Tearing Apart Arseholes Is A Dirty Job, But Someone Has To Do It

Tearing Apart Arseholes Is A Dirty Job, But Someone Has To Do It

Over-the-top first-person shooter Bulletstorm features some painful-looking, biologically questionable special kills. These gory demises raise questions, such as, “Who is responsible for rendering an asshole torn apart by a power drill?” Meet People Can Fly special effects artist Jose Teixeira.

Mr Teixeira is a member of the Epic Games team at People Can Fly. As a special effects artist, his job entails making entrails explode. In a post on the People Can Fly blog, Mr Teixeira gives us an example of the sort of things requested of him while working on Bulletstorm.

There is a weapon in the game that fires a big drill bit. Do you see where this is going? I am approached with the following request: “Yeah, I know you usually do wind, water, explosions, fire, weapon effects and so on… but we are going to need an effect for when you drill an enemy’s butt.”

Where does one research for such a task? Where does one find inspiration? Let’s put it this way: my browser’s history for the following day was a shameful one.

There are just some things you should never type into Google with SafeSearrch turned off. There are things you cannot un-Goatse. Luckily for Bulletstorm fans, Jose took one for the team, and can now proudly tell his friends and family that he is a ruiner of virtual asses.

An awkward job [People Can Fly Blog]


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