Shogun 2's Scale Is Pretty Incredible

Shogun 2 Total War is released this week on PC, and we've been a little guilty of neglecting what looks like an incredible game in terms of scale. This multiplayer walkthrough goes into quite a bit of detail regarding what can be expected from the online section of the game. Worth a gander.


    If I computer had a good chance of running this then I might have considered picking this up but my comp takes forever trying to load DOW2 so this is completely out of the question.

    *hugs his 360*
    No need to upgrade you everytime a cool game comes out. Shame you can't do strategy :(

    Looking forward to this, got my copy in the mail today...too bad it doesn't unlock till tomorrow....

      Waiting for my code...when I wake up, it'll be there, as well as the 20 hour download :(

    Umm is the single-player campaign got the same options (your own faction etc etc)????

      I don't think so...

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