Sony, If You Can’t Beat Hackers, Give Them A Job Instead

Sony, If You Can’t Beat Hackers, Give Them A Job Instead

Koushik Dutta, a noted hacker (and mobile developer), has posted what he claims is an email exchange between himself and an employee of Sony Computer Entertainment America. In which Sony offers the man a job.

The alleged email, from Sarah McRae in SCEA’s Talent Acquisition Department, offers Dutta a position as a Software Engineer with the division’s Research & Development Department.

Which, you should know, is actually not that uncommon. From consoles to bank vaults, when you want to have something protected, often the best people to approach are the ones who are in the business of attacking said protection. In this case, a hacker.

Dutta’s response is worth a look, though.

Hi Sarah, I appreciate that you reached out to me. The opportunity does sound very interesting! However, due to Sony’s recent treatment of a fellow hacker, George Hotz, I could not in good conscience work at Sony.

Remember: it’s totally OK for Sony to sue people hacking the PS3, but if you hack other company’s devices, you get offered a job!

A copy of the email exchange in question is below. We’ve contacted Sony for confirmation, and will update if we hear back.

[koush @ Twitter, thanks Brad!]


  • Sony just needs to remember that for every top paid hacker they hire, there are at least fifty others out there more talented and more passionate doing it for free.

  • “Dear Sarah,

    I regrettably must decline your offer to pay me to do what I do best, as well as an opportunity to print a world renown company brand on my resume because of ill-informed presumptions and screwed up ideological beliefs that hackers can boastfully do whatever they like without repercussions.


    • “This person’s opinion is different to mine and therefore wrong and/or fake so I will just disregard everything by misquoting them to appear to subscribe to my beliefs and opinions stated as fact. Also Money and status are the most important things in the world and I would sellout something I believe in for either/or.

      Screwed up ideological belief Sony can boastfully do whatever they want to consumers(or people that have observed other consumers but are not in fact consumers themselves) without repurcussions.

      Oh hey this IS fun!

      • I have to agree with kizaru here. Sure he has his integrity and dignity intact, which I’m sure will serve him well in his parents basement. Much more worth it than getting a good job which can lead to even better ones with good money.

        That’s if it’s real. Because above all, hackers are always completely honest and truthful.

        • If you think about it though he’s getting the best of both worlds by making this public (or perhaps even just making it up). He made his name stand out from the pack for 15 minutes while making himself look pretty good in the process. There are people who will read this and think maybe they should give him a call.

          I’m not saying this was his goal or anything, but if he’s smart and interested in legitimate work in the field he’ll have given it some thought.

      • I don’t really see any quoting/misquoting in what Kizaru said, paraphrasing maybe, or putting what he said in a more succinct way. To point out someone’s narrow mindedness isn’t a necessarily bad thing, sometimes they aren’t aware of how up their own ass they really are.

        Not taking advantage of an opportunity because of your ‘ideals’ or in protest to what someone else has done (however wrong it may be) is just denying yourself to grow as a human being. Not taking a job at Sony is going to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the scheme of things.

        Further more the term ‘selling out’ (however lame and snarky it is) may apply ideals such as basic human rights or something along those lines, but it doesn’t really sit well if your ideals are based in piracy, theft and sabotage.

        If you’re going to create and promote something that damages a company’s ability to continue to do business, you are NOT a consumer, but you are screwing things up for those that are.

  • Sony had to make an example of George Hotz – he was the one that pranced around the internet boasting he had the PS3 at his beck and call. Had he posted around just a few hacking sites or whatnot then I wouldn’t have been surprised if he was the one Sony were offering a job to. But no, he goes and shows the world what can be done via YouTube, on his own website with enough attention being shown to him from every site under the sun. Sony absolutely had to act in order to disuade others.

    If this guy wants to turn down the job then in this case it shows he doesn’t understand the above and also sympathises too much with his fellow hackers. Could he really be relied on to make a secure system when he sympathises this much with those trying to break it?

    • You mean what every hacker has done in recent times when it comes to hacking consoles/phones/handhelds? While geohotz is a bit arrogant, he has done nothing that other hackers dont do anyway, just in a less elegant way.

  • I’m sorry, Sony, I just can’t hack for you guys in good conscience. This guy obviously normally hacks in good conscience… Or something.

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