See Wonderland Torn Aprt By Alice In Madness Returns

After seeing countless teaser trailers and bits of concept art of American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns, how does the gameplay footage stack up? It's even better.

Can Alice: Madness Returns play as good as this twisted gameplay trailer looks? Find out tomorrow, when we'll have a full preview of Alice: Madness returns tomorrow based on our experience with the game at the 2011 Game Developers Conference. Until then, just watch this over and over again.

Alice: Madness Returns is due on June 14 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.


    a machine gun? way to ruin the otherwise fantastic imagery/atmosphere. the knife was pushing it, but automatic weaponry was completely unnecessary - sticks out like a sore thumb

      Because a gun that is designed to look like a pepper grinder which Alice has to crank the handle to actually use is totally so farfetched in the completely twisted fantasy world that is American McGee's Alice..

        Stop judging a game from a trailer when you can't even look close enough at it to see it's not a gun.

        actually, i meant it wasn't that very canonical - Alice in Wonderland is an ode to drug-induced insanity, one which didn't require guns or pseudo-guns.

          The drug aspect is a commonly held myth. Lewis Carroll was an Oxford mathematician, who was an Anglican deacon and reportedly quite conservative. He made up nonsense stories to entertain children of some friends and later ended up writing them down. Characters satirise observations he made around Oxford at the time, concepts satirise ideas in his mind on topics or language and mathematics... and that's all there really is to it. No drug trips, just fun nonsense for kids.

          Cracked had an amusing take at what I just wrote actually:

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