Stop What You Are Doing And Watch This My Little Pony Video Right Now

Proving that My Little Pony makes everything hilarious and StarCraft II makes everything awesome - at the same time - is this fantastic two-minute mashup that is simply not to be missed.

YouTube's StubbornlyObsolete put this together using the audio from StarCraft II's cinematic launch trailer and video from seventeen goddamn episodes of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." You know he had to watch every one of them, and not just casually, but paying serious and close attention. That's called taking one for the team, in the name of comedy.

PonyCraft 2 [YouTube, thanks Matt B.]


    OMFG that is hilarious and brilliant.

    Yes! This is amazing

    /b/ronies taking over the internets!

    That ... was ... awesome!

    My Little Starcraft Pony. Coming soon to a theatre near you.

    WTF did they do to My Little Pony? It was so much cooler and had better animation in the 80s.

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