Shenemue III Is Coming?

Speaking at a talk during the Game Developer Conference today, designer Yu Suzuki said that he thinks Sega is going to let him make Shenmue III. The audience broke into shouts and applause, and then Suzuki abruptly changed topics.


    Want! Want! Want! Want! Do it Sega! Do something right for a change!

    I was THIS close to selling my copy of Shenmue II without even playing it, for fear of being on a perpetual cliffhanger.

    This sounds like good news. :)

    O.O <- Sums it up I think

    *screams like a girl*

    No! Its never gonna happen, get over it! Honestly, the game wouldnt sell that well anyway so why bother Sega?

    There are very few games I'd pay full price for, and this would be one.

    Having said that. if they give him the go, he better finish the story for good.

    Although the trailer for Shenmue Online did give away a few plot points...

    Guess I'd better finish II then so I know what's going on. Luckily my Dreamcast is still in perfect condition.

      My Dreamcast started playing up just before the warranty ran out. Sent it in to be fixed, they claimed nothing was wrong. Plays games but is dodgy...

    Don't care what console it'll be on, I'll be buying one for this game alone!

    Can we get a HD-rerelease collection of the first two, as well? Pretty please?



    Just make sure to steer clear of any magical bollocks. Shenmue 2 was great until the floating sword (aka "the ending").

    This is the best news I've heard since some other news I liked some time.


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