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    Hey all hope everyone had a lovely weekend, I finished Mass Effect once again this time as an engineer (This is my third, and went 100% on sniper rifles on Medium difficulty), and they're pretty badass in Mass Effect 2, especially with the drones they can summon, such a luxury against well covered foes :D

    I'm REALLY enjoying golden sun: dark dawn now, so many memories come back from the very similar gameplay :D

    Well, my pale Kotaku brethren, given my naturally tanned nature, and the fact that I have laughed at any of you that have posted about sunburn, I figure this is only fair.

    I got sun-burned yesterday. I was at a picnic, and between about 11am, and 3pm, spent the whole time in direct sunlight. Disappointingly (and amazingly), I was the only person at the picnic to really get burned.

    So, to all you pale people out there, I feel your pain. But to a much, much, lesser extent.

      This is a true victory for gingers everywhere.

        I'll just need to get revenge by developing a tan, getting all the chicks, and then getting horrific amounts of skin cancer.

        It's just like the legends fortold.

        "Lo, after many many generations smiting the red headed... the sun did turn his hateful gaze upon all mankind. His lance of energy scarring all colours, sexes, races and creeds in a searing miasma of reddened flesh".

        I knew this day would come

      Yeah Blackman I got sunburn to for the first time i'n like 7 years. I roasted which is not fun at all it reminds me why I never go outside.

        True story - awesome games journalist James Cottee (who does the voice for DARREN on Good Game Spawn Point) actually carries around an umbrella when it gets too hot.

          The same James Cottee that used to work at OXM while Kevin Cheung was editor?

          ...for some reason I stopped reading it once those guys all began leaving for other things; it didn't feel as awesome... but then I started reading PopSci and was surprised to see Kevin again! (however, he's now sold-out and with the Foxtel mag. and I refuse to read it :3 )

          Actually, does that happen Mark - do journalists get people who regularly follow (stalk?) them between magazines/websites?

            Sold out? Mate, it's a job, the audience is real and it pays the mortgage! If you want to hear me wax lyrical about games every once in a while, without being bound by lame industry politics, follow me @ScientificNinja

        Sadly for me, it's been only a bit over a year since I last got sunburned, and about it was about 8 years before that when it happened before. I haven't been outside enough lately, so I've finally begun to lose my natural tan colour, which is really saddening.

    FatShady (assuming you're able to access the Internet during the week),

    In response to last week's "and some more tiny birds.. Top score so far is 156,597. How u guys going?"

    Another worthy challenge between arch-nemeses!

      Damn you guys and your awesome reflexes...I've only been able to manage just over 90000 so far. I will never be able to even come close to that impressive score, Batguy.
      P.S. How's the Batbaby?

        He's absolutely perfect. He's healthy and eating, sleeping and growing without problem at all. And cute as a button to boot!

      Who are you... where did you come from? Why are all your gaming scores so... amazing?

        He's Batguy, he comes from the sky. He uses echolocation to make his scores high.

          Oh crap, that wasn't supposed to rhyme. Hmmm...although if I'd said "His echolocation makes his scores high" then it would have been okay. Kinda like a song. Every superhero needs a song. But I'm sure someone else (Qumulys?) would do a much better job than I.

          Teehee. That and bloody minded persistence. The same life skill that gave me good grades at school and dragged me through a PhD works really well for games. Repeating things over and over and over till you get it just right does wonders for posting high scores or finishing "impossible" games!

            See, I get distracted easily. Usually by a 2-yr-old climbing onto my lap saying "Watch birdie? Yoohooooo!".

          At a young age after watching The Lone Ranger at a cinema Bruce Twaine's parent's were brutally murdered in front of his eyes.
          The image of his mother's ruby necklace broken never leaving his mind, young Bruce vowed to fight low scores for the rest of his days.

          He traveled Europe and Asia for a time seeking out the best teachers.

          He has returned to Emo-am and now is the best game scorer there is...

      Dude that was not a call for you to kick my ass.

      I have been trying to get over it. made it to island 8 once or twice but can't beat that score.

      I will just come out and say it that you are the most awesome gaming dude and save myself from public humiliation. I am sure within a few weeks you will be beating me at Trials and we can all get some rest. I seriously have no chance of making over 200k.

      Well played sir.

        If it makes you feel any better, it wasn't a personal attack - I had already reached that score when I saw your post, but figured that if you were without Internet there was no point posting it till today.

        I've tried to beat that score again myself and haven't really come close. The unique terrain each day can actually make a big difference!

      Mark Serrels has a lot to answer for. Tiny Wings has been affecting my sleep ever since his endorsement.

      218,243 is my current best, with a 28x multiplier.

    Well I've moved into my new place and its made me very happy! I seem to have kept all my fish alive in transit, though it'll probably be today/tomorrow I'll find out if the water I've put them in is deadly. Moving fish is a pain in the ass!

      How does one ever move fish - chuck em in a binbag filled with water?

        I thought you just took them off of the frying pan and into a tupperware container. Makes for very easy transport.

        I thought you'd just kill them off, move to the new place, , then buy some new ones that look similar, and act like they're the same fish.

      Man, I feel you pain with moving fish. Stupidly in my new place, I got a 7 foot tank, and its filled... I'm dreading the day I have to move them all.
      What kind of fish do you have there?

    I've learned a few important things over the weekend. First of all, if I watch Justice League cartoons late at night, odds are I'm going to wake up at 3am on the couch, feel absolutely wretched when I'm meant to get up, miss the train and then have to skip my morning coffee to get to work slightly less late than I would be if I showed up with a magical beverage to restore my consciousness. Justice League may be awesome, but I need my coffee, so for the next half hour or so, before I can find an excuse to sneak out, things are going to be tough.

    Also, I learned that it is possible to make progress on almost dead projects. On top of that Buttercup thing I do, there's actually a webcomic I write. It's been probably a year since it was updated but we finally put together scripts for a couple more strips. Proper full page things, not three panel strips, although we came up with one or two of those too.

    Yay for progress!

      I now have in my possession a large flat white with one sugar. Crisis averted.

        I'll take a cappuccino plz!

          Trust me, there's no chance of any coffee within my reach being drunk by any one but me right now.

      Can't find the link to the web comic...

        That's because I forgot to post it :p

        Here's a link: Asinine Circus. Carlos (the artist) is working on the new content but you can get a glimpse of the new art style and whatnot over at his Deviant Art page.

    So... I downloaded the Crysis 2 demo from Steam. Pretty unsure of what to expect. Would my graphics card be turned into a toasty capacitor pie? Would it be disappointing to be thrust into a urban environment? Well, its a mixed bag.

    Its definitely beautifully made, the signs of consolism are not as apparent as other games of late. But, (given its just a demo mind you) I really wish it had some more detail settings rather than just Gamer, Hardcore and Advanced. That's it.
    I can only assume we'll get better settings than this for the full game because...

    I had this sluggish lag from my mouse movements. It also had aiming help activated which when disable helped a little, but the lag was still there. I could have played it for more than 30 minutes, but laggy mouse movements really made it unenjoyable for me as I hurriedly went back to Minecraft.

    Graphic wise my card (4870 X 2) coped glitch free. Which is unusual given that practically all games have been woeful on it this last year. So that's a big tick. But I am really left wondering if the mouse lag I had was the game making sure my card had rendered each frame properly. I'd be interested to hear if those of you with a more powerful card had a better response. (The in game water was very nice I must say)

    The biggest downer though was the demo is only a multiplayer experience. Which I guess would be ok if I could find at least ONE oceanic server! I mean, there were no Aus servers I could find. That annoyed me. So, was that the source of the lag?

    Did it leave me wanting to pre-order it on Steam? I'm not sure, its really pretty, but I think I'll wait for reviews on this one for now....

    • Well, I should be getting my new Wireless Broadband sim tomorow, it's got 20gb a month (10 on peak/10 off peak) so I'll have to download this and try it out :D
      Let's see how my nVidia 9600GT copes...

        This is where more graphic options should be implemented. Mine is struggling, but there's not much I can change to help. :( Bloody uninformative settings, gamer, hardcore and advanced? Which one is which? Low med and high at least everyone knows... grrrr...

        Oh, btw, the download will be 1700Mb of your 20GB limit. How the hell are you surviving on dial-up...??? *astounded*

        • It has been hard...
          Nah, not really, I spent the weekend playing Minecraft Singleplayer with the difficulty set to hard, spending the nights fighting monsters with nothing but my leather cap and a wooden sword...
          I only died once in about 5 nights, didn't lose my leather cap either :D
          Yesterday I spent most of my time programming with XNA working on my Asteroid Evader! game.

      were there any options in there for v-sync?

        Ahhh, just had a look, disabled v-sync, responsive improved greatly. :D On a second look, I noticed the "Press Start to Continue" thing.. *rolleyes* and also of note was the very average looking modeling of some objects, I really hope the full version offers more. Not personally for me, but I think Crysis is a huge influence and drivers of the "upgrade" industry. There's just such a lower incentive to upgrade these days as in years gone by. If I were ATI and NVIDIA I'd be pumping money at crysis devs by the truckload.

        Anyway, Thanks for the vsync advice :D helped hugely, but It's still not a day 1 purchase I fear.

          You're very welcome sire! Always happy to help as you no doubt know by now ;) Also, on the modeling front, I think if you had a directx 11 vid card, you would be pleasantly surprised in the difference. Though the models may look a bit drab at the moment, from what I've read, Crysis 2 only runs in dx9 or 11.. no 10 for some reason, so if you don't have dx11 card, you're gonna miss all the nice fancy crap.

            Yeah, I totally forgot about the difference dx11 could make! (what would I do without you!!) I would love to hear some others who've tried it with dx11 cards comment. That may just tip me towards upgrading down the track.

            I've read a rumour somewhere that Crysis 2 is shipping without DX11 support, and that it will be patched in later, and apparently that at least the beta, and the leaked version, have no DX11 support, which is kind of annoying, as it does have some very cool optimisations in it. If anyone has played the beta with a beast machine though, I'd love for you to prove me wrong.

              Blaghman, dunno if you saw my reply last week, but next time you're on steam or msn, gimme a holler and I can help you out with those new comp questions you had!

    Back at work this morning after a month of paternity leave *sob*

    Internet, please distract me from my pain!

      Whenever I'm feeling low, well, I'll let this song explain:

      If you're lucky, you can do the same, and it will save you from your days of doldrum. What's that? It's hard to watch youtube videos at work? Well quiet you problem makers.

      Your pain of being back at work or your pain of having a child?

        Of being back at work. I'd happily spend another six months at home with my family if we could afford it!

          Geez, my Mum was back at work a week after I was born, the only reason my Dad wasn't at work at that point was because he had Appendicitis (Okay, my Mum had an excuse, I was in hospital for the first six weeks of my life).

      Poor Batguy, I bet you'll miss him like crazy. On the plus side, when he's old enough to walk and talk hearing him call out and run excitedly when you get home will be the most awesome thing ever.

      Oh, and if it's your wife's (are you married? I forget, sorry) first day home alone with the baby, you might want to bring her home a small gift because this can be quite a stressful day. :-)

        This sort of sage advice is why you must never leave this place.

          Seconded. Stop by the store, grab milk nappies etc. and a box of chocs and flowers.
          Oh, btw, its great to hear batbaby's growing well and is healthy :D

        I bought a small thing of chocolates for my wife when I went back to work after the birth of my daughter

        ... but my first day back at work was the best day that the wife and bub had ever had, so I slunked into a corner and ate the choccies myself.

    So I took the Mrs to the Chemical Brothers on Friday.. and damn.. talk about awesome! Show opened with a set by Art Vs Science, then followed with 2 dj's. The first was a bit of a douchebag, but the next guy was not too shabby. But then... talk about blow my mind! Around 2 hours of the best mixing I've ever experienced! It was phenominal! And the bass! I swear my body is still vibrating! The laser/light show was mind blowing too! Had I been trippin on acid, I prolly would have melted in a pile of mush! Was a pretty decent atmosphere too. Only a couple of idiots when I was expecting dozens! And it only sprinkled a little bit when I was expecting it to bucket down! Total WIN!

    • "talk about blow my mind!"???
      Sorry, if you want to be accepted here, you shoulda said "talk about mow my blind!" :P

        Oh my aplogies. My brain was working properly this morning. Next time I'll make sure I'm groggy and fingerfuddled before I post ;)

          So, is she now itching to go see other concerts?? Mind you, they may be a let down after CB...

            heheh funnily enough i told her the same thing. She might never experience the same awesomeness again! It really was that good. She did love the whole scene though. Dunno if she's dying to go to any at the moment though. She definitly would have liked to go to Tool when they were here, but that's been an gone and unfortunatly we missed out due to a big bill coming in just at the wrong time. Not sure if there's anyone else coming soon that she would be that psyched to see though.

            Yeah I hate that return to reality thing after a good concert, always is a little bit sad. The worst was coming home from last year's Splendour in the Grass. It was like coming back to a different world.

              I really used to enjoy going to a mate's after a concert, sitting back, relaxing having a few...beers and talking about how great it was!

        I'm so glad my stupid saying has caught on. It's my legacy! xD

        Blind. Mown.


    Sorry for the shortened PD session. Watched a film before we played which was a bit taxing so I was all sleepy :3 I was kind of getting the hang of it though, we should play again! Was laughing so hard to begin with though, I kept walking into walls and staring at the ground.

    And if you didn't see it last week, I praised that awesome awesome pokemon comic. It was awesome!

      I did see that. And thanks for the game.

      I never know when I'm available but usually after 8pm any night.

    Good news everyone! Ocarina of Time 3DS will include Master Quest!


      I never finished that. Got to the last temple, made a chest appear and couldn't figure out where the damn thing was!


    You know what I love about uni?
    I only have it 3 consecutive days a week!

    This, in-turn, entails a 4-day weekend... EVERY WEEK!

    Man life is awesome! :D

    Also, reminder to peeps, tonight is the last chance to get in those CCG entries! I've only got 2 so far, and the prize is something you've all been begging for for a long while!

    One last thing: Mark, you popped onto Minecraft yet?


      I forgot about that!
      Will have to bang one out at lunch!
      Thanks for the reminder, where do we send em again?

        tadmod at hotmail dot com


          damn.. i forgot about this too.. oh well.. I'm too lazy and a bit busy today to be able to draw up my idea. :0

      Sorry to burst your bubble here...
      but I have a 4 day weekend too! HAHAHAHA :P

      I've got 24 hours per week actually on campus, with most of it between 8.30-11.30am and 3.30-6.30pm Monday to Friday. unless someone wants to share a day off with me, you all suck! :'(

    Jimu I read the flash rebirth and omfg it was bloody more confusing than gl rebirth. The flash went into some lightning zone thing then he ran back i'n time to catch the anti flash with kid flash who is from the future. Then he saps the other flash decendance when he touches another flash. But the artwork is incredible these comic artist are wonderful i'n the way they convey emotions. Anyway my question can u recommend any other flash comics .

      I'm sorry I can't. There is an ongoing Flash comic that Geoff John's is writing that will lead into FLASHPOINT. Should be a few books available.

      I was a Spidey fan as a kid, these days I follow creators not characters.

      You Should check out Justice League: The Nail by Alan Davis, Flash features a fair bit.

      If I were you I would check out more Geoff John's stuff if you haven't been already, he's practically running the DC universe like BNDIS! over at Marvel.

        I should add.

        If you like the emotion the artists convey you should definetly read Ultimate Spider-Man when Mark bagley was pencilling.

        Brian Bendis(the writer) admits to often removing dialogue because Bagley's pics said it all!

    I forgot to mention, there was a Buttercup update on Saturday, which you can view here: The Adventures of Buttercup, Part 4: I Hate Those Melbourne Players

    Part 5 should be up either this evening or tomorrow evening. I haven't actually written it yet, but I took far better notes this time, so it should be a lot easier to put it all together.

      Link to webcomic?

        I replied up above, but in case you missed it, here's another link: Asinine Circus. Admittedly, you aren't missing much.

          Couldn't find any actual comic...I am dissapoint.

            @Jimu, the layout is a bit wonky, but there's a navigation bar under the image on the front page. I'm sure at some point we'll fix it, but neither of us are that good at website layouts.

            @Blaghman, so umm... thanks!

              How dare you mock the bizarre way I speak on the internet, designed as it is to mirror the strange way I talk in real life!

              Also, you're welcome.

                I mock because I love. Also because I'm bored. Mainly the boredom thing.

                  Don't worry, my anger was mock too!

                  Did that sentence even make sense? Probably not. I can relate to being a dick while bored though, although, I'm a dick all the time, so it's not really a special occurrence for me.

          Just got around to looking at your work, and I am very impressed.

          So, ummm...

          Good Work!

    I was going through some stuff over the weekend, and I found a copy of Assassins Creed that I got with my video card a while back. I never played it cos when I got it I had already played it. Any one want it?

      SHEESH, You can't even give stuff away these days!

        yeah! whoda thunk it!? I would have expected at least one bite!

          Need to jiggle the line a little, make em think it's still breathing!


    Question to Kotaku

    I still have an original fat DS (don’t laugh). Anyway this thing hardly works, but last week it stopped working altogether. It just doesn’t charge at all anymore. Even after switching out the battery and using a new charger.

    I was about 5 hours into a game of Radiant Historia and I’m finding it to be one of the best DS rpg games I’ve played in a long time.

    My question is this. Would it be too scummy of me to just download the ROMS of all the games I own and an emulator? Seeing as I just purchased my ludicrously overpriced uni books, it’s going to be a while before I can join modern society and buy a DS lite. And I don’t want to have to wait 2 or 3 months and find I’m just not interested in my old games. I’m not too big on downloading games (although I do have snes9x and Seiken Densetsu 3/Chrono Trigger and a few other roms worth playing, but who doesn’t?)

    Also, I need more suggestions for stuff I can do on Photoshop. I was planning to do something this weekend, but then I decided to be a lazy bastard. So yea, suggestions are welcome.

      DO IT!

      Just make sure you remember to buy that lite.

      I also own (and use) a DS Phat. Honestly, it still works fine and there hasn't been a feature worth replacing it for (until the 3DS of course).

        Agreed. The only thing I better on the lite is the screen brightness. The phat is still superior for, you know, actually playing games because the d-pad and buttons are big and responsive. I've lost the original stylus but my Pac-man one ( is superior to any pack-in anyway.

        I still use the phat as my primary DS and only resort to borrowing my wife's lite when the game is too dark for the duller screen or I'm out of battery.

          I'm a DS Lite guy. Don't like the DSi. DS Phat is too phat, yo.

            I went LITE cos the top screen on my PHAt went shaky, like the picture is headache inducing.

            Still good for ADVANCE games though!

        I want to switch to a DS lite. The battery life on those things is amazing.

        My DS fat has an almost 2:1 battery ratio. Meaning for every 1 hour of play, i have to charge for 2 hours.

        Am I only one who loves the XL?
        The screen is bigger and I can't go back to my Lite now, it just seems as tiny as a Gameboy.

          Never played one properly. I do miss the Advance backwards compatability.

          you're not the only one! I love the XL aswell. I'm a sucker for big screens! It's not so big that it makes the graphics look terrible, but it does add a whole lot of wow factor for me.

      DS Lite all the way. Perfect form factor & size, and nothing on the DSi was worth the upgrade.

      Plus the lite has the best battery of the lot.

      DS Lite is fantastic, my GBA was the original non-backlit version so I enjoy being able to play GBA games on the DS Lite and actually see what's going on. That backward compatibility is the reason I never bothered with the dsi.

      I originally had a phat though but I sold it to buy the lite.


    What's with all the F-bombs on article names?
    I'm gonna get fired here!

    Alright, well, I'm bored, I mean, really, bored, so bored, that even working at things I enjoy (writing and coding) seems like a bad idea, so I did what any good little egotistical person would, and looked my name up on Google (as I said, bored). Apparently, I'm an ex professional sports person, who now has a Ph.D. in sports psychology (or something), and I am known for rescuing some woman while I was out kite surfing (and being badass).

    So, according to Google, who are you (Mark, you're not allowed to do this, because I just checked, and the answer is really boring)?

      Most interesting one...

      (1937 – 2003) inventor, entrepreneur and founder of S.Worth, Inc. He was an active business and community leader in Northeast Indiana. S.Worth’s dedication to promote the advancement and export of American technology enabled provided the growth and recognition of an international company.

      Best one, I'm nobody! My human name is too rare in the world today xD

      I did a search and found things about me really. But was pretty happy to find this! My kotaku MvC3 comp entry which, although didn't win the comp, seems to have won some fans:

      This just made my day :D

        My browser only shows the Marvel half, nice Spidey...very 3D.

        In other news...ANOTHER F-BOMB! I'm so fired!!!

    • Evidently I'm a british punk who doesn't understand english(an example "does anyone have da glitch wer u go into da..."), I'm also a casual commenter on the APC Magazine website, I wrote the Little Lamboman007 English Dictionary and Thesaurus, evidently I already have an xbox 360 and Gold Membership...
      And I'm also a frequent commenter on Kotaku and Gizmodo and own a Lego goth(sic) wampa cave set... :D

      When I started high school, I googled my own name. It was interesting to see all the other mynames out there, but there was nothing about me.

      Now I google my name and I'm like HAHA take that other mynames! I'm more popular than you now.

      Then I remember that all the reasons I'm up there are slightly embarassing :-(

      well i just found me, which is quite diturbing, i found my old kotaku reader review where i gave my real name, and then i found a link to my schools online newsletter where i was mentioned, and my twitter and facebook came up...

      thats actually scary how much info people can find out about me just by finding out my name...

      I'm only me :'(

    Hey... what happened to the collabratory thing? Seems to be a bit dead? I nearly forgot about it actually, just gave it a visit and it made me a little sad to see it that way :'(

      MadTod got swamped over the holidays, and now that he's back at uni, it's been postponed, but I think he wanted to get back to it once he's settled in.

      I also with the sawamping.
      If I can suss a way to draw and hold the boy at the same time(like I have done with controllers) then I would have heaps of time!

    Mark Serrels

    Will you ever attend to this:

    Or do we have to re-ask this week?

      Ah crap - mad time difference made me forget. I'll try and get to it!

        Cool. Otherwise I'm going to sound a little obsessed when I ask the Good Game question for the third week in a row...


    Just went to play Yakuza 3 which I've been looking forward to getting back into all weekend PS3 appears to be busted.
    Turned it on and the light went green, then yellow, then red and flashing.
    It's a Phat PS3 and it's out of warranty. Even if I could afford to get a replacement(which I can't), I love my shiny PS3 and hate the slim ones.


      Don't you have two PS3s??

      My mate's did that so he traded it in for a slim, they take em at EB. Wouldn't tell me how much he got. I'm guessing they anally raped with price!

        Yes, but my husband's PS3 is in our bedroom. We mostly use it for watching blu-rays and downloaded stuffs. Oh, and I play Nier on it on the weekends when it's his turn to use the loungeroom TV.

        All my other saves, including my Yakuza 3 one are on my PS3 as are all our Rock Band and Guitar Hero DLC.

        If I was to start Yakuza 3 in the bedroom, I'd have to do mandatory golf again.
        But because we haven't backed up our saves for a while, if it really is broken, all my stuff, including my Y3 save will be gone anyway. I'll remove my HDD before sending it to get fixed, but the first thing the PS3 does when you put a HDD back in is wipe it..

          "If I was to start Yakuza 3 in the bedroom, I’d have to do mandatory golf again.

          Do you really want to broadcast to the world what you and your husband get up to in the bedroom? :p

            The silver lining is...THATS one less game to stop you playing Deadly Premonition...maybe...sorta

            You know what? I actually giggled a little when I reread that sentence but didn't think anyone would actually go to the gutter with it. :P

      That definitely justifies the sadface.

    Coo sa loca tah setta da noleeya basic?
    Porko blastoh tah murishani da naga tah.
    Kava porko da blastoh? Ree porko...

      Ya wanna wonga? Ya Jabba no watta...

        Now I'm replaying the whole scene in my head.

        Why do I even know this...

        I've got to get a girlfriend man.

        Is that from Episode 6? I've only seen Return of the Jedi once. Some of those words aren't in the Huttese dictionary I found

        I must be the worst Star Wars fan ever. Why? because of all six films, Episode 1 is the one I've seen the most...
        Episode 1:///
        Episode 2:/
        Episode 3:/
        Episode 4://
        Episode 5://
        Episode 6:/

        Was that from Episode 6? I've only ever seen it once. I must be the worst Star Wars fan ever, because of all the films, Episode 1 is the one I've seen the most...
        A small tally
        Episode 1:///
        Episode 2:/
        Episode 3:/
        Episode 4://
        Episode 5://
        Episode 6:/

          Jabba was added into a scene in the CGI "enhanced" re-release of Episode 4, where he confronts Han in a hangar on Tatooine. At least, I think that's what happened.

          Otherwise, yeah, he's in Episode 6.

            Another interesting fact about the worst Star Wars fan in the galaxy, I've only ever seen the "enhanced" version of the original trilogy...

            I thought the CGI Jabba was there to replace a fat-suit Jabba. Damn, it's been so long since I've seen the non-'special' editions.

              Fat Suit Jabba wasn't in the origion ep4.

              They filmed the scene, but couldn't get the mobility out of a puppet, so it was cut... or it was recut when Jabba became a Hutt instead of a human in six.

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