Steel Diver To Surface In May

If you've been following the 3DS Diaries, then you'll know that I'm currently suffering from a severe lack of games on my 3DS. Thankfully there are more on the way - it's just a matter of when. Pilotwings Resort arrives on April 14, and we've just gotten word that Steel Diver will hit shelves May 12.

Steel Diver is a weird one - even Iwata himself claims that the game is "somewhat plain", describing it as a game "where you control a submarine that doesn't go very fast."

But Shigeru Miyamoto has spent a fair amount of time on the project, and we're actually keen to see the results. Steel Diver was first shown at E3 2004 as a reference game for the DS, and has been toyed with in development ever since. Miyamoto has been clear that he wanted Steel Diver to be a simulation of controlling a 'machine', so in that respect it might turn out to be an interesting diversion.


    Thats the first time I've seen that comment from Iwata - funny stuff! Pretty much sums up what I've thought of it so far. Prediction: will be in bargain bins by the end of the year.

    Nintendo's games are never bargain binned, they get one print run then just disappear.

    May?! The hell is this?! I'm seriously disappointed in Nintendo's handling of regional 3DS launch.

    Absolutely no reason for Aussies to buy from Australia with support like this...

    .au schedule is crippled from launch. Glad I don't have to worry, had a .jp one since launch and ordered a u.s one last night.

    Imagine how far .au will be behind in six months time? Bugger that for a joke.

    I was a little bit intrigued about Steel Diver, but didn't really care for it because it sounded boring.

    Now (probably on a whim) I feel I need to buy it as soon as it's released.

    What the crap is this.

    Of all the launch games, this is the only one I've actually wanted pretty much all along. My most favourite from the demos at the shops too (well, second to Mercenaries :P), and now I have to wait two months for it?? Ffs.

    It is a slow one, but it just seems to make it feel more strategic. You need to plan your moves ahead of time, because it will take time to change course etc. I was unsure at first, but the mission with the battleship boss sold me on it.

      Yeah, I pre-ordered it under the impression that it would be a day 1 release.

      Ahh well, no biggie. I'll pick up something else.

    Aus games can't even get a good launch. What a mess.

    We don't even get samurai warriors for a few weeks.

    What the hell!?! Why does it take another 1-2 months to get here?! One of the games I was looking forward to. Freaking hell. Also Oz Gameshop don't have it either to make matters worse.

    Just order from the UK. The Hut had a great sale (25% off 3DS games + 10% off with an order of 2 games).

    If you buy in pairs (like I did with Pilotwings and Steel Diver), it even counts pre-orders and separate orders are free shipping which worked out to be $41 AUD each and I'll receive Pilotwings well before Aussie launch.

    ^Region Locking does not apply to UK.

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