Rift Combats Massive Player Influx With Massive Server Additions

Rift Combats Massive Player Influx With Massive Server Additions

The response to Trion World’s MMO Rift has been overwhelming, with the 17 servers allocated to North America for last week’s head start blossoming into 39 to combat long login queues. The game launches tomorrow, with more servers on the way.

My Dwarven warrior Oprah might be exaggerating a little, but not much. Since the Friday launch of Rift’s head start program, 22 new servers have been added to the game in order to keep players playing. As I wandered about the world of Telara on Saturday, new server messages popped up on my screen, followed by the failure of anyone playing to log off of the one they were playing to give the new one a try.

People like the servers they are on.

Queues have been worst in the evenings, and best during the morning. arse of this posting I can log on to my preferred server readily, but last night I spent three hours waiting in line to play for one hour.

The queues have cause many players to resort to away-from-keyboard tricks to stay connected while not playing. Trion has already patched the game to keep one such trick from working.

And this is only the head start.

The full game goes live tomorrow for non-head start players, and considering the word-of-mouth the game has been generating (I’d recommend checking it out), the servers should be swamped. A Trion Worlds representative told Kotaku that more servers would be opened to accommodate the new players, but that shouldn’t do much to ease the pain of players on more popular shards, like my own player-versus-player role-playing realm of Sunrest.

My suggestion to head start players? Brace yourselves, and never ever log off.


  • I would say the Queues will ease up a bit, they often open up the pop caps on the servers once the levels are more spread out.

    Its more the problem of having 1000 + people in the newbie zones.

    The game is pretty sensational tho. First mmo in ages that could make an impact on WoW.

    And Mike, are you Aussie? Cuz all the Aussies are playing on Wolfsbane.

  • I haven’t had a que once, that’s the advantage of rolling a US server, most people in the US are doing something else when you’re playing.

    This game is great but oh so similar to WoW, mainly in the design of the interfaces look and feel. It’s MMO 101 UI, but seriously they could of atleast changed the very similar appearance, people walk past and think it’s WoW when you’re playing it.

    But the classes are much more interesting and fresh. Along with the “Rifts”, which are similar to warhammers public quests, but alot more fun.

  • Welcome welcome welcome…after being on a dead pvp server for Age of Conan..it is refreshing to try a game that I had little expectations of and yet find strangely addictive. When you play…and you will you’ll find the Rifts are the bets part of this game…so far I enjoy playing since I dont have to listen to some troglydite of a raid leader screaming at me and no begging a elitist guild to allow me the honor of raiding with them

      • not sure how the Wolfsbane queues are looking now, but our guild took the plunge and moved to Corthana, the second unofficial Oceania-tagged PvE server.

        it IS a bit quieter than Wolfsbane, but it means we don’t have to ask…

        “Where’s Golden?”
        “Behind a 9hr queue as with 80% of the guild”

  • So it looks like the headstart servers are locked while the launch players get to play on new servers… now I know I can make an alt on a new server but what’s the point of that when I already have a nicely leveled character on the server I’m on?…. what kind of Headstart is it if you can’t keep playin…lol

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