many or all of Amazon's 3DS customers.

Amazon accused of 3DS delivery failure [Eurogamer]


    My logic here would be that a bunch of games were on sale days earlier. which would enable them to come earlier(since amazon doesn't let you choose how things a bundled)

    i have 3 games that i could have picked up from the post office yesterday thanks to my expedited shipping from the US to AUS

    but the 3ds probably wont be here til wednesday/thursday

      From the US?
      Since its not out until Sunday... meaning it won't ship till Tuesday our time... and the fastest shipping is 2-5 days... doesn't that put it at wed/thur the following week more likely?
      I'll be super pumped if mine does arrive that soon; but I'm not holding my breath =(

      Unless you know something I don't (or meant UK instead of US).

    I hope my US amazon 3DS order doesn't get borked.....

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