Team Fortress 2 Players Buy $US300,000 Worth Of Hats For Japan

Last week, game developer and virtual hatter Valve put three new hats up for sale in Team Fortress 2, with the proceeds going to Japan disaster relief. Days later, more than $US300,000 has been raised by charitable/fashion-conscious TF2ers. Damn. They should do this more often.


    In other news, no-one makes money from the internet, according to Gerry Harvey.
    I hope someone posts that to the boys at Penny Arcade, should make their day.

    Just wondering, but did Valve actually donate any cash themselves?

      I'm pretty sure they donated all of it, that was the idea.

      I think he meant did Valve donate any money out of their own pockets, as opposed to people buying hats and then Valve donating the money. I am not sure if they did.

    And all MS could give was $2m. Shame on them.

      Well Microsoft is a significantly richer company than Valve.

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