Super Mario Bros. Takes Sound Effects To The Next Level

You know, Mario has evolved, visually - but I can't help but feel like I want something more from the sound design. Something more... real. This video below shows the potential for Mario to begin a sound revolution and push things to the next level. And it's absolutely hilarious.

LOL: Super mario with next-gen sound effects [Geeks Are Sexy]

Thanks to Jenn for heads up


    Blind. Mown.

    I love it.

    I especially love that the guy who did this got hired because of this:
    "This video (part of my demo reel) helped me stand out enough to get hired at Volition. There are many extremely skilled sound designers out there, but when you're trying to stand out from a pool of 100+ applicants, it sure helps to show the team that you have a sense of humor -- because you can be damn sure they do."


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