Tell Us Dammit

Dammit we want you to tell us stuff – like do you have 3DS yet? What are your first impressions? Anyone hit up a midnight launch? Are you planning to buy one?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

The 3DS is finally released in Australia today. We've been giving you our impressions all week, so now it's our turn to hear yours. What do you think of the 3D effect? Is the launch line-up a bit lacklustre? Where did you buy it? Are stores sold out yet? Anything you have to say about your new 3DS or lack thereof we want to hear about.

Oh, and drop your friend codes as well. Mine is 5284-1396-7112.


    I'll be more interested when there are more games available.

    If they announce a new Trauma Center, I'll have a 3DS faster than you can say "doctor!"

    I bought my DS on day one and it was a good six month wait before I bought a second game.

    Waiting seemed to work well with the PSP so I will be doing the same with 3DS, that is if my wife allows it!

    Nope, not my kind of device...
    I prefer the iPad 2, it's gaming credentials are amazing. Gyroscope for better motion sensitivity, big touch screen, no cartridges, more games to choose from (with more coming at a greater rate than 3DS games), better graphics, it might be less portable, but I rarely go out, and you can hook it up to your TV and use it like a normal game console.
    The 3DS just doesn't seem worth buying for me right now.

    i pre ordered mine online from dick smith its meant to be coming today but all the roads are closed from mackay to ayr. So guess ill have to wait oh well at least i still have pokemons

      Whats happening up in mackay? Not another flood I hope... Its my hometown.

        It has been raining non-stop for the past 3 or so days

    I shall officially be interested once Ocarina and MGS3 is out. And maybe when the Lite version is out.

    It's very tempting, but I doubt I'll see a 3DS in my local shops for a while yet, especially considering the early sales.

    I'm waiting for Metal Gear Solid 3D

      Me too! Also the Resident Evil 3DS titles, and Ocarina of Time .. and Mario Kart 3DS

    I do, and I've only had about 10 mins with it so far since I'm at "work". Will play with it more during my lunch break, but... The 3D effect feels really weird at first. I feel some weird straining on my eyes when I look at it, so I'll give Super Street Fighter a whirl in an hour or so and see how I handle it.

    Also got Nintendogs so I can make Scruff McLargenuts, and Lego Star Wars.

    Nope, not planning to get one.

    Pretty awesome so far! Only had a quicARk go at street fighter, but was very impressed. The AR games are amazing!
    When a dragon popped out of my friends kitchen table, she freaked out! Must be seen to be believed! Awesome!

      Excuse my sloppy grammar, using my fone lol

    I got mine from K-Mart this morning. I agree with Fistbeard that the 3D is a bit weird at first but I'm really enjoying it now. I'm also at work but did have a chance to play some Street Fighter and AR Games until my boss took it and played it for a solid hour himself completely draining the bit of charge it came with so now it's charging while he plays with the 3DS he went and bought straight after. So all in all it's a very good console that has the potential to become a great console if the right games come out for it. Lets just hope it doesn't take as long as the wii for good games to come out. Either way I only paid $288 for it so if I don't like it in 6 months I'll just sell it on eBay.

    Eagerly awaiting my Dick Smith preorder at work as of now.

    Everytime the bell rings here, my ears perk up in excitement like a Nintendog.

    I thought the 3D was interesting, but should've been put in an optional model or something. See I don't want to pay through my nose for something that I'm not going to 100% utilise, especially when it's something so important to the model that it's been given it's own slider, not a little secondary application in the main menu.

    If Nintendo had a model that had no 3D hardware at all for a cheaper price, I would've gone for that instead. Unfortunately everything 3D gives me deep migranes for hours, so bad that I can't even sleep. So you can see why I'd give this a miss for now.

    I think I'll wait a year and pick up the 3DS lite. At least by then there will be games out for it I actually care about.

    Waiting for a newer model, and waiting for games to come out.

    If I end up getting one, I'll be waiting for the lite model to come out I think. There's nothing out atm that makes me feel like I must have one.

    Although, when they announce 3D Phoenix Wright with OBJECTIONS coming out of the screen, I'll be probably insta-buying!

    What's with all the 'I'll wait for a new model' comments? Why then, when a lite version comes out, will you buy that instead of waiting for the 3DSi or 3DS XL? It's tech, if you wait for what's on the horizon, you'll never have anything.

    I picked up my pre-order from JB this morning. Luckily I pre-ordered at the TGV store in sydney, they open at 8 rather than 9. I was slightly disappointed that there were only a handful of other peeps getting the 3DS. I'm glad its now reporting that the thing is sold out :D


    btw, I love Dave's boss. swiping employee new a boss!

    I'm not interested in 3DS. I am interested in promised 3DS games, but they're not here yet, so obviously I won't be picking one up today.

    I have, however, sold half a dozen so far ^_^

    Walked into K-Mart at 8am, walked out 10 minutes and $347 later with a 3DS and SSFIV.
    Will leave my friend code when I turn the thing on and find it :P

      Hey you should get your receipt and get change cause KMart has it advertised in there catalogue for $288. That what I paid for mine even though the shelf price was $348.

    Why they didn't make pokemon black and white a 3DS game I don't understand. A launch title like that would have boosted sales massively.

    I don't have enough money to buy a 3DS just yet and the low battery life worries me a bit. I'm happy with the DSi XL (which only came out last year) so I won't be upgrading for a while.

    Not sold on 3D just yet, I would probably just turn it off.

    I picked one up from my local EB this morning, only 3 other people there. I got SSF4 Monkey Ball and Nintendogs. Played a bit of SSF4 and really liking it and the VR games a very impressive. I do feel a bit of Eye strain but nothing to bad. All in all i would give the 3DS a 4/5. Very Happy.

    And i cant see them bring a lite out to soon as the console is about the size of a lite already but just a bit heavier

    I was pretty interested until Sony announced the NGP. That stole a lot of Nintendo's thunder for me. The subsequent regional lockout revelations killed most of my remaining enthusiasm.

    I will probably get one in the end. But I'll wait until the next model with (hopefully) improved battery life. And you can bet it won't be an Australian one either.

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