Team Fortress 2 Helping Japan With Pricey Hats

Valve, the studio behind Team Fortress 2, is releasing three hats for purchase: The "Humanitarian's Hachimaki" ($US7.99), the "Benefactor's Kanmuri" ($US19.99) and the "Magnanimous Monarch" ($US99.99). They will be available until April 6. All proceeds, says Valve, goes to Japan relief fund the Red Cross created, so feel good when you shell out for the Magnanimous Monarch headgear. [via TF2]


    I never buy hats (or anything from their store for that matter) but I didn't hesitate this time. Good on em for doing this.

    Can you believe that when this was announced from their facebook page, most comments were criticising the endeavour saying things like "Keep in mind that valve aren't actually donating anything, we are" and "You're better off donating to the red cross, that way you can be sure you're not getting scammed". I love Team Fortress 2 and I love valve but GOD do I hate the TF2 community.

    Bought my $100 hat straight away.

    I was already giving it to the Red Cross, so if Valve want to be cool enough to give me a little trinket as a bonus, I won't say no.

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