Square-Enix Go ‘Crazy’ – Drop All iOS Game Prices

Square-Enix Go ‘Crazy’ – Drop All iOS Game Prices

Square-Enix Go ‘Crazy’ – Drop All iOS Game PricesIf this was a late night TV Ad, I’d imagine there’d be a salesman in a cheap suit, yelling about how Square-Enix has gone crazy, selling all this incredible content at bargain basement prices. But this is not a late night TV Ad, so I’ll just provide you with an awesome list of the on-sale Square Enix games on iPhone and iPad, and leave you with the difficult decision of what to buy.

iPhone – Chaos Rings – $7.99 – Crystal Defenders – $4.99 – Hills and Rivers Remain – $2.49 – Final Fantasy – $4.99 – Final Fantasy II – $4.99 – Final Fantasy VII ACC Larger-than-Life Gallery – $3.99 – Final Fantasy VII Compilation Wallpaper – $2.49 – Final Fantasy XIII Larger-than-Life Gallery – $3.99 – Fullmetal Alchemist Gallery – $0.99 – Secret of Mana – $4.99 – Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroea – Encore – $5.99 – Sliding Heroes – Free – Vanguard Storm – $2.49 – Voice Fantasy – $1.19

iPad – Chaos Rings – $9.99 – Chocobo Panic – $2.49 – Crystal Defenders for iPad – $4.99 – Final Fantasy VII ACC Larger-than-Life Gallery – $3.99 – Final Fantasy XIII Larger-than-Life Gallery – $3.99

I’m thinking about picking up Secret of Mana, but I honestly don’t know if my fragile body is ready for the concentrated surge of nostalgia that’ll explode into my veins. I’m genuinely scared my kidneys will fail.


  • If this was a late night TV commercial, it would be sandwiched between two identical commercials for sexy hot babes who want to talk to you right now.

    Secret of Mana is very tempting at $5, I haven’t played that in a long time… but I’ve pretty much restricted my iPhone gaming to simple games that I can play for a few minutes on the train. Secret of Mana is a little too awesome for such usage.

  • Are these prices the same to Aussie buyers?

    Is there a way for me to make a purchase without an iPod touch so that when I do get one it will be waiting for me??

      • You can just buy it on iTunes then synch it to whatever devices you have later on. You buy the license to the content, not a specific copy of it. 🙂

    • I’m assuming you can just buy them in iTunes and they will sit happily on your computer waiting to sync to an iPod at some point in the future.

      I do this all the time, but iTunes does already know I have an iPhone, so i can’t guarantee that it would definitely work without prior knowledge of an iDevice for the account. But I’d be very surprised if it didn’t. I’d say try it and if it lets you buy it, you’re sweet.

      i’m all i’d out after typing that iComment.

      • I have a classic, no intention of upgrading until it dies. Could be a while.

        My first iPod kicked the bucket after only 2 years. I think cos I worked a job where I could listen all the time.

    • Yes, I believe so. I downloaded an (admittedly, free) app from the Japanese iTunes store months before I bought my iPhone.

  • I’m really enjoying FF3 on the iphone, it almost makes me forget the utterly shitty job of FF1 and 2 on the iPhone.

    Touch controls work great, graphics are gorgeous, and I can rapidly order my parts to just attack, unlike FF1’s stupid “touch enemy”. That, and the text isn’t as jarring as FF1’s, with P’s, I’s and J’s looking all caps locked. “You must deFeat garLand, WarrIors of LIghT!!”

    Plus, I’m one of the minority who really enjoys Final Fantasy 3. Most people think it’s crap, but I find the story really charming and paced incredibly well, constantly giving you new places to explore and always pushing you forward. I remember playing it constantly on a NES emulator back in 1999.

    • 3, 3 or 6, 3?
      I didn’t know they’d done a port of the original 3. They were always having trouble, it’s why they did the semi-3D remake on DS.

      Who is the enemy?
      Kefka or black cloud of evil generic death??

      • Generic cloud of evil death.

        I still like it a lot though, it’s the most “Dragon Quest”-ish of the Final Fantasy games, I think.

        • I’m more excited over a possible Final Fantasy 4 iPhone port of the DS game. That would be amazing, especially since FF3 works really well on the iPhone.

          • Just get a DS, there are shitloads of better games available (better than iGames, not neccessarily FF)
            DQ IX!

          • What’s to say I don’t already have one? 😀

            All bases covered!

  • Wow! I’d buy THAT for a dollar!!!

    But they’re more than a dollar, so guess I won’t be buying it.

    I have emulators on my PSP for classic portable gaming. (I own all the games I play… Some more than once.)

  • Secret of Mana….ahhh the music:)
    Please release this on the 3ds virtual console in beautiful 3d! (im dreaming I know lol)

  • That SoM port is crappy crappy crap.

    Also those FF ‘Gallery’ apps are the biggest wastes of money. I wouldn’t download a slideshow of FF characters for free, nor would I pay the 5 dollars they usually ask for them.

  • I see Sliding Heroes is now free. Still too expensive. It’s probably the worst “game” SE has ever made.

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