Talented Musicians Choose Pokémon

This past weekend marked 15 years of Pokémon. Fifteen years! And what better way to say that than with a free album of Pok&eacut;mon chiptunes.

As website Tiny Cartridge points out, the album has 28 different arrangements from 24 different artists. Be sure to listen to the Jigglypuff song at the end of the clip.

Pokémon: The Missingno Tracks | Home | OC ReMix [OC ReMix via TinyCartridge]


    I'll move on to acceptance soon enough, but before then:


    Wtf is this? I'm a qualified proofreader, should I apply to Kotaku US? Props to Mark and the AU gang for actually caring about their work – just make sure not to catch the disease at GDC, StepTo is a carrier.

    I think this just rekindled my love for pokemon im downloading them right now

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