TAS Attorney-General Publically Supports R18+

After Brendan O'Connor's statements yesterday, where he claimed the Federal Government would take further action if the R18+ issue wasn't resolved by June, the Attorney-General for Tasmania, David Bartlett, has come out and publically stated his support for an R18+ rating, claiming that "the real issue is not whether we should have an R18+ classification – which is obvious. The issue is how to construct those guidelines."

“The introduction of an R18+ classification would help give parents a clear idea of which computer games are suitable for their children,” claimed Bartlet.

“It’s about giving parents clear information, a clearer choice, and more confidence in the games they buy for their children.

“An R18+ category currently applies to other forms of entertainment, like films and some magazines. It’s appropriate to use the same clear and consistent restrictions for computer games."

Bartlett also went on to support Brendan O'Connor intent to take further action, should the issue not be resolved during the upcoming SCAG meeting in July.

“If those states continue to put-off any action beyond July this year, I understand the Commonwealth Home Affairs Minister, Brendan O’Connor, may have act unilaterally, and impose an R18+ category," said Bartlett.

“I’d welcome and strongly support that move, because the Tasmanian Government believes there’s been sufficient debate and consultation on this issue, and the time has come to progress it."


    He was also strongly for it when he was Tasmanian Premier... I think I even remember hearing he was a gamer himself.

    All good news.

      Yes, as Junglist wrote in a great summary on Kotaku last year, I interviewed Mr Bartlett about his gaming.

      Titles he mentioned included 70s/80s arcade classics like Pong, Monaco GP & Track n Field... moving to home systems like the Atari 2600, Vic 20 and Atari ST... through to more recent titles like Lego Star Wars, Band Hero and Flight Control.

      If you'd like to hear more from a local politician *actually talking about their genuine love of gaming* then here's a link to the full interview.


        That's a really interesting interview.

        It's probably encouraging that a growing number of (especially younger) politicians and societal leaders are growing up having played games and understanding some of the issues surrounding them.

        A lot of progression on social issues is brought about simply by generational change; I think we're seeing this at work in the increasing cohort of younger MHRs and Senators (Kate Lundy springs to mind in the Fed. Parliament) who have personal experience with new technology and welcome its benefits rather than fearing its potential.

        The other day on Twitter I was floored to see Ed Husic (Federal ALP MP) tweet the following (in a moment of temporary insanity I've forgotten how to embed links): http://twitter.com/#!/edhusicMP/status/47256883777642496

        Who knows - we might even see a regular gamer as PM in ten or fifteen years' time ;)

    This makes me a happy panda

    Excellent. If more of them state their positions in a public manner we can discern where the slowdown is coming from exactly.

    Good to see we've got higher ups on our side.

    We were talking about this in info systems today at school. the teacher read out an article on this. The entire class agreed that this is a good thing, but then again theres not a single person in the class who isnt a gamer :P (awesome class)

    I'm glad that he openly supports it, even though i dont like him much.

    What is this strange emotion that I'm feeling.... oh thats hope!! :P

      Only takes 1 prude to crush it.

        Members from the federal government have said that if the A.G's vote no, they will step in to change the laws.

        "Only takes 1 prude to crush it."

        Yeah, that's 'democracy' for you.

        Why is it that any change has to be unanimously approved by ALL attorney generals? I thought that should have been changed to a majority vote back when Federation kicked in.

    Cool. Definitely a good sign. I really want to hear from the new AG who is from Vic. I think.

    I'd really like to see the faces of all those "crazies" that think that our game classification system should stay the same or even become harder.
    It seems invevitable that in time the R18 will come, so a big UP YOURS! from me to all those fools.

    Wow! Actually forward motion on the issue. are we sure this is our country??? even though it's taken almost 10 years to get this far... hehe

    Thats not soon enough! Duke Nukem Forever will come out before then... D:

    OK, so David Bartlet has pretty much jumped after Brendan O'Connor lighting a fire up the SCAG's arse. And we know that SA's John Rau already supports making similar changes to the classification. That still leaves 5 AG's unaccounted for. And assuming the Government finally steps in and takes the juristiction from the SCAG, we still don't know what they're gonna change, and how long it will take.(20 bucks says they try to sneak in the ISP filter in there somewhere).

    Jim Wallace and the ACL might not be as big an issue if the Federal government steps in, but there's always a chance Craig Anderson might conduct another 'study' on violent video games.

    There's alot of uncertainty here....

    Funny, everyone thought games were for kids and gamers were just making things up about the scag delaying for nothing, good to see O'Connor try and change their mind and see that they are being unreasonable for himself because like we have all been saying for years, the system of needing all of the AGs to vote the same to change anything is a terrible way of running things. We have all been asking for the Federal to overide this stupid system, sounds like O'Connor is now feeling the same. If they can overide this it will be great. If not importing still sounds good, besides I got two new games and two newish games for $150 for all four together from the Uk the other week instead of 300 + that it would have to buy them here. This whole thing may have pushed some gamers away no matter what you do, but still, it would be a great social point to make that games are a mature medium.

    Has anyone noticed EB is selling more preplayed games than new for prices still higher than other stores? What a cheapskate tactic.

    Oh well, this is the first news that has actually made me care, but only a little about the R rating debate again.

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