Street Fighter's Combos Are Simply Devastating In Real Life

The last of "action company" Thousand Pounds' series of Street Fighter IV flicks is now live. For a bunch of guys jumping around doing imaginary kicks, it's brutal as hell.

Oh, and funny, too. Don't forget the funny.

Does anyone else think an actual game like this would be great? Somewhere between Fight Night and Street Fighter, where real men (and ladies!) just kick the crap out of each other in bars, parks, parking lots, wherever!


    That puts many a fight scene in fully budgeted movies to shame.


    LMAO! That was the funniest one out of this lot. I enjoyed the Tekken style linker combo in the final one.

    Wow, they just totally just outdid themselves on the quality side of things. Very nice.

    I think this is what those drunk guys outside the nightclubs think they look like.

    omg guile's theme!

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