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    Bye bye weekend! It was nice knowing you! Now I just have to manage to keep myself alive til Friday! Going to see the Chemical Brothers with the mrs! w00t! It'll be her first ever concert! I'm so excited! Got a lot to keep me busy between now and then though, so hopefully time will fly by quickly! Most fun will no doubt be tomorrow. I've got a meeting with an old supplier from where I used to work. He's not been doing so well for the past year, and I think he's shut down his business too, and now he's working for one of the other semi big suppliers in Brisbane. From what I can work out, he wants to steal my customer database, and have me work for him! rofl! He's in for a rude shock if he just expects me to hand it over and start having him as my boss! I'm gonna tell him straight up, I'll do contract work to help his existing customers if he likes, but I'm not dumb enough to just hand him my livelyhood! he must thing I'm really stupid or something!

      That will certainly be an exciting first concert! :D Oh and go to bunnings, grab a spray can of gold paint, and paint everything gold, your watch, your shoes, your pants etc. and tell him your rolling in the riches from your customer base. He may offer you squidillions (tm) and you can retire, awarding us loyal tayers with 3d tv's and Rukus's!

        hah i wish ;) This guy's so cheap he takes his glasses off when he's not looking at anything :0

      First concert huh? That's pretty exciting. What was everybody else's first concert?

      Mine was pretty awesome - A triple-header of The Fauves, TISM and Regurgitator. TISM inflated a jumping castle on stage, plus one of the members climbed onto the light rigging and then fell into the crowd. Regurgitator had video screens and electronic glowing armour (this was around their computery "Unit" phase). Totally awesome gig first up, took years to top that one!

        Eeek, showing my age a bit here, but my first concert was Dutch Tilders when I was 7 (in a pub so hazy with 'funny smoke' that I think I may have ended up a tad stoned....) but it totally got me into the blues and guitar and stuff.
        But the first real concert I went to see was Dire Straights.... Oh yeahhh ;-)

          I have never seen Dire Straights live, and I probably never will. This is something that will haunt me for the entirety of my life.

            They we're pretty darn amazing, it was the On Every Street tour I think. I was very lucky to get to go. Best concert for me so far was Placebo, man, it was one heck of an intense night that one.

            I'm with you Blaghman

        Whitlams, Blow up the pokies tour at the Darwin Casino.
        I drove threedays to see the Crowded House concert on the steps of the Opera House.

        The Angels at Therbarton Theatre. I was 8

          Oh and best concert....
          Jay-Z at Madison Square Garden (last year, not the "retirement" concert)

            How good's the Thebby?
            I'll tell ya how good.... it's Heaps Good!

            Saw Ben Folds there... excellent gig.

        First full on concert I saw was AC/DC many years ago.. just after they released The Razors Edge. I won free tickets from a radio station! w00t!

    The job of game tester is still about, so where does one find job adverts for this position?

      They usually advertise these on the developers websites themselves. It's rare to find ads for them anywhere else.

      Start from LCT's, trek west my friend on a quest numbering somewhere between 90-100 day/night cycles. Start digging and you'll hit upon a caven whose walls are nothing but diamonds and its underwater stream supplies all your cave fish needs.

      Can any idiot be a game tester or do you need to know stuff??

      I'm serious.

        I looked into this a while back when I was unemployed. I even went so far as to contact a couple of the Melbourne game companies and ask thema about the position. Though most companies are happy for people to call in and inquire about positions, even if they aren't open just to get an idea of the requirements of the position, for this they weren't.

        I got the vibe that they get contacted by people often wanting to be testers whom have the complete wrong concept of the job. It isn't about sitting around playing games all the time, it's about playing a specific game in a specific way, maybe doing a first level a hundred times over, and checking for bugs. When there are bugs, and there will be, it is pages and pages of reporting that you have to do.

        I have heard that a lot of people try to use this as a starting point to get into game development but few actually manage to make the transfer.

        Now I personally wasn't intimidated by the prospect, I'd still be happy with such work especially as at the time I was unemployed, however I couldn't find any positions open.

          Yeah I heard it's boring and repetitive...but so is my current job.

          I just thought you may need to know coding or somesuch so you could understand why a game is bugged.

            Nope, that's the job of the scriptmonkeys. They get the fun job of working out what causes errors, and then if all else fails, a management codery person might possibly have to debug (but that's unlikely, scriptmonkeys for everything).

      Nooo, don't do it! If you test games it's hard work for crap pay and it's apparently not even remotely fun, not to mention ruining games as a hobby for you.
      On the other hand, someone needs to catch all those bugs for us....

      It's been years since I've looked for a job, but I remember seeing a few listed on MyCareer in my time. That being said, during the GFC a ton of the Australian studios and Australian branches of studios shut down, so you might be out of luck.

        Definitely e-mail all of the local game devs around and enquire. If they have your name on record and a job comes up, they will contact you.

        You should also look here:

    Need for Speed Carbon and LA Noir have similar facial technology.

    Mind = Blown.

      Why in a car game?
      I'd be less suprised if it had DOA's boob tech...

        Wouldn't having DOA breast physics in a racing game lead to somewhat poor handling?

          Nothing wrong with my "handling" or "suspension" thank you very much!

        Same Tech(?), less polished.

          The actual stuff used for when the guy is in the car, talking, is (I'm fairly sure) mouth warping. This is a simple enough process, where you create warps of different syllable sounds, and move between them, this is the standard for video games. Look at how the entirety of the upper part of his face does not move whatsoever as he's talking.

          As a second point, the remarkable thing about the LA Noire tech is not the results (despite what people are gabbing on about), but the system it uses, whereby it's all done automatically. Traditionally, to get a similar effect, you would have to get a poor artist to sit down, and rotoscope (well, not exactly, but close enough) the entire performance.

          In terms of the actors performances, those are real actors, with effects applied to make them look cg (similar to what was done with overlay effects in Avatar).

          Sorry if it sounds like I'm just slamming you down, I don't mean to.

            Probably not noticible since t's youtube, but in game it's like an FMV of an actor placed over a model's head, which from what I can tell is the same concept of LA Noir. I could be wrong though, but the effect seems really similar.

    Time for more of my patented shameless self-promotion.

    So here is the next episode of my first attempt of playing Demon's Souls: The Adventures of Buttercup, Part 2, where Buttercup dies many times.

    Also, because I'm not working today, I'm planning on playing through enough of the game to write another couple of entries today. I would have done this on the actual weekend, but I had the option of playing Marvel 3 with some friends.


    Hey Mark, I replied to your email, sorry for it being late, it went into my junk mail filter. Oh the irony! xD Hopefully the same didn't happen to you? lol

    I would like to make an apology to the Kotaku community, Mark and Jimu in particular.
    I have been a bit of a jerk lately, don't know why but yeah, sorry.

      No idea how jerky you have been, but I love it when ppl realise it and have the jubblies to apologise, so big +1 to you for that. :D

      And Mark and Jimu are so adorable, like beany-bears, in furry suits. :D

      Mmmmm, jerky.

      I haven't noticed you being a jerk...maybe you're talking about your anime objections? I quite liked reading that, it's good to hear about things from other people's perspective.

      Hundreds of people I wish I can forget don't even apologise for being jerky, so +1 to you :)

      Don't worry about it. That one post was a little elitist, but who am I to talk?

      I like a good discussion with someone of different opinions than mine.
      Can help to open my eyes and realize why someone could choose a different path in life...or at least why someone doesn't like FLCL!

        I prefer straight up arguments to debates. It's so much fun watching someone else get infuriated with me, when I know, deep down, odds are I'm wrong. I guess I'm just a bit of a troll.

    Kotaku US used to have a podcast some time ago but there hasn't been one the past few months. Do you guys think we should have a Kotaku AU podcast? It would be nice to get to know the kotaku staff better in a conversational podcast and get their opinions on weekly game news.

    Before a Kotaku Au podcast happens, i'm listening to:

    1. Irrational interviews and behaviours(insights into the creators of bioshock and system shock)
    2. Giant Bomb (perfect balance of fun and informational podcast)
    3. Gamesradar UK (laugh out loud funny with awesome british humour).

      We'll def have a podcast kicking off.

      Also - good taste man. Irrational's podcasts are my favourite by far.

        Good to know there is a podcast coming soon. Irrational podcasts are my favourite as well, wish they were aired more often though.

          A podcast would be great. I listen to the Drunk Tank by Roosterteeth (the red vs blue guys) and it is hilarious. My only complaint is there is only one a week. I listen to it in the car while driving so it only lasts me a couple of days.

          A kotaku podcast would be great to hear, I've never checked out irrational but I might give it a go. Anyone that likes podcasts I would greatly recommend the Drunk Tank to.

      I might have a look ath the GamesRadar one... I currently listen to the GameArena one.

      What are the plans for the Kotaku one Mark?

    So I found out on Thursday afternoon my wife and I have to vacate our current apartment by the end of May. Kinda crappy but we were pondering moving anyway, to get into a more house-like property (really sick of going up and down 3 flights of stairs...)

    Since we both can't stand to have that kind of thing hanging over our heads, we get to work on house-hunting straight away. We've learned from past experience you really have to be aggressive in this rental market, so we do our best to arrange inspections and things ASAP. We even get a couple on Friday, the day we started looking. We find a place... an utterly perfect place, matching everything we'd been considering over the past few months. Get an inspection on Friday night, love it, apply for it.

    Saturday morning we get approval... so suddenly we don't have to go to any of the other inspections we'd lined up for Saturday.

    Now half our house is in boxes and we take possession this coming Saturday. What a whirlwind that was. Oh and I start teaching a new course this morning!! Just waiting in the lab now for the students to start trickling in at 11.

      That's awesome man - I know how shit looking for rentals can be. Turning up at your dream apartment with 30 other people! Knowing it's going to be an absolute crap shoot to get it.

        No joke. We turned up to this place and were stunned with how nice it was. There was only one other woman there, a mom with kids and she was immediately not interested because it was too small for her family.

        We talked to the agents the day after about an apartment we were planning to look at but didn't need to in the end. They had something like 100 people turn up to inspect.

      Nice one adam, can I ask what exactly your teaching?? Since its in a lab, I'm putting my guess down on developing non-souring milk (yes, it ruined my coffee this morning).

        Its a computer lab. Learning about media convergence and how to use basic media manipulation software. Its a first year course meant to whet their appetites for the disciplines we offer here, so we do video, sound some interactive stuff, and really basic web publishing.

    Uni this morning. Too damn early >_<

    Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, this means less time for gaming. Sad panda.

      Oh, and Mr. Mark - I read a few chapters of The Boat yesterday, got it for.$5 in a uni deal. It's bloody brilliant. Can totally understand the hype.

        Loved it - especially the first story, and the story about the Coastal town in Victoria.

          Heh, funnily enough those were the two I read.

          He captured the rural Victorian fishing town *so* well, it was an incredibly powerful story. Can't wait to see what else he does in the collection.

      Quiet, you!

      My first lecture of the semester (today), starts at 6 pm...


        This is why dropping out of Uni is AWESOME!

        I have no commitments, and plenty of time to sleep, and in a weeks time I'll have no money. No wait...

        I'd swap with you - especially when I had to get up at 5am to catch a bus...

        ...worst timetable ever. :/

    Carbon tax (+ politics in general) - [insert rant here]

    Public transport - Even though I only have to use it 4 times a week (including return trips) a 2-hour commute on by bus (with ~50 other people and no air-conditioning) isn't good enough. If the government want people to use public transport, it really needs to be far less shit... back at uni today - I was angry before I even got to the campus! >:(

    ...anyways... yeah...

    I've got nothin' - just wanted to vent a bit. :P

    How's everyone else? Armageddon any good, for those who went?

      I live 15 mins from Brisbane CBD, because of our shocking traffic it can take up to 45 mins to get to work. Never less than 30.

      I am too far from a train station!

        I live 20min from the Brisbane CBD but get home more than 20min before my coworker who lives 10min from the CBD. Why? I catch the train, she catches the bus.

          I know!
          It sucks, when we move we are living near a station!
          I can move further out, get a better house at a cheaper price and still be home in time for dinner!!!

            I'm looking to move soon and I'm struggling to justify going to any place that isn't within 5min of a train station.

              Don't do it, man!

                It's a good thing Canberra doesn't have too much traffic, because we don't have trains, or trams, or anything like that. We have buses. And it is the worst bus system of any of the cities I have been to.

            Sadly, driving takes ~50 minutes (but I don't have my own car), the bus takes 120+ minutes in peak hours, and the train takes a whopping 3-4 hours (because I have to catch it an hour out of the way into Sydney, then all the way back down to Wollongong).

            Sucks arse. :(

        A big part of the problem id Brisbanes crazy road layout. No long term planning at all. All they are doing now is building tunnels and bridges onto of one another, but it is too late already.

      Where's Mark so he can back me up.

      Scotland Public Transport > Australian public transport.

        But Scotland is so tiny... erm, I mean, 'snug', that they can plan it all out really well :)

        Australian urban public transport is screwed. I know Sydney and Brisbane are bad (haven't tried them myself) but Melbourne's is just a monumentally terrible system.

          It's more about their roads being so narrow that noone has a car / can park it, so everyone uses the buses / trains.
          Everyone uses it so, it's cheap and if it doesn't run well everyone complains about it.

          P Transport is quite good in BrisVegas.
          The traffic just Fs everything up!!

      If I didn't have to get places within a reasonable timeframe I'd totally take the train.

      Seriously I live in Geelong, Work in Melbourne, taking the train adds 40 minutes to a 40 minute trip. What with driving to the station, then waiting for the train to arrive, then the inevitable train traffic jam between Nth Melb and Sthn X, then hopping on a tram to get to work

      Luckily I've been able to drive in the past few years - but I guess that makes me part of the problem.

    So, again, big thanks and much goodwill in FatShady's direction, for the man has shouted us a Teamspeak server to use in our Minecraft tomfoolery. Thanks Shady :D

      I know, right?

      FatShady, to you I must say that you are:


      Legendary, mate! :)

      Aww, so now on top of obscure Minecraft references there'll be in-jokes aplenty.
      Well I don't care, I'm gonna go start my own club. Girls only! So there! :p

        Where the "first lady"

        You should be wearing that for a full week!

        Love your work, but if you had of said 'No Homers' i would have lost it!!!

      Might be joining in tonight, we'll see. Got my Mass Effect Engineer playthrough to do, plus my Lords of Shadow on PS3, then there's my breakthrough on getting my ps2 working on the new TV (FINALLY! All I can say is thank you component-in and screw you AV!) and I've been playing kingdom hearts from the beginning again, I'm so darn rusty on that game lol

      No probs guys. I just thought it would make life easier if we could talk.

      It is now $25pm for the server and $4pm for the teamspeak server. Both are paid up until the end of March.

      I will have another think about the cost of it all over the next month and see what people are willing to pay.

    So, here's one heck of a long shot but here goes...

    My mum is an avid garage-sale person. She makes lists, gets up at 5am and looks for treasures. Mostly its naff little glass antiques which she collects and has gotten some great deals. Anyways, I have a list of old music-tech gear for her to keep an eye out for. So finally after years of waiting, she hit a jackpot and scored me a Roland Juno 106. For a happy $70!
    Man, I've wanted one of these forever, so I was fingers crossed when plugging it in. It started up.. So far so good... First 30 minutes its worked perfectly, I had a grin ear to ear. But then, I had dud notes... After testing it out properly, I found its problem to be the 2nd voice IC vca chip. Bummer. It still is able to function with a few work arounds, but I really would like a replacement chip.

    So, I don't suppose anyone has a Juno 106 lying about for spares???
    *insert pointless hope here*

      There is a bloke on ebay who will repair
      or i think this guy makes clones
      Hope this helps

        Thanks for finding that handles :D This may be the way I proceed forward (I might have to get someone to install it though I think), unless someone has a busted one in a cupboard somewhere to donate for parts :D

          Also, from the looks of the wikipedia page, there's a fairly easy repair method, but it requires knowledge of soldering, so if you have any skills in that area, you might want to take a look.

          Happy to help.
          Makes up for the fact that I NEARLY put up a link about foot controls on your mouse post :)
          And i mean "nearly" as in i forgot who i was replying to.
          Not "nearly" as in as in i'm an insensitive prick.
          So jealous bout Dire Straits too!!!!!!

            I would not have minded one bit mate :) I actually have some use in mt right foot, so am still waiting to grab a logitech wheel for gt5 (which is still unopened since xmas) in my cockpit hard-rubbish built simulator. Its just been so hard to find a store with stock and the prices are ridonkulous, so I'm waiting for a cheap 2nd hand one. I'm in no hurry though.

    TAY spamming... sorry

    UFC 127, I've not watched it yet, gah! Please don't mention if Sotiropolous wins or not!! *crosses fingers*

    Soundwave on the weekend. Got to high five rob zombie. Brilliant day all round. Anyone south get a ticket now. Won't regret it.

    @Chul oompa loompa:

    I finished reading Crossfire yesterday (yes, it's been a month in the reading, but I've been reading it in between a bunch of other books, so I think I made good time.

    I must say, though, I'm very keen to finish the other two books in the series now.

    Who knew 40k books would be so darned good?

    In other news, uni today, starting at 6 pm :(
    UTS ftw though :D

    I'm going to use my first lady of Kotaku powers and draw everyone's attention to something pretty cool.

    Our very own Shane(who pops up every now and then) has one of those clickable linky things on his name and it leads to this rather intriguing graphic novel he's creating:

      So far so good...


        This comic is good! Was boring me at first cos I'm not a big fan of the 3D model stylings, BUT after reading I started to see the excellent body language in use.

        And the writing? Great dialogue excellent political drama

        IM LOVING IT!

      Thanks for the mention, First Lady! My Lesser Evil site has had more hits today than it has in the 18 months it's been going.

      Were it up to me, you'd be Community Kudos'd again this Friday. Just so you know.

      Jimu, glad you're enjoying it! I've been thinking of putting up Chapter Three for quite some time - maybe I'll do that now I have a reader. :)

        If you ever want to write something stupider, with monkeys...can I draw it?

        Please do!!!

    Nohandle, I send you email and it was deeeeeniiiied.

    Did you get the second one which would have made far less sense without the first?

      Got it and replied :)
      Thanks mate. Did you know that they also come in Ultimate Collections (2 vols into one book)?

        Yep, thats kinda what those HCs I got are.

        They didn't exist back when I bought these.
        I prefered singles back then, only bought the trades to fill the gaps cos issue 1-20 of USM is quite expensive.

        Considering getting the next to oversized HCs, don't need em though as I have the singles from there too #110.

          That sounds wrong. By "these" I mean the soft covers I have!

    Got my mate to pick up my two USM OS HCs from the PO the other day.
    Went round to his house to pick up after work and his roomate was playing PS2. Had a HUUUGE pile of PS2 games he'd been given or gotten cheap.
    Looking through the pile, plenty of gems:
    Random Dynasty Warriors
    other stuff I can't remember...

    But I did find Shadow Hearts 2 in the pile which I have been dying to play and have borrowed it.

    By the time I finally put the game in I was rather sleepy and after sitting through 15-30mins of intro cut scenes I finally got to the game.
    Seems promising, was too tired to handle the fight system. Timing things is not my forte when sleepy!
    Will give it more of a go later in the week!

    Just wondering if anyone knows of a mouse with a thumbstick in position of the left click button. It would still be clickable, but then you would have wasd controls all on the one mouse. Sure, it might take some getting used to, but one handed mouse fps-ing would be the ultimate in accuracy and laziness leaving one spare hand in which one can feed chips, scratch, etc.

    I've finally broken my gaming drought!

    After grabbing the adorable Tiny Wings for my ipod on Friday I felt the gamer in me begin to fight to be fed, so on Saturday when my husband was at Soundwave I fed it some Nier and some Yakuza 3, both great games and now I'm BACK!
    Can't wait for the little man's naptime so I can play some more.

      Love Nier, working on my second ending...will get back to it one day.

    So... STILL no internet at home... man i almost feel like i'm not even part of the gang anymore... depressing stuff :(

    Also, on a quick catch up - MORTAL KOMBAT HAS BEEN BANNED?!?!
    Man i am so so pissed...
    The UK will be getting my money, yet again.

    Also, i didn't win a copy of De Blob 2 :( sad panda. But it's pretty obvious to see why - there were some seriously outstanding entries, congrats to all the winners, especially 1st place - what a ripper of an entry. Besides, it's all good - i REALLY don't mind paying for something that looks that great, especially when it's been put out by an Aussie company. Just brill. Enjoy guys!

    Also congrats to Strange on getting Kudos again. A very very well deserved recipient.

    Also, i have Orientation for Uni tomorrow... I don't know anyone there and it's the first time i've been at school since i was 16... that's nine years.. talk about butterfly's... What's worse is i haven't had time to have my haircut yet.. god i'm going to look like a mess...
    On the plus side i'm wearing my "I love lamp" tee today. so i won't further alienate myself tomorrow..

    Maybe a Transformers tee? Or Iron Man? hmmm.. choices, choices...

      Worrying about looking like a mess at uni? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      *cough* Sorry.

      I was typically somewhere in the middle of the well-dressed scale, and my clothes consist of Jeans, T-shirts, and ridiculous hair (I claim I'm going for the Grunge look).

      Regardless of weather, there were always people wearing thongs (the shoes, I didn't check the other type).

      Anyway, good luck with it all.

      Man, your seriously taking it up the pooper from those internets people. You would think they want your money??? It seems like you've been offline for a month almost! :( I say put on a cap, grab some bolt cutters and find the bloody terminal box and fix it yourself. Can't be too hard? Just poke it with a stick a bit.

      Oh, and uni, yeah, don't worry about the hair being scruffy, its practically a prerequisite anyway! But you must sew some leather patches on your elbows.

        Onto my elbows??

        That's some serious Dante shit you're talking there, sweetheart!

        Just remember not to do it like this...

          precisely what I was thinking :D Just glue the patches onto your skin and start a new trend.

          So, is this for the teaching course?? If so, good on ya mate I can imagine you'd be a very entertaining teacher.
          Hang on... or was it a business thingy... Darn my memory.

    Heads up for anyone buying Dragon Age 2 on PC that hasn't preordered yet:
    Ozgameshop is selling the PC version for $44 (with free shipping, of course). This is half (yes, half) of EB's $88 asking price. Get it while it's shiny.

      Man, F EB. F EB in the A. After SC2 I vowed to never give them my money again, and so far I'm the happier for it. Sure, now I get my new releases a couple of weeks late but I pay 70% less and it's still the same game – and for those online heavy titles, all the patching and server issues have been fixed by the time I log on.

    I've created an online petition to hopefully try and get the RC rating of Mortal Kombat overturned. Please sign guys:

    Thanks! :)

      I was going to sign it for the hell of it, then i saw how many details it asked of me.. so i won't be bothering..

      As much as i hate that MK was RC, a petition with do Sweet FA to get an MA for MK.

      Honestly, we'll all just be better off importing it..

        Sorry, i didn't mean to sound like such a prick then.
        It's just been a long time and people still don't generally take gamers very seriously, and no amount of petitioning will change that.. the best we can do is have a plan of attack for the new SCAG meeting at the end of the year...

          Lol, no worries :) By the way, most of those fields are optional, the only required ones are name and country (so that if this does take off, I can distinguish locals from people just helping out). But I removed a few altogether anyway.

          I will probably also end up importing it, but I would still like to see the decision overturned.

    Mortal Kombat - Australian Edition

      Hey dude, did you create this?

        Yep, i even did the photoshoping on 2 of them while i was super-duper drunk, heh

          Even more impressive.

            I was having lunch with my parents at a German restaurant (the one in Cabramatta, has anyone else been there?)

            And I just can’t say no to beers with ridiculously long names I can’t pronounce.

              Ahh.. you and i must be kindred spirits

              An appreciation for fine imported beers an ball pits.

                I know I'm supposed to say something rude here, but you've been gone sooo long I just can't figure it out! :-O

      MY GOD!!!

      Seriously though, what a great little chuckle. lol

      I love the falling into the ball-pit.

    If anyone hasnt watched this...

    Do it

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