Resistance 3 Focuses In On Combat With Much Smaller Firefights

Resistance 3 take on multiplayer reduces the player count from 40 to 16, something that turns what were sometimes confusing bulletstorms of back-and-forth gunplay into a more focused experience.

Here's a look at the game in action. Make sure you check out my full impressions too.


    This game looks good.. -But does it really take that long to kill a guy?

      CoD is the only game where you can kill an enemy with just two bullets. This game seems to be more on the Halo/Battlefield side. Where you do have to actually work for a kill.

    What? Really?

    I've been primarily an xbox gamer, only recently getting a PS3. One of the biggest advertised features of the Resistance series was it's massive online component supporting more players in a game than almost all other FPS games.

    I never got to play it and can imagine it might have been hectic, but this isn't a bad thing, and 16 player games could still have been an option. It just reminds me of the old days of playing UT with 20 players a side.

    By doing this they are either taking out a good feature, or admitting that it was a bad feature and shouldn't have been in. They can't spin this as being a positive.

      If you want massive firefight battles on a console, especially ps3, then there's always killzone, battlefield and of course MAG

    I loves me my Resistance series. For my money, it's a far more interesting series than Killzone. It is a bit more like Halo in that it has an interesting story with interesting weapons, enemies, etc.

    Cannot wait to get this.

    These fools can't aim...

    To me, this doesn't look as good as the previous two resistances. The previous two were fun and obviously so unrealistic so the 40+ firefights made sense. The maps were well planned out enough for it not to get confusing. And it offered something different to myriad of cod-like games.

    By the looks of it, the series died along with nathan hale...

    this is converging to a CoD like experience with certain elements of Halo with a Resistance setting only :(

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