Speed Is Most Definitely A Necessity In Crysis 2

Stealth and strength are great when it comes to plowing through difficult situations, but with speed and agility you can avoid them altogether. Crysis 2's "Be Fast" trailer demonstrates the benefits of speedy delivery.

Streaking and leaping through the damaged wilds of New York City, Alcatraz's moves are so impressive I can almost ignore the most horrible version of New York, New York I've ever heard going on in the background. Almost, but not quite. Perhaps Crysis 3 will allow us to run faster than the speed of sound.

Crysis 2 hits the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on March 22.


    you know when there are too many shooters out there when every single scene in a trailer looks like its all been done before in other shooters...

    Single player crysis 1 was great, multiplayer was pretty decent as well.

    I can tell that single player crysis 2 will also be great, but i cannot say the same about multiplayer (from what i have seen from the demo).

    yes i know its just a demo and not the full game. its too cod influenced. things such as killstreaks, perks, create a class.. etc (yes i also know they arnt called actually called killstreaks or perks in crysis 2 but you might as well just call them that)

    also another thing, in multiplayer crysis 2 you cannot mod your weapon on the fly.. only in singleplayer, thats what made crysis 1 so great the ability to change yourself and your weapon to suit the current situation.

    so that comcludes my personal opinion of crysis 2, i will still be buying it :D

    I personally enjoyed "the most horrible version of New York, New York I’ve ever heard going on in the background."


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