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    I just had to endure a horrible 2 hour bus trip to get to uni for an 8.30 maths lecture... so, someone cheer me up before I go on a game-inspired killing spree! D:

      *Starts dancing (badly) for your amusement, all the while people throw popcorn at me, and laugh, always laughing, before I spiral into a pit of depression, miserable about the pathetic state of my life*

        Haha, this sure brightened my morning at least.



          The only less-than-three I ever get is from internet randoms *sigh* I'll just go wallow in self pitying misery for a while (fringe, fringe, fringe).

      Maths? ewww...... nerd...

      I'm dealing with Matrices in one of my subjects, and I love it. So maybe I should shut up... xD

      Here's something to cheer you up:


        If that's that poor bullied kid video then it shouldn't cheer anyone up.
        Imagine being bullied to the point where you snap and have to do something totally out of your character just to make it stop.
        Bullying is unfortunately written off these days as part of our culture and just something you have to deal with. Why? Why should it be acceptable and why should the victims have to find ways to adapt and deal with it, or even fight back when they're cornered? They're not the ones doing something wrong so why should they be the ones who need to change instead of the bullies?

        Sorry, Tadmod, not ranting at you personally, just sickened and saddened by the whole situation.

          I was all alone and bullied like he was during my years 7 to 12 in high school. I pleaded to the teachers and even a vice principal to do something about it... all they do is talk to them. Which of course does nothing. Unfortunately I didn't have the strength that kid did so I was forced to endure and let it destroy me. I'm so glad to be finished of it, never having to live through it again but unfortunately the damage was done to my self-esteem

            Everyone always talks about their hard-line stance against bullying: it's never tolerated, serious consequences etc. but in reality, they don't do anything about it.

            Somehow the accepted procedure has become to make a few token comments to the involved parties (typically condemning the bullies in support of the victim, while at the same time talking down to them and implying they're, somehow, the cause of it and therefore responsible) and then ignore the issue, hoping it'll go away on its own.

            Now everyone makes a big deal out of it, but no-one does anything and it's not just schools/kids - the amount of bullying I see everywhere is ridiculous.

            Too many people are just arseholes and don't experience any consequences and no-one that can do anything about it wants to be inconvenienced by it all.

              Yeah and get this! When it REALLY gets bad, they suspend the bullies... which is the fricken opposite of a punishment. Days sometimes weeks of no classes... sounds like a reward for them doesn't it?

                Not at Radford. In school suspensions, bitches, not to mention a willingness to "ask people to leave." They don't want to expel people, because then they'd have to refund them for the remaining semester.

            The damage that it can do is enormous.

            What little self esteem people have is stripped away from them... it get's to the point where they're unable to function socially.

            You're paralised by fear of failure and the humiliation that will accompany it... and convinced that there is nothing about you of any worth.

              Huh... that pretty much sums me up pretty well. I thought it was just a side-effect and not a common effect from it.

                a rare side-effect*

                  It's not that rare.

                  It gets so bad that some nights you lay awake listing all the things that are wrong with yourself (percived or real)... it's a cancer, devouring you from the inside, until you're a tired and lonely husk. A lifeless shadow, going through the motions. Feigning humanity, convinced that you're universally loathed.

          Bullying is such a sad thing for society. Obviously we have not evolved as much as we think we have otherwise it would have been a thing from the past. As a parent, I find it so difficult to give good advice on how to deal with bullies. The schools policy is to ignore them and walk away. But that rarely works. I ask my kids to get a teacher, but they offer no help or assistance these days. So what's left for a kid to do? Its terribly depressing. :(

          + 1

            My high school had the advantage that most people were very conscious of how the year saw them. As such, people tried hard in class, and looked down on bullying. The "cool" people in my year were mostly extremely intelligent. There were still a few cockbags who saw fit to spend their valuable time pissing me (and others, mostly my friends) off, but that's to be expected. When you have the inability to form a coherent sentence that doesn't involve a racial slur you have to resort to taking it out on other people.

        lol - I hate the maths component of my course. Not even for the maths, but the lecturers are just horrible (in terms of personality and teaching) compared to my normal ones.

        I walked out of that into Quantum Mechanics, which is so much better because I've got an awesome Russian guy. He's hilarious (I think my Eastern European background allows me to appreciate all the subtleties, 'cause I'm usually the only one who laughs...)

        That all being said, I like matrices/vector-stuff too - so yeah, shut up! XP

          Linear algebra etc is rather nice. Damned sight better than statistics, that's for sure.

          Partial differential equations are where it's at, though.

            I get to enjoy all of this in my degree (fizzicks-based), so I feel quite qualified to say the following:


    Wow, what is this amazing feeling?

    I went to sleep before midnight (before 11 even!), and here I am, awake at 8:45. This could be the start of something great. Of something new, a life where I manage mornings!

    On second thoughts, bugger it, I'd say I'm going back to bed, but I never left.

      Pfft do it the manly way and go to bed at 1:00 am and get up at 6.

        Pffft do it the real manly man and go to bed at 5:59 am and then get up at 6 :P

          The real manly thing is to skip sleep 2 nights in a row, on school nights, to play GTAIV because it was just released.

          Better yet: get to 5:59, chug a beer and keep going.

          Hahah, that's exactly what I did last night. I was playing Dragon Age: Origins doing the Mage tower quest, and I got so enthralled that I pulled an all-nighter. I'm so going to regret this...

      Sleeping???? No wonder progress on the Colesseum is slipping!

        Nah, that's just because it currently requires thought, and, far worse, planning, so I'm unwilling to progress on it. I'll get back to it. Eventually.

    Well Batguy, you beat me... *sigh*
    In other news, I finally downloaded Portal yesterday morning, and I finished the story mode last I so can not wait till Portal 2 comes out! :D Until then, I'll just have to try out some of the custom Portal maps.

      I was playing that last night also. It is a good game, but can't dedicate much time to it. Man it makes you feel smart when you figure stuff out...

      I am looking forward to finishing it. How long does it take?

        Not long.

        Everyone mentioned how short it was when it was released, but this was in the days prior to the Modern Warfare 2 single player.

        I'd say somewhere around 6 hours, but it might depend on whether you're in the groove or not.

          Portal didn't need to be long - it was released on the Orange Box (along with HL2 + episodes + TF2), and was kind of an experiment for Valve. And it worked.

          Portal 2 is reportedly ~10 hours long for solo, and longer still for co-op.

            It was exactly as long as it needed to be. It told its story, it taught you the mechanics, and it didn't outstay its welcome, for that, I was very glad.

      *Phew* Now I get to sell the iPod, rather than give it away!

      Also Portal is awesome. I recently bought "Portal: Still Alive" when it was on sale on XBLA, even though I already had the main game in the Orange Box and for free on Steam. Totally worth it. Looking forward to buying the PS3 version of Portal 2 so I can play multiplayer with my PC-only brother.

    A brush tail possum got into my house Saturday night. Ran into the bathroom and everything that could be knocked over was. There was stuff everywhere. The dogs were going nuts. While I tried to calm them down my Mum went to the neighbors to get help. My friends Dad came up and, while wearing gloves, grabbed the possum by the tail and threw it out of the house. It was pretty cool.

    Went to see Battle: Los Angelas last night. I liked it. Full of cliches and lacking on plot but you get what you pay for. It was like War of the Worlds but from the point of view of the soldiers instead of Tom Cruise. The fire fights felt a lot more realistic then most fire fights I've seen in films. In most films the bad guys will be firing their guns wildly and they may as well be shooting blanks for all the damage their bullets do. In Battle: LA you see every bullets impact in the enviroment. The film is all shot with a shaky camera which is about annoying to begin with but as the film goes on you get used to it and it works out quite well.

    Saw an awesome trailer for Thor at the beggining of the film. Can't wait for it.

      I thought it was good until halfway through. When they added all the emotional stuff it's like they forgot what movie they were making.

      I'd say, when they leave the police station, you leave the theatre and the movie will seem pretty good.

      I quite enjoyed it too. I had heard a lot of bad reviews for it, so perhaps I went in with different expectations than some, as some of my friends didn't like it much.

      I just wanted a simple alien invasion war movie and that's what I got. From a military standpoint the movie seemed realistic and like you said the firefights felt real. The character development and emotional stuff might have been cliche and a little trite but it's what you expect from an action movie like this, it's full of cheesy moments.

      The aliens looked and acted well as well. They weren't just unstoppable killing machines that walked through everything and then fell over when dead. You could actually see them taking glancing shots from rifles and being knocked back, or pulling wounded behind cover.

      The shaky cam was really frustrating during the first few scenes, where it is just a couple of people talking in a room. It is completely unnecessary during these times, but it gets better once the action starts up.

      If you are looking for a good action movie, or a military movie and you don't mind cheesy cliches and aliens, this is for you. If you want something intelligent or deep, or something with great writing, you're looking in the wrong place.

      I thought it was a great story. Really interesting. Kept my attention the whole way through.

      Especially the part where your dad grabbed it by the tail and chucked it out. /salutes

    Guys, my mate convinced me to get a 3ds... but...

    ...I don't have the money for it. But, *baldrick voice* I have a cunning plan, sir.

    I will do anything on the following list for a negotiated price:
    - voice acting
    - web design
    - 3d modeling
    - sketches/comics
    - singing

    (I'll try and be reasonable with prices)
    If you want any previous work samples, don't hesitate to email me at tadmod(at)hotmail(dot)com!

    OKAY: $0 down, $300 to go...

      I'll pay you the princely sum of zero dollars for you to hum a little ditty to yourself.

        I'll double that amount if it's accompanied by dancing.

          I'll triple it if he makes a video of himself dancing and humming a little ditty. Oh, while drawing a comic too.

            If he made it bad enough, he might be able to gain money through advertising, people do love to watch what sickens them.

              Wait... could he also 3d model whilst doing the ditty hummy dance? Whilst reciting shakespear to the tune of Still Alive?

                Have you ever tried to 3d model while doing anything else? it's a complete bitch.

                So yes, he should definitely try it, and record his attempt.

                I was serious, guys... :(

                I would seriously do all that for $150... xD

                Off topic: writing responses on a phone is harder than you may think...

                  Sorry, we thought we were helping... Obviously, were not good at it. For example, this man has a bent clock.

      I not-long preordered a 3DS too - had to cancel two other preorders and can't afford to buy any games just yet, so I'll probably sit around and admire the design for the first couple of months ... just keep in mind, if I had any money I'd gladly solicit your services to help you out XD

    I have made a breakthrough over the weekend, I have finally found lava! WOO! Now I can finally finish my project hopefully within the week. I really hope she likes what I made for her :)

    Darn you dawdle I'm addicted to the yogscast minecraft adventure now, they're awesome and hilarious and I can't stop watching their episodes :P

      I find the idea of struggling to find lava rather, alien. I seem to find lava whenever I dig, and it's typically directly underneath me, or right above my head...

        lol I had to dig pretty far, but it was massive when I did find it. Perhaps all the lava in more of the immediate vicinity got spawned there. Nevertheless I'm finally gonna be able to finish. The site is done and I used the stone I collected paving the area to start making 4 new shorter towers around my massively tall one then linking them together with massive stone walls, making a larger haven area to live in. Made a farm too which I had to fence off cuz cows kept getting in the way and ruining my crops. DARN YOU COWS!

          Soon your attack wolves will take on those pesky cap providing beasties!

            Yeah those wolves look so adorable! They even shake their fur after getting out of the water. SQUEE! My own companions/army!

              Gotta love how manly the guys of this site are.

                I think the women of Kotaku are manlier than the men...

                  Wait...what?! *sits on lounge in old, stained and too-large shirt with a beer in one hand and the other hand scratching....*

                Well wolves are my favourite animal, despite their savagery, I think they're beautiful. What's wrong with that?

      I'm glad someone shares my addiction now. :P
      Here's a little bonus clip for you:

      If that wasn't enough, this is bound to make any living being laugh:

    It's Monday, which means that there's a new Adventures of Buttercup up on my website.

    On Friday, I finally realised just how long 1500 words is when viewed in a browser. So I figured it might be best to cut the length down just a tad for these. To make up for the shorter entries (they're about half as long as the previous ones), I'm now updated Buttercup on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays.

    Let me know if you prefer this format or like the previous set up better.

      I haven't read it yet so I can't tell you which format I prefer, but I just wanted to tell you not to be afraid of lengthy wordage.
      Don't cater to the "TL;DR" irate illiterates. This is the type of person who can't be bothered reading something but certainly has the time and energy to spare to compose a complaint.
      If your style is lengthy, then go long but if you prefer shorter more frequent posts then do that. Write how you want, you've been very entertaining so far. :-)

        Okay, I read it...took me about a minute. Forget what I said about doing what you want. I'm your biggest fan and I demand you go back to your lengthy self. :P

        Also, quit making poor Buttercup kill herself. It might be fun to see how she deals with a Black Phantom....

          Yeah, screw what I said last time about not burning yourself out, I want 2 3000 words entries EVERY DAY!

          In actuality, I don't really mind, just so long as you keep my crack fix going.

          I mean, keep updating, sorry, had you confused with my dealer for a minute there.

            I could totally do 2x3000 word posts a day...if I quit my job and started doing this full time. Feel free to pay my salary if you want that. :p

          I've already put this week's posts up on the site (their scheduled to go up every morning), so going back to the usual length will have to wait just a tad.

          As for not killing Buttercup, Black World Tendency is scary! In all seriousness, I'm actually considering only doing that for the first section of each level. Just to get acclimatised. I'm getting pretty sick of the limited health and only having one ring available.

            It's actually pretty difficult to get BWT, and killing bosses brings you back to WWT so I think you'll be okay. I never had BWT but I did have Pure White a few times.

              There are a couple of places where I really want to get Pure White, mainly Boletarian Palace, which I would have had (or been close to it) if I didn't die in body form there before killing the Tower Knight.

        There are pros and cons for both lengths.

        1200-1500 words (what I was aiming for before) works by forcing me to just power through what has happened. I have two hours of gameplay, that will turn in to two ~1500 word posts.

        ~700 words means that I'm not really breaking down the gameplay into equal chunks, but instead can stop and focus on the little things and have that be an entire post.

        Also, although I'm not trying to cater to the TL;DR type, a 700 word post is a lot easier for most people to just sit down and read quickly, as opposed to a 1500 word post which some people may decide to read later and then forget about.

    I've decided I'm going to write my fourth year material culture major assessment on the evolution of the video game controller, from simple joystick through to complex, multi-buttoned ergonomic game pad, and then evolving into a zucchini shaped wand and finally into thin air. It's 4000 words so it might be a bit of a stretch if I can't find any decent academic(ish) source material. Anyone know of a good read about this type of thing?

      There are a lot of 'games journalism' pieces about it, if they count as serious enough. Otherwise there might be some academic.pieces about control, ergonomics and how controllers affect design. Maybe check out your uni's journal database?

      What about looking for medical reports over the years for kids who've developed RSI type hand injuries? Also you could go into detail about the motion game FAD and the surge of medical complaints that brought about? Just ideas.

        Like N64 wrist, button mashing thumb or Wii arm?

          Also, I wore the skin of my thumb!

            Thanks guys,

            I'll definitely look into those suggestions. I like the idea of looking at gaming related injuries like RSI and n64 wrist (i'll need to find a technical term for that one!).

            I think my basic argument will be that as games became more complicated we needed more buttons. This made games more interesting so we started playing them for longer periods of time so comfort and ergonomics became more important... Then the industry decided that they were missing out on the old folks dollars and boom, now don't need buttons anymore.

            Thanks again, Dave

    Got a book for my bday, "Reality is Broken" that discusses how playing games and concepts if game design can help us fix what is wrong with the world and improve the quality of life. Love the quote on the back, "Think learning about Halo can't help your life or your company? Think again."

      I don't usually like t-shirts withs words on them, but I would absolutely buy one that said "Reality is Broken".

      I might have to keep my eye out for that book too, sounds intriguing.

    I love the smell of virgin TAY in the morning.

    In other news, I went crazy shopping for clothes. I have not bought new clothes or shoes for about 3 years except work stuff.

    Anyway, bought 10 t-shirts, 1 X jeans, 1 X black jacket, 2 X hoodie and two pairs of shoes for about $500.

    Bought two shirts from snorgtees? so not sure what they will be like. Anyone used them?

    While t-shirt browsing online, I saw one of the funniest and most wrong shirts ever.. and it's only text.

    'Uncle with benefits'

    Man that is so wrong but so right!

      I've not bought new shoes in 7 years! For some reason they just last and last :P

      But I gotta say, that T-Shirt... I can just picture Rodney Dangerfield wearing it. :D

        Wow, that was bad, it took me far too long to get that. I was like "7 years? holy crap, I need to replace my shoes every six months, how on earth could he -Ohhhh. Riiiiiiight. Awkward."

      Wait, I totally forgot! This is a perfect chance for you to make a youtube video of you doing some modelling works! :D

    Hey all, I'm going to be running a NFS:HP tournament over at the Leather Cap Society page, I was just wondering, how many people are interested/own a copy of NFS:HP? If there aren't that many people, I might change it to a Trackmania Nations Forever Tournament because that game is free for PC. BTW there is no prize for the tournament, because I'm too broke too buy one...but you will win our never-ending(or at least somewhat-never-ending) respect, especially if you beat Batguy :P.

      OMG, I think we need to get married. I was going to suggest this exact same thing today!

      I'll put in a 1 billion vote for Trackmania, because, well, its awesome fun. AND FREE! So, there's no excuses!

      I would be in the NFS thing, but I don't have it. But thats not to say both comps cant be run in tandem, but I'd still prefer TM. Also, perhaps the weekly winner can design the following weeks track? (is that possible to play?)

      If my copy arrives sometime this century then I'll join in.

      Yeah Trackmania! That game is all kinds of cool. Consider me in for that!

      This could be fun, count me in for TrackMania. Didn't know it was free so I'll get it tonight

      Okay, Trackmania it is!
      Well just go with some of the tracks that come with the game for the first week, then the winner can choose the tracks for next week, just make sure to post a link to download them :D
      Here's the thread with more details about today's event

        Wh... where are we going? Leather Cap Society? What's happening :'(

          That website is so we don't fill TAY with useless junk......erm...never's already filled...
          It's the site for the Minecraft Message Board, so we don't need to go on a hike to find out the latest in Fatshady's server.
          DOn't worry though, I will still post status updates from the tournament here...

          Ok, my best time so far now is 31.74 I think I can improve it slightly...

            For those that don't know, TrackMania Nations is around 700 MB to download, but its an awesome fun game. Sure, the physics aren't realistic, but thats its charm. Very similar to Stunts, so those with fond memories, come give it a go. One of the best games on Steam, and free. :D

            btw, my new time in this weeks challenge 31.55

              Oh noes... it's Chime all over again!

                31.54 Qumulys! 31.5...4!

                  /me holds his hand to his stinging cheek.

                  wait wait... Did you ever beat my chime record though yet? If you, thats worth at least an extra -0.05 secs of my time.

              Yeah unfortunately my internet connection was darn slow last night and TrackMania wasn't finished till about 11pm, gah! Next race I'll be in definitely.

    So I watched a fair few DC cartoons over the weekend.

    First up was Young Justice, which I actually enjoyed more than I expected. Aside from having a bit of personality overlap with Kid Flash and Robin, and Megan's annoying "Hello Megan!" thing, there's quite a lot going for this show. It doesn't hurt that they're going for a larger mythology arc right from the beginning.

    I also watched Superman Doomsday, which was neat but there was nothing exceptional about it.

    Finally there was All Star Superman, this one was probably my favourite of the bunch just because it is one of the few animated movies/shows to feature Clark Kent heavily. He really is an undervalued aspect of Supes's character.

      The "Hello Megan" thing is almost as annoying as Naruto dub version's "Believe It!" Any time I hear it I wish to reach into my computer and STRANGLE THEM WITH MY BEAR (sic) HANDS!

      Personally I've been busy with other shows lately. Been watching "The Cape" and I think it's a shame it got cancelled, as it's a lot of fun, and the other one I got started on was "V" which is worth it, if only for Alan Tudyk in the first episode. Oh Wash! *sighs*

        I just couldn't get into The Cape. I gave up after a few episodes even though I really did try to give it a chance.

        V was pretty similar, I started to watch for the same reason you did, Alan Tudyk. But I started to get the feeling that the whole thing was just being made up as it went along and lost interest seven or eight episodes in.

        Maybe I should watch shows because they're interesting, not because they have people from Firefly in them...

        Also, bear hands are awesome. I want some, even if they would reduce my typing speed somewhat.

          Yeah, I can see what you mean with V, I'm about 5 episodes in, and I have no idea how they could stretch it to two seasons, still, I'll keep watching it until I'm genuinely bored, it's keeping my interest well enough.

          Speaking of watching shows due to Firefly people, Castle. I haven't seen any of it, but have heard good things, is anyone willing to recommend it?

            When V started I was interested because of Alan Tudyk and Morena Baccarin. Unfortunately, Firefly actors do not a good show make.

            I've only ever seen 5 minutes of Castle, but what I saw looked good (Fillion was as charming as ever).

            Castle is good fun. It would be nothing without Fillion though. The main chick is a really bad actress. Thankfully she's getting better with practice though.
            The other two cops are my favourite characters. Ryan and Esposito(memory fails me, that's probably not their names at all)?

        The Cape was deservedly cancelled. It started out pretty good but quickly deteriorated. The characters were great but it was let down by cringe-worthy writing. I have a pretty high tolerance for "bad" TV but I'm not sure I can bring myself to watch the last few episodes.

        V is not bad. Although it too seems to be failing itself. The most recent episode I watched (I'm a couple behind, I think) was a bit awful. I really don't think these characters are as stupid as this episode made them look.

          I'm only a few episodes in, so I'll trust you in that regards (there have been a few moments where I sit, looking at the screen saying "did that really just happen" so I can see where you're coming from).

          Why do good concepts have to fail so badly? I need my crappy escapist fantasies!

      Didn't Adam Baldwin (aka Jayne Cobb) voice Supes in Doomsday?

        Yup, and James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) was Luthor.

      Have you read All star Supes yet?
      That is a good comic right there!

      Can't wait to see the toon!

    MARK! I saw your tweet suggestion for Four Tet... never really gave them much of a chance so I got Rounds on the weekend. Was a bit jarring at first but holy camoly, they are really growing on me! Really really interesting album.

    On a further musical note, I'm putting this out there: Angles, best Strokes album yet. Bam.

      Awesome! I love Rounds. One of my favourite albums ever. Give his new one a listen as well. Forgotten the name of it, but prob his best album since Rounds.

        'There Is Love In You'? Getting now...


    This isn't Prey 2, it's Completely New Game That Was Shoehorned Into An Existing IP For No Good Reason.

    Why do developers feel the need to do this? Just call it something different!

      Firstly: Brand recognition is a big thing, all publicity is good publicity, etc. etc.

      Secondly: Killian Samuels. Really? that's the best they could do? Even I can come up with better names than that.

      Hopefully this will be a good replacement for Mirrors Edge 2...

      Wow, sounds like Prey 2: Copycat Namedropping for Profits

    Just a friendly reminder about the SYDNEY KOTAKU MEETUP:

    WHEN - Saturday, April 2nd, 12:30pm
    WHERE - Sydney CBD. How does EBGames on George St sound?
    WHAT - Lunch, possibly at the pub. If there's any under 18's could you give us a shout and i'll look to booking bavarian bier or something, I think someone suggested that last week.
    WHO - If you could all shout a "OMGSIREATSALOTLOOKATMYPANTS" to catch my attention, then I could get the numbers, who is coming etc that'd be great.

      I would have been totally up for this, but my best friend from Scotland is flying in on that very day. Haven't seen him in two years. Really sorry, but probably won't be able to make it.

      Well, I suggested Bavarian Bier Cafe, but I just realised I won't be able to make it :(

      Could you shift it a week later? I would totally be up for that... :)

        2 weeks later!

        Oh, and as far as 'pants' did you guys realise that in the UK 'pants' actually means 'underpants'. So when Sir. Serrels maintains he's not wearing any what's he really talking about?!

          im cool whenever.. i want the most pepole possible.

          lets try for 2 weeks time so Strange is there???

            I'm cool with that. More the merrier :)

            2 weeks!!! Which moves it to 16th April.

            I did not know about the pants thing. Ya learn something new everyday.

      yes for more people! :D

    I'm going to bump a comment from the weekend:

    Anyone know what the MAG community is like these days?

    Looking for something to tide me over until Brink arrives in May.

      Sorry, I don't play online but from what I've heard, being on PSN should make it okay.

        Oh and with new stuff coming out for MAG I'm also guessing there's people still playing.

    I have 5 gym badges and am back at work wishing i was home collecting gym badges...

    Great game!

      Just got all 8 on the weekend. Although maily cause my emboar is level 56 while my other pokemon are all at level thirty. Gonna train them up before i go to the elite four.
      My team
      Drudigion- Dragon type
      This cool ghost ground type.
      pidove evolved form
      and this cool grass bug type that i got

        Was using the zebra at first but wasn't needed as much as I have a Grass as my starter.

        He just wasn't getting used as much as I would have liked. Needed a damn fire type to beat the honey gym so I swapped him out for the little fire dude from the desert and he is SOOO powerful. His special move was something like drops accuracy for power and he was killing everything in one hit!

      Who are you training?

        Don't know the real names cos I renamesd them FAR more amusingly.

        Water Toad thing
        fire gorrila thing
        Smug grass snake
        psychic bat(which I would like to swap for lightning mouse bird thing if I find one)
        Rock guy (was called Roggenrolla at the start)
        Veigny fighter dood with a peice of wood that changed to metal girder after evolving.

        If anyone knows the true names, feel free to update my names!

          lol! No I think I know most of who you're talking about. Dammit... I'm so gonna end up buying this today...

            Get black so we can trade!

            I work in the CBD ALL WEEK!

      You've been busy. I only have 3 after 5 hours of playtime.

        Hoping to get a fair bit done before DA2 arrives.
        Also is good fun and I can play wherever, which is a big, BIG help.

      8 badges and on way to Elite 4 - after 33.5 hours. Didn't help that I just decided to change my party lineup and needed to grind ~30 levels each for the new members...

      Hoping DA2 gets here today!

        Changed the whole party? WOH! You are a patient man.

        Yep also waiting on the DA2!

          Not the whole party :P
          Only half of it.

          But how can you go past a grass/steel? It's resistant against most types, and only weak to fire and fighting!

            Just helped me discover the Steel/dark type in routes 9 and 11. That guy looks sweet and does False Swipe which is a must have for me later on!

              You can get False Swipe as a TM from Prof Juniper after seeing 25 pokemon. Also, reusable TMs!?! Whoever put that in the game deserves a medal.

          Third person waiting for DA2. Weirdly, according to OzGameShop's Twitter account, people in New Zealand were getting their orders days ago.

            Customs have been amazingly shit lately - in February it took 14 days to get something from the UK that arrived in Aus. after 2 days and then a textbook I bought on March 1 didn't turn up until the 18th.

            Never had it so bad (I'm used to 5-7 days) so I don't know what's going on...

        Victory Road, 42 hours.
        I literally just stopped battling after the 5th gym to go catch and breed me some pokemon, probably about 20 hours all up, including EV training.
        Apart from that, just been taking my sweet time getting around the place.

      I'm at 5 badges and just got to the town where I can get my 6th. Just over 24 hours played so far.

      My team is currently made up of:
      Pidoves evolution

      I'll probably drop Purloin for a bug Pokemon I've got sitting in Day Care.

        Using a legend? Doesn't that make it too easy??

        I ditched Purrloin/Liepard rather early on - it was rather weak, and it didn't learn too many Dark moves (strange, for a Dark type...).

        Current part is:

      Please tell me you're using "Haxorus", just because he's got an epic name, lol.

        Apparently there's one pokemon evolutionary pathy thing, and one of them is called Gurdurr, or something like that. When this was pointed out to me, I proceeded to spend 5 minutes saying "GURRR-DURRRRRR" in the stupidest voice imaginable.

          I was all like "Hurr durr durr gurr durr hurr" because I am such a classy and mature gentleman.

          Here's what bugs me though. Timburr carries around a piece of, well, timber, Gurrdurr has a girder/I-beam.
          So what the heck is Conkeldurr supposed to be?

            All my brain can think of is a penis...

              Thers only one cure for that!

                Does it involve hiring me an orgy of hookers? Because I'd be cool with that.

                  Now I think that's the perfect plural for hookers; 'orgy'.

                  We will have a gaggle of geese, a flock of sheep, a school of fish and an orgy of hookers!

                  spectacular work! xD

      Anyone seen where I can catch the lightning mouse that flys?

      The map claims he's many places but I've yet to see one in the wild.

      I'm in the lightning cave at the moment and no luck...

      I'm worried it's a seasonal thing, may research him later.

        You can trade for one in like the 6th gym town but you dont want it. The thing isnt as fast as zebstrika and has shitty defence. As in one hit kos constantly. If you dont want zebsticka id go for joltick

          I need a bird replacement and I don't want the bird. A man's gotta have FLY!

            I replaced my Unfezant (evolved Pidove) with Rufflet, which I then evolved into Braviary. White exclusive eagles :P

            Another possibility is Archen:
            However, it can't learn Fly until it evolves...

        I don't think it's seasonal; for the most part, seasonal Pokemon are really just birds that hibernate in the winter, and Ice pokemon come out instead.
        It might show up on multiple routes, but I think it only appears in the special rustling grass, not through regular walking.

          I caught a vanilla icecream outside of the freezer and it's only Autumn.

          Is it Autumn for everyone?

            Seasons change monthly. March is Autumn. April is Winter. Etc.

              I knew it was monthly...just unsure if each month was a specific season.

              Autumn is my fav in real life but it's so uggers McDuff in a game...everything's brown!


              I'm serious, It's an ice type that looks like a vanilla icecream without the cone.
              It's called vanilite or something equally ridonculoz...

              One of those pokemons where you think:
              "They just wern't trying this time". and then you think:
              "Mmmmmm, Icecream".

        The flying electric mouse (Emolga) usually appears in shaking grass only. Try running around outside a patch of grass where it's supposed to appear until one shakes.

      I feel like I am missing a party.
      Dunno if I can justify shelling out for a DS just for Pokemon tho.

        I know how you feel.

        Which is why I'm getting a 3ds just for pokemon!!!

        My god I am stupid.


          ...I was so close to buying Black outright when I put down the deposit on my 3DS, but yeah... when I collect it, I'm guessing the first game I buy will be Pokemon (and it's not even in 3D!) because Jimu's making me jealous...

          We can be stupid together! :D

            I just don't know whether I'll have the money ready in time, and I realise I probably should have pre-ordered it months ago. I have the monies, it's just locked away in the cesspool that it my bank account.

        We have 3! A borrowed, a broken and the wife's!

        When mine broke I convinced her to get a new one by saying it is hers...which it is.
        Then I borrowed one off a freind who upgrade to and XL so I could play Soulsilver cos the wife couldn't stop Tetrising!

        It's cool Jo, I made us up a cooler place to be. Now THEY will be the jealous ones!

          And I'm at neither party, wishing I could either. :(

            Awww sorry Blaghman, come on in! You're INVITED!

              That is the greatest image of me, of all time.

              It looks so much like me!

                Thanks man, I spent like 2 hours on the shading. I hope you like it.

      Related to comic bookness:

      I'm sure someone must have noticed/mentioned this, but I can't remember, so, just in case.

        Deadpool has about 5 titles a month now. It just isn't funny anymore.

        I loved the Joe Kelly run and the Gail Simone run.
        Creators are more important that characters.

          Yes, and this is Chris Hastings, of Dr. McNinja!!! I'd say he at least qualifies as awesome (in the over-used internet form), and I think it will be interesting to see if his writing style translates well to an actual comic.

            Good to see the big guys showing support for the little guys.
            Never read Dr. McNinja. Have been meaning to check it out ever since the team up with AXECOP 9which I still haven't read).

              Read Dr Mcninja. Freaking hilarious. A bit slow at first, but it picks up rather quickly. Gorilla receptionist? Check. Doctor who is also a Ninja? Check. Teenage mustachioed gunslinger sidekick? Check. Raptor mount named Yoshi? Check. Zombie Ben Franklin? Check.

      Those two do pretty damned good work together, so I'll be on the lookout for this when it comes out.

        I'm so excited. Bagley was the first artist i got into (age 10) and Bendis was the first writer (age 19). This is so exciting I have exciting juice plopping out of my excitement glande at the speed of exciting!

    There's a fluorescent light just above my desk that has started to flicker. I could try and get up there and pop it out, or call one of the building maintenance guys to do it.

    Or I can wait until my lunch break is over to deal with it.

      I took a third option and just turned the lights off. I normally share my office, but the woman who sits at the other desk isn't in today, so I'm just going to tolerate being in slightly less light.

      I actually like this a bit better.

      : )
      Leave this one for the maintenance men; they are rugged, enjoy meat pies for breakfast, drink ice coffee at even the most inappropriate moments and know the score in more ways than one.
      But first we should take care of a far more important issue.
      it draws late into the day and seems to me nobody has made mention of the fact that it is most certainly . . .
      Monday, Monday, Monday.
      Monday comes after Sunday,
      tomorrow is Tuesday, Tuesday.
      Gotta get down on Tuesday.
      Which seat should i take?
      Rebecca Black is the new black; i wish i could be more like her.
      Send help,
      : (

        Tell me about it. I was at the bus stop before, thinking about Friday. Didn't see my friends though.

          I saw them, I was kicking in the back seat.

            I was simultaneously kickin' in the front seat and sittin' in the back seat. I'm just that Gosu.

              Sitting in the back yet kicking in the front... were you having a seizure?

                Cocaine withdrawal's a bitch.

                  cocaine and Rebecca Black in the same car is something everybody could enjoy. My diagnosis? You were having . . . happiness seizures!!!

        You made me spit coffee everywhere - honest.

        While I dearly love your entertaining ways, I also expect you to pay for my drycleaning :|

          the coffee stains will make you look like a rebel without a cause!!!

      Call could get a shock.

      Also, I turn the lights off above my desk as they are the wrong typr and the nasty ones I have glare on everything!

      I had a dood complain to me once and I said the lights were worse than the dark. He threatened to be coming back and installing a flouro...nevr heard from him again. That was 4 months ago.

        What could you have possibly done to the poor man that his response was to threaten you by installing a fluorescent light? How is that even threatening in any way?

        Oh noes! The fluoro lights! They buuurrrrrnnnnn!

          He was trying to sound tuff because I was essentially telling him to piss off and stick his light up his arse in that non-confrontational office way.
          So he threatened to be back with a light.

    yippee! After such a shit slow week last week, things are going well so far this week! Finally got a battery I've been waiting on for a week, and customers ringing asking for new systems! yahoo!! Hopefully this'll keep me out of a depressive slump. Felt so shit last week I didn't even really play any games :0 That's like.. NEVER happened before!

    Gah, assignments. Don't suppose anyone wants to do them for me? Anyway. Aside from the stupid Crysis 2 PS3 demo, I started playing Mirror's Edge, which is kinda fun. Though if I play it any longer than 1 hour, I start to get somewhat nauseous. Also played bulletstorm. It's weird. I may have been a bit harsh about it before. It's okay. Not great, but not as bad as I was making it out before (last weeks reader review). The story and dialogue are just incredibly stupid though, it doesn't seem to work.

    In other news, what about this monitor?

    $275 for a 23", can rotate into portrait mode, which may come in handy for programming?

    Anyone else interested in Dynasty Warriors 7? EB have it listed as releasing on the 31st of March, which would be freaking shweeeeeet. JB and Ozgameshop have it listed as middle of April, though. Anyone know the actual Australian release date? Mark?

      Lists it as 8th April for Europe, and games are normally released on a Friday there. So I'd hazard a guess and say 7th April here?

      I think I finally had my fill after 5. Me and the wife used to play together a lot. We played 3 then Orochi and then 5.
      I like it but I just don't hav ethe time anymore.

    Oh and before I head off to the last lecture of the day, I got a chance to download the Mortal Kombat demo. Heaps of fun. Mortal Kombat is the only fighting that I actually do enjoy, (that, and Tekken ONLY if I'm the panda). Absolutely, it doesn't deserve a MA15+ rating, because it's MK. It's MK in all its glory. Bloody, persistent damage, a single plane of fighting (I hated going around in circles in the other games) and some crazy fatalities made for some fun. Now I really wants it! And I really want to play as Kratos :(

    Does anyone know if they (WB) will resubmit it if we do get an R18+? Though chances are I'll get it off eBay in a month or two, when customs aren't looking for it.

      I never really thought much of it before, but do they really do that? I mean, customs, looking for imports of banned games? Because if so, that's so so lame...

    Ok, UFC 128, I've seen it now, the embargo has been lifted!



        Shogun, was his heart even in it? And that knee he copped, I'm sure his hand still down...

          Totally. After that it was over. He was so sluggish after that.

      Cro Cop and Shogun both getting owned in the same event makes me sad. :(

      I like Jon Jones too, but I really wanted Shogun to win...

      Also, it looks like we now have a monster at the top of every division. Nobody can just change weights to escape to an easier division anymore, because there's just another monster waiting for them!

      FW: Jose Aldo
      LW: Frankie Edgar (well, he's probably the only exception since his last fight was a tie)
      WW: GSP
      MW: Anderson Silva
      LHW: Jon Jones
      HW: Cain Velasquez

      And no Brock Lesnar to be seen! :)

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