Team Fortress 2 Now Ideal For Mid-Air Ninja Battles

After the release of the Shogun Pack for Team Fortress 2 - tied to the release of The Creative Assembly's Total War: Shogun 2 - it didn't take long for the TF2 community to extract its true worth: recreating kung-fu movie and anime tropes like the high-flying mid-air sword fight.

See Soldiers and Demos settle their differences with the Half Zatoichi sword, one beheading at a time, in this collection of rocket-jumping kills that may motivate you to craft, craft and craft some more until you get some of that samurai gear.


    I have so many hours spent with you, Team Fortress 2... but I miss the old you. Before you got shallow and started spending all your time in the shops buying hats and so on...

      I concur, the game feels bloated and half the hats don't fit the design of the game
      But it is to late now to fix it=(

        I agree that some of the hats and weapons don't 'fit', how dead would the game have been without those updates? I know I still wouldn't be playing it after so long if it wasn't for all the updates, bizzare themes or not.

          If Valve spent as much time on updates as they did on the actual game the game would still be better and fresh.

          Anyway, this arguments been done a thousand times. I mostly just stopped playing because the trade update made me realised how bored I was with the game, plus selling my stuff got me alot of cash.

    Ghaar that video was so slow.. slow motion slow music, slow everything.

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