Some Diablo III Art To Bite Your Face Off

This is a Tomb Viper, one of the countless hordes of bad guys you'll fight in upcoming action/RPG Diablo III. He's not the most important of characters, we know, but that is so great it had to be shared.


    maybe they should stop drawing pictures and write some code! I want the game!

      Yeah, Damn it! Why have the got the programmers making concept art?.........Wait, what?

    It looks like something from the mind of Guillermo Del Toro. This increases my excitement for this game, looks great.

    Pfft, my skeleton belt is way bigger than his. In a related comment, SO. KEEN.

    Artist? website?

      Look at the artist signature... It's BROM!!! OMG one of the most influential illustrator of our time doing a painting for Blizzard. Amazing.... I can't wait

    coming to you in ....2020, because blizzard needs 10 years per 'quality' game.

    Someone's been watching Return of the King Extended Edition.

    Beautiful artwork, as usual from Blizzard.

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