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    Mark, Elly was mean to me on the weekend. She made me cry :(


        She poked fun at him!!!

        And I assume you got my email on Friday sire?

          I did - just got it this morning. Will be in touch old bean! And Elly, that viciously cute harpy. I'll be having words... and then I'll back down and then she'll beat me up and flush my head down the toilet.

          She's like the female Biff Tannen of Allure Media.

            lol that must mean that at some stage, it's inevitable that she will be covered by piles of manure!

              I HATE MANURE!

                Why don't you make like a tree and get out of here?

            I like girls with an attitude though Mark xD. I got told recently that I was cute so what are my chances? lol

            I just got up and decided to jump in xD

        I know! All I did was annoy her'n'stuff like you asked...

        You should totally play some prank on her for us and document it all - might make me feel a little better : )

          ELLY DON"T READ THIS!!!!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!
          What you should do Mark, is plug a wireless keyboard into the back of her computer(or whatever) and then take it into another room. Then just start randomly Alt-Tabbing, open the web browser and load some pages, random fun stuff like that. Then see how long it is before she says that her computer must be possessed :D

            Even cheaper computer based prank - I worked with a guy who used to swap the M and N keys on people's keyboards while they were out to lunch, they'd come back try to unlock their screen and hilarity ensues.

      I think she also somehow gave me a cold. But also, when comments went all googlies, welbot made mention of the circle k, which made me have to go and watch Bill and Ted for old times sake. Still awesome :D So all in all, I cant complain, except for the fact she hands out colds like permabans.

    Good morning folks!
    I've been staying up all night watching this amazing epic Minecraft adventure series by the Yogscast. Go to the channel bluexephoes and start from the first Minecraft video in the Minecraft playlist. They made it into a RPG. ;O

      ooops typo there. should be bluexeophos
      here's the link to season 1:

        BLUEXEPHOS! I cannot spell their name :\

          It's because you've been up all night.
          At least you have an excuse...I've been getting things wrong and dropping things all morning and I had a full night's sleep.

            Forgetting things,
            Absent Mindedness,
            Loss of fine motor control?

            Strange, if that's happening to you, then I think you should know.

            You're pregnant (I have diagnosed almost everything possible as pregnancy, although, to my credit, never have I told a man that).

            Trust me.

            I'm a doctor.

        Rather amusing linkies dawdle, but why is everyone so obsessed with coal on the first night, wood can be burnt into coal! I want to find that dwarf skin now.

          At the point in time when they made this, you couldn't get coal from wood.

          Surviving the first night was easy through, just hide in a corner with a single isolated hole to tell you when the day is.

            Thy egg, tis over my face. :-O

            Well, pffffft, they should update the video then, go back to the start I say, do it over!

      I know right most bestest thing on youtube. I've seen almost all of the episodes. Their commentary is hillarious

    Morning. So, 'twas my birthday on the weekend. Normally I don't care, but I feel 2 decades is a more significant milestone than 21. Anyway, doesn't matter. I had some friends over on Saturday, we chilled, watched Firefly, complained about Fox, had a Nerf War, and finally got my present. Normally I don't care, but this has got to be the greatest pair of presents I've ever received:

    To put some context in, I love Naughty Dog. I have all their PlayStation games, and Jak and Daxter was an amazing series. I've been looking for these for a while, and apparently they bought the Jak II statue 5 months ago 'cos they found it on eBay. They're awesome.

    In other news, I shaved my 'beard' and left a moustache. I looked like a hipster. I was scared. I had to shave that too.

    Now, off to uni! Have a good day guys. Don't go to page 2, because then I have to read lots when I get back. And that's just mean.

      Weee! Happy belated birthday! Definitly cool looking figures! WOuld look good on any desk!!

      Happy birthday dude! Being in your 20s is the best. I'm very close to waving bye bye to my 20s and it's breaking my heart. Only two month till I turn 30. [SOB]

      (Also - pic of hipster moustache plz.)

        I hit club 30 in less than a month, so I am older than you, you young whippersnapper :( (whatever a whippersnapper is)

        Why back in my day our videogame consoles had the pause button on the console itself rather than the controller, you kids today are spoilt!

          Man, when we were kids, our tv was made with wood. Yeah... Wood. Not even good wood, everything was made with lousy chipboard wood.

          Anyways, Happy 20 Bday buddy :D

        Being in your 20s is NOT the best, being in your 30s is. I should know, I'm halfway through mine.


          That makes me feel a bit better about things!

            They don't call it the "dirty thirties" for nothing....

            Thirties... I'll hold you Mark, and keep you warm. This is how bad things get in your thirties. I went to platinum some tracks on Trials this weekend. And I totally wore the skin off my thumb... Seriously... :-/ Thats never happened b4, sure, I've had aching bent nubbby digits, but the skins never fallen off b4.

              That's been happening to me since I was playing the NES (when I'm really in the zone, not like every 2 days >_>) - you've obviously just been doing it wrong the entire time :P

                No idea whats happening, its never happened b4. I was only playing about 15 before it started going red and peeling off.
                Don't tell my manly Leather Cap brethren, but I applied a band-aid in desperation... :(

      Happy belated bday NotoriousRus Rex! :D That's an awesome figure too mate, that's a great way to spice up any desk you choose

      Welcome to internet old!
      I have a few spare canes lying around if you want one!

        I'll spank you with my cane young man if you don't stop making me feel really, really ancient.

          Oh, but you'll need to get out of that chair to catch us, so somehow I'm not worried.

          Until they add jets to chairs. Then we're screwed,

      nice statue, I've seen that one before and if I was devious enough in the past I could have nicked one.

      Though, Sony did make up some lifesize versions of that and this one time at an event, had a few drinks and had a photo taken with me standing right in front of Daxter, who was the perfect height... ;)

      need to dig up those photos!

      Happy Belated Birthday!

      Nice score with the figure loot, too. I'm wondering why Jak suddenly shrank between games though?

      That is awesome, in the non-overused form of the word.

      Also, I shall proceed to mock you for the next four months about being old, Notorisaur.

        I just realised, I suck at maths, it's just under three months, not two.

        Oh god, I'll be... Old.

      Happy belated birthday! Welcome to the not-teenager portion of life.

      Happy Birthday mate :) That statue is sweet.

      Happy Belated Old Day!

      Yay, thanks guys. I have a warm and fuzzy feeling. In my left ventricle. Should probably go see a doctor :P

      Also, Mark, no Hipster 'stache. That'd be the first time you'd (and Kotaku AU) ever see me, and you'd forever think I'd be one. Just like the first photo I saw of you is you eating a giant burger/pizza. Which makes you awesome.

      happy belated birthday!!

      Belated Happy Womb Freedom Day

      Happy Birthday NotoriousR

      and here i am feeling old at 22 =/ (might I add only recently 22)

    I loaded up Dragon Age Origins over the weekend just to have a quick run through. That "I'll just make a dalish elf" runthrough turned into an all-weekend bender.


    Bioware should pull a CD Projeckt RED and release "Dragon Age 2: Enhanced Edition" For free a year from now, with finishing moves, non-repeated dungeons and more party members.

    I totally forgot that on my first playthrough of DA:O, I left Leliana to die in Lothering, as I never stepped foot into the tavern. Whoopsie!

      I totally did that too. I kept wondering when I was going to find this Leliana everyone kept telling me about so I did some research...oh...there was a tavern in Lothering?! :P

        Me too. Thankfully, I remembered on my most recent playthrough. Then summarily left her out of the party for the majority of the game o.O

      Yeah, Origins was amazing (shakes fist at Mark). I think all up, with all the expansions and DLC, it was well over 100 hours.

      Which makes what happened with 2 so mystifying. All they had to do was give Origins a polish and a ripping story with new characters.

      Have you played .Awakening? Pretty fun

        Haven't got to Awakening yet.

        Played constantly through the weekend, and checked my character's stats.

        Percentage of Dragon Age Completed: 22%


    Okay, I tried to post a comment here, things went horribly wrong. I tried to send an email to Mark about how things went horribly wrong. That went horribly wrong. Mark, if you get about 50 emails from me, sorry. That wasn't meant to happen.

    Odds are, this comment is going to go horribly wrong too. It's just one of those days.

    So, I'm just going to go get meet up with a friend for coffee and hope that my manic disruption of all things technical dies down once I have some caffeine in my system.

    Also, the latest Buttercup post is up at the usual place.

      Something went horribly wrong? 50 EMAILS!? *thud* ^lamboman007 fainted^

      This part of Buttercups story is a bit confusing "Considering the amount of blood they left behind, they probably didn’t get too far either. It doesn’t take long for Buttercup to find out why either. Instead of fighting like gentleman and attacking Buttercup one at a time, they instead decide to team up." Who is this "they" that team up to fight Buttercup? The people that didn't get very far? (I know it's the skeletons now, but it was a bit confusing at first) Other than that, it was great as usual. :D

        Oops, that was meant to read a little differently. I think I must have accidentally cut a line or two out when I was editing it. Fixed it now for clarity.

        With the emails, well, it probably wasn't 50 emails. The problem is that Apple Mail does not like to play nicely with my email addresses. So when I tried to send an email to Mark from one of them, it had a hissy fit and I don't know if it went through or not. So I then tried to use my gmail address, which had a hissy fit as well because it was still having a hissy fit over the emails.

        In the end I sent an email from my webmail client, but some or all of the initial emails might have gone through as well.

    In other news - All I got a chance to play this weekend was Fight Night Champion (a bit disappointing... although the story mode is interesting) and Ghost Trick.

    I'm loving Ghost Trick. It's barely a game really. Just like an awesome anime episode of Diagnosis Murder, but I've really gotten sucked into the story.

      I was going to reply with Ghost Trick discussion, but it would probably be spoiler filled. =(
      But I agree, it is awesome, said with my hands facing downwards.

      agreed, the game itself isn't that great, but the story is fantastic

      and btw, make sure no one spoils the ending, becuase it's fantastic!

    SO who else her started pokemons. Ive beaten the third gym leader about 10 hours so far and im really enjoying it.

      I literally spent half the weekend (most of the afternoon, evenings on Sat/Sun) trying to catch a good natured Joltik, and breed a good natured Mienfoo (finally got an Adamant one last night at 10PM).

      Many Audinos 'fainted' between Halo matches on the weekend. Does that count as genocide?

      I started but i've done little more then that. So far i've gotten as far as catching my first 2 pokemon... maybe 1 hour in? Damn minecraft is too addictive.

    I ♥ Crysis 2!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
    I don't think I'll ever be able to have fun while playing any other multiplayer game now :(
    Why do I like Crysis 2 so much? The Nanosuit...the ability to jump, grab onto ledges and pull yourself up is awesome, I love it so much. I like games with freerunning and stuff like that, all these games with stiff jumping and stuff frustrate me.
    I've been preparing for the inevitable comp where you win a copy of Crysis 2 FOR PC(if your PC can't handle it, too bad :P). I've got three ideas on what the comp will be(if it's an "anwser in 1000 words or less" one), so I'm all ready :D
    BTW, for those who played the demo, what dogtags did you get awarded the most? Mine was the one for being invisible the most, and for falling the greatest distance without dying(also, the one for being shot in the back the most, but I like to forget about that one...)

      Hmmm, hows about, instead of a comp for Crysis 2 for PC, they have a comp that gives a PC for Crysis 2!

      Hows about it Mark, you could get a sponsor to build an ultimate gaming PC (maybe even welbot could make one, heck, even I could put one together happily, so long as it comes out of Seamus's pay).

      I mean, gizmodo got a rukus to give away... Surely you can wangle a few grand..???

      Oh, and lambo, I agree it is fun, but I've not played it in a while, has there been any improvement of servers for us aussies?

        Make it a PC with 3 3d monitors, 2 gtx580's ♪and a copy of Crysis 2 for pc
        Though maybe not, it may end up costing more than the car :D
        Also, I haven't had any problems with the servers, I downloaded the demo on Friday though. You can add me as a friend on it if you want to. My name is lamboman007(just stating the obvious here :P).

          2 GTX 580's would not be able to run Crysis 2 comfortably on 3 monitors in 3d. Just need to wait for a few months, and get 2 590's (each 590 is two 580's strapped together).

    I'm not sure if other people will be able to watch this, but I have no idea who this person is, so if you have Facebook(*with the wide eyed innocence/naivety of a gen y* Does anyone not?) it should theoretically work.


      Faceboook!!! I curse you!!! Burn!! Why won't it just go away!!??? I refuse you FB, you sulty seductive beast of the internetz.

      Sooo.. errr... whats the general gist of the video here?

        It's a drumming busker, but he is really good at doing tricks.



    Would it be weird if I suggested a Kotaku AU Sydneysider meetup IRL?

    Promise I'm not an interwebz stalker. Honest.

      I'd suggest the same thing for Canberra, except that it would end up being me, and maybe one other guy, sitting around, drinking beer and bitching about how bad this city is.

      Actually, that sounds like fun, I should get on this.

      I was thinking about this. Elly was talking a while back about a gaming venue in sydney where drinkies would occur (similar to the Brisbane place) so i think we do a Sydney IRL session, big screen with a Trials HD competition for good fun... I am sure there are a bunch of venues with the required AV equipment to make it fun... Also a few PC's running the MC server..

      it would be my dream night at least!

      I'd always be keen for a Sydney event!

      I think it would be awesome... but on a saturday pl0x or else I'm no chance of making it D:

      I'm up for Sydney :D

        Swweeeett. Well I thought I'd get the ball rollin'.

        How's lunch on a Sat sound to Sydney people? I'm not sure about your age ranges (some youngun's may be about) so it sounds like a safe bet for everyone to make it. I'm down for anytime of the day though! Drinks at a bar would be more my thing anyhow.

        I'll tentatively put forward a date - say, Sat 2nd April?

          page 1 replies are mostly ignored :/ unless you invite mark & make this somewhat official..

            I just saw the Mark-Signal.

            I would be up for a Kotaku meet. I'm there.

              is the mark signal a flaming torch of pink & light green with a big M on it?

  • Just to let everyone know, "List of Minecraft Account Passwords Found In Wild"
    This applies to people that have downloaded mods and texture packs for Minecraft.
    I hope nobody from here has been affected.

      F**ing humans! Changed my password regardless, thanks for letting us know

    NBA Jam is so so good. That's pretty much all I have to say at this point.

      Have you got me on your live friend list? we should totally hook up for some multiplayer action!

        I maaaaybe do, I'm not sure? My tag is just 'Sughly' in case I don't. This is something we must do!

    Good news: Bought Sam and Max: Season 3 from the playstation store. ($40!)
    Bad news: I've vowed not to download the next episode until I complete them in order. Meaning I can't get episode 2 until I finish episode 1... and I'm stuck! :(

    So... im-Perfect Dark.

    How do we do this?

    Does one of us start the game and invite a party?
    Do we all play a game and invite each other?
    Do we form a party, and then launch PD?

    Does it make any difference if we co-op, counter-op or something else?

      Haha, what was going on? That was weird. We ended up getting it to work... unfortunately without you Mac :(

      What happened to you?

        Batguy and I had it working early in the piece, but then I tried to add Jimu and it went to pot.

        I recieved invites from Jimu, yourself and Batguy but couldn't connect to games...

        I played a few levels on single player, and then went back to Dragon Age.

      I should probably get around to finishing my Xbox copy of PD. I get too easily side-tracked hunting down easter eggs again, though. Cheese! Act your age, Joanna!

      I don't get it! I can play with anyone but you. I think we need to get someone that isn't me or you to host and then it could worrk...?

      Was wieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd!

    Just want to mention how awfully saddened I am with the devastation Japan has faced this weekend. I can't even begin to imagine the sheer terror they have gone through.
    This following video shows the incredible forces of nature at work, for a shock, take a look at 4:11 onwards to see how enormous the tsunami was.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the nuclear plants can be kept under some sort of control, it is a wicked thing to try to contend with after the horror they've been through. :-(

      Yeah it really is pretty unbelievable. Some of that footage just doesn't seem real.

        It is just crazy. I have never seen anything like it. just can't comprehend the scale of it huh?

        Just try and imagine this happening in AUS. A few hundred km's from a major city, thousands dead.. you just can't picture it.

        How do you pick yourself up from that and move forward?

          Exactly, I mean, they can clean up the mess and start again, but that mess includes whopping great iron tanker ships stranded km's inland! This will takes years to clean up. :(

      Honestly, it's like a movie - some of that stuff you just don't expect to see in 'real life'...

      ...and maybe I can appease some of your concerns about the reactors, Qumulys (over the hump in my medical radiation physics degree, so I know a little bit about stuff) - a lot of the TV reports are hysterical and amount to little more than fear-mongering (BBC, for example, are a complete disgrace with the way they were carrying on with shit even after talking to "experts")

      They were totally justified in evacuating people but there would need to be some very, very serious mismanagement for one of the reactors to go into proper meltdown. The amount of radiation around the reactors now is dangerous so far as it is higher than normal but it's still a relatively low dose - as of Saturday night it was about the same exposure over the course of a day as you'd get flying around the world nonstop.

      It's a bad situation made worse any way you look at it, but I find it unbelievable that people need to try and make things sound even worse than they are by talking about Chernobyl and [stuff].

    I have never played L4D but picked up a UK version of L4D2 on the weekend (#nomoneyforaustralia)

    I was and am still sick (Not fully, but the other type of sick), but played it for about 5 minutes. It seriously made me want to get better and get into it. I have not played a console game for weeks now and was missing it. It seems like awesome fun and can't wait to get into it more!.

    In my only real experience with the game, I saw a bunch of zombies in a room, so i thought i'd outsmart them like you do in every other game by closing the door... wrong, they broke the damn thing down and rushed me! crazy.

    Looking forward to it.

      L4D on a console, you poor, poor thing.
      I weep for you.

        Dont be sad for me... $27 game on a console that is powerful enough to play all games released for the platform rather than ongoing hardware upgrades... Im happy.

          Fair 'nuff, but it's just a shame you have to buy the DLC for it. Solid game and all, but even after a few rotations, the 4 maps go from familiar to repetitive. The DLC just helps prolong it, is all.

            Yeah, but with all those free ms points i got last week it doesn't bother me..

            Just kidding!!!

            I just can't do PC gaming at all (excluding minecraft which is more of a social experiment in creativity). I just don't like it, even though now days i do all console gaming (excluding motion) using my PC monitor and speakers.. so my old arguments about plasmas and recliners are out the window.

            I have never had the PC for it so never bothered.

              I do all my PC gaming from my couch in front of my TV so that argument was allready out the window.

              What kind of backwards world is this?!?!?!

    Report. Lunch. All went reasonably well. Made a chicken noodle soup, it was hot. Had no soy sauce, compensated with fish sauce. Tasted funny.
    (1 step closer to page 2! mwhahahah)

    Technical issue. Not sure if this is happening to others, but previous comments I've made awaiting approval seem to not be working properly, ie. they vanish. Who broke Kotaku??? (I think it started when Elly was on duty..... :-O )

      you are just looking for a reason to take this to the next page huh?

      Look carefully Q-bo, which ones are disappearing?

      (I'll give you a hint, it's the ones where your name is different).

      The site works by showing you which ones are awaiting approval based on a combination of your username and presumably your email address, so when you change the name, it no longer tells you about those awaiting for approval.

        Hmmm, its possible, but I'm sure it was happening over the weekend as well when I wasn't changing names. Also, left my email as the same... Oh wells... PAGE 2 :D

      Yeah, I've been getting that today too. Not sure what's going on but I'm willing to blame someone who has no control over it.

      Are you changing your name? That will do it. It seems that the site recalls your last posting name and only shows pending posts that match. So if you change your name, it forgets about the other ones.

      Similarly, if you post with the same name across different devices, you should always be able to see all your pending posts!

      I can't be 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure that's how it works. It also seems to indicate that if we all just posted with the same name all the time (e.g. "pants") we should be able to cut Mark and Elly out of the loop entirely :P

    Totally not going for the Page 2 kudos (but man if i get it Qbo will be pissed!

    Now playing

    'Gangsta Gangsta' - NWA - Straight outta Compton... AWESOME

    Google Docs.


    Awesome. Incredibly useful. Stunningly good looking.

    That is all.

      Not completely, I thought it was good too. Until I started going above 10 pages or so, then it starts to really lag in re-opening and I think in activity too. Might not happen to everybody but that's what I got from friends of mine that are writing stories using google docs

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