Steam To Get Video Recorder, Possible iPhone & Android 'Expansions,' Says Report

Valve's Steam platform will get the option to record video of gameplay "very soon," according to a report from a recent visit to the developer, which cites studio founder Gabe Newell as the source of that information.

The Half-Life, Team Fortress and Portal developer just recently added universal screen shot support in Steam, letting users capture and upload screens to the company's cloud-based service, Steam Cloud. Recording video and sharing it through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and the Steam Community seems like the next logical step.

Other news bits reportedly dropped by Mr. Newell include a possible expansion of the Steam platform to iOS and Android platforms and that "the Source film maker is in the pipeline for a public release." Factoring in the effects Valve Time, we shan't hold our breath that "very soon" and "in the pipeline" is just around the corner.

We're double checking with Valve to see if they'll officially confirm it.

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    If they want to make this easier than cool... I guess... but you can already record videos...


    Although I'd think the system requirements would be significant for realtime videocapture at high resolutions?

      How it seems to be done for Black Ops is recording all the inputs of all players and using the game engine to render the video in real time.

      I'd imagine they would use that system since its pretty small compared to direct capture to video (which would be a GB for every minute or so uncompressed, dependent on resolution).

      It would make sense then to have a selection of what footage you would like to render as a video file. It would be grand if every online game at least had this feature.

        I reckon it's unlikely they could incorporate this code into all of the game engines. I'm gussing it'l be capturing raw video, ala Fraps style. (hopefully less of a CPU hit.) Cool feature though.

      I am presuming it will work similar to how game replays work in other games such as HoN. It isnt actually a video file that is recorded, but instead a script that is then used in the program to re-create the inputs and movement of everything within the recording. I would presume from there you can make it export to a video file in some format.

    well, source has a built in recorder, you just have to find it :P

    but i'm guessing that it's for all games, not just source ones

    sounds all good..the screen shot part works well.. so does the new SLIP voice chat.
    I hope they add WP7 to the list of 'expansions to do' as well

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