Resident Evil Is Still Looking Good On The 3DS

Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D may not be the most original game on the 3DS, but it's certainly shaping up as one of the best-looking.

And yes, what you see there is a Resident Evil game letting the player move around while aiming their weapon. It seems to slow you down when you do it, but if you want to do it - and lord knows people have been wanting it for years - then Mercenaries 3D will let you.


    I really don't like that you can move and shoot, the thing that added to the excitement of 4 and 5 was that you would have to run, then shoot, and when you are reloading, you'd be shitting yourself as a zombie got closer

      There were zombies in RE4 and 5...??

      Because it is common knowledge that performing functions with one's hands locks your legs into some sort of state of rigormortis.

      RE: Dead Space. Preservation of horror with a protagonist who doesn't have a crippled movement scheme.

    Well said. The characters in this game are highly trained fighters, so the ability to move and shoot should be second nature to them.

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