SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED: Don’t You Forget About Me

SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED: Don’t You Forget About Me

Being that I’m drenched in the sweet, tenderising juices of 3DS hype, I almost forgot that EA’s sequel to ‘quite alright, actually’ racer Need for Speed SHIFT is being released this week. That may end up being more than a little unfair, since it’s shaping up to be quite the potential speedster – especially if its soundtracks is anything to go by.

SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED takes a unique approach to its soundtrack, using a team of top notch OST dudes to reimagine actual proper songs, remixing them to match the racing experience that SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED provides.

“This is a totally unique approach to videogame scores,” said Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Marketing for EA. “We’ve brought together some of the most cutting-edge composers from various film, TV, trailer and gaming backgrounds in entertainment to re-imagine the music of ten absolutely distinctive bands and sonically encapsulate the driver’s emotional journey.”

Of course, the previous quote sounds a bit like marketing schlock, but it is an interesting approach.

Here are the songs being used:

30 Seconds To Mars – Night Of The Hunter
Anberlin – We Owe This To Ourselves
Biffy Clyro – Mountains
The Bravery – Ours
Escape The Fate – Issues
Hollywood Undead – Levitate
Jimmy Eat World – Action Needs An Audience
Rise Against – Help Is On The Way
Stone Temple Pilots – Take A Load Off
Switchfoot – The Sound (John M. Perkins Blues)

I’m quite interested to see just how this works within the context of the game.


  • Switchfoot? Wow I wasn’t expecting that.
    They’re going to be performing at Easterfest in Toowoomba next month, so I’ll definitely be going to see them 😀

  • I couldn’t give two hoots about EA’s choices of music for the game. Their soundtracks have always been lacklustre (for me) anyway.

    However, the main reason is that the pure racing noises are what I want to hear. Thoroughly enjoyed the first Shift, and I’ll most likely pick this up on the cheap sometime in the future.

  • Some good bands there like Rise Against & STP, but lousy song choices! Nothing against songs like Help is on the way, great song. But hardly a racing kinda song. Rise Against have heaps of pumped up tracks, yet they chose the by the numbers single?
    Same deal with Hot Pursuit, great bands-bizarre song choices!

          • get with the times eh? maybe I should, im the only person I know who still buys music cd’s! And im assuming the retarded comments crack is a shot at yourself for bringing up justin beiber:P

          • Hi cobaybrbzles.This made me laugh. Your smuggling technique is getting just as good as mine. I have been a bit slow on the gigging department and I am a bit tired about fighting always for the front row and getting squashed to death. heheLoved reading the review and agree with you totally. The G10 is a lot of money and I didn’t see the point either.I tell you my Sony DSC-H2 has a great recording sound. People on youtube always praise my sound quality…they can’t say the same for my shaky hands and my screams and laughs while recording.Have you got all the special lenses for your G9 as well? I have never used a external flash on mine. I actually never use my external flash even on my 20D.I need to find more time to read the blog more often.OMG, All my washing is waiting for me outside.Take care. All the best.

  • I like Ours by The Bravery… but it doesn’t exactly fit a racing game…

    Also, after the first Shift, I’m going to wait for reviews on this one.

    At first I thought I liked it. The tyre screeching was amazingly realistic and the game looked great. But then I realised the game was doing half the controlling for me. I turned it off and the physics went apes**t and I was careening all over the track. I tried to adjust, but it was shitty controls. I race fine in GT games and many others.

  • “This is a totally unique approach to videogame scores”

    “This is a totally cheaparse approach to videogame scores”..

    Fixed it for you.

  • So, as usual, I’ll be turning off the built-in music after about half an hour and plugging in my USB full of Super Eurobeat to make the game 100x more exciting. NIGHT OF BURNING FIRE IN TOKYO DRIFTO YEAAAAAAAH

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