Seized European PlayStation 3 Systems To Be Released

While the Blu-ray patent infringement lawsuit between electronics manufacturer LG and Sony rages on, a court decision in the Netherlands has halted the confiscation of PlayStation 3 systems entering Europe, with the more than 300,000 units already seized ordered returned.

The confiscations began last month, when a civil court in The Hague, Netherlands, ordered a halt to new PlayStation 3 units entering Europe due to a patent infringement claim filed by LG.

The seizures continued for a period of 10 days, with reports of more units being confiscated yesterday, on the eve of an emergency court session in The Hague to determine if the blockade would continue.

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reports that the court has ended the seizure of PlayStation 3 consoles. LG has been ordered to return any confiscated units to Sony by tomorrow and pay the €130,000 ($179,000) court cost. For each additional day it takes for the consoles to be returned, LG will be charged €200,000, ($276,000).

So the PlayStation 3 consoles shall flow into Europe once more, though the pause in distribution is still likely to cause Sony a pretty penny.

And the patent lawsuit continues. Should Sony be found to have infringed upon LG's patent, the damages could make ten days without PlayStation 3 shipments look like loose change.

Beslaglegging PlayStations beëindigd [De Telegraaf (Dutch)]


    Coming up next, LG makes its own version of the PlayStation3!

      Well, I hope it works better than my lousy LG dishwasher. I think LG stole a patent from a mud rollicking pig to achieve what it classes as clean.

    I'm probably wrong, but didn't Sony create blu-ray? And LG is suing Sony over patent infringement of a patent based on Sonys patent?

      I've no idea what its about, but I'm guessing its probably a plastic doohickey washer or something.

      Sony created Bluray but in the process infringed on patents that LG holds. I havent been bothered to read up into this fight too much, but im guessing Sony (or LG) first started suing over specific patents and now they are countering back and forward.. Its happened so much lately I cant be bothered even looking -_-

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