The 10 Best Video Games Of All Time To Be Decided Again At PAX East 2011

Going to PAX East? So is Kotaku's own Stephen Totilo, where he will join Newsweek alum N'Gai Croal in sorting out which video games deserve to be included in the 10 best of all time.

"Canon Fodder Season 3" will continue the list-sorting drama that ended last year with Doom ranked in the #1 spot after displacing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. To catch up on the ranking, as decided by gaming's finest creators (with bonus suggestions from PAX attendees), don't miss the wrap ups of Canon Fodder seasons one and two.

Games are added, deleted or re-ranked one move at a time by gaming luminaries like Peter Molynuex, Patric Desilets, Todd Howard, Ian Bogost and many more.


    I really enjoy this series and am looking forward to PAX east.

    Why are gamers so obsesed with "top" lists?

    1. Doom
    2.Angry Birds
    3. Farmville
    5. Git-R Hero

      This has better be a troll...

      IMO Doom was way better than the Legend of Zelda anyway. Doom was a pioneer that pretty much started the entire FPS genre (I know it was TECHNICALLY Wolfenstien, but we all know Doom was what inspired everything), whereas Zelda was just another Japanese action-adventure game.

      It also doesn't help that every Zelda game is about a 70% copy from the previous one...

      On that, the list that they came up with is pretty damn perfect. Only things I would change would be Half-life: counterstrike to just Half-life, and change Mega-man 2 back to Starcraft or Dune II.

      Seriously? Mega-man 2, an admittedly awesome sidescroller, yet still just another sidescroller replacing the father of RTS?

        Not Legend, Ocarina of Time - It laid the foundation of 3D camera control for third person games

      Doom I think deserves a mention, or at least should be called a good game. If any of the rest of those are on there I will eat my gaming consoles.

      I was just being a richard.
      Apart from Doom that is a list of games I don't like for whatever reason.
      Stop taking me so seriously.

    Tricky, mine would have to be:

    1. Doom
    2. Quake
    3. GTA
    4. World Of Warcraft
    5. Carmaggedon
    6. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past
    7. Diablo 2
    8. Team Fortress 2
    9. Mass Effect
    10. Return To Castle Wolfenstein MP

      Carmageddon was a friggin awesome game!

    Also, why are PAX attendees such big console fans? Penny-arcade comics started out pretty much exclusively covering PC games (and occasionally the dreamcast)

      Because PAX attendees are gamers and console gaming is bigger than PC gaming?

      Not bashing PC gaming, just stating a fact.

    Should be more "In my opinion" as a prefix to these comments.

    Ocarina of Time > Doom.

    Both were great and ground breaking, but OoT is just a better game...

    The problem is that the 10 'Best' games of all time is just inherently subjective - It would be more interesting to have these luminaries discussing the most 'important' or most 'influential' games.

    My top ten of all time:

    Counter Strike (PC)
    Alex Kidd in miracle world (Genesis)
    Golden Eye (N64)
    GTA Vice City (Xbox)
    Street Fighter 2 (Arcade)
    Uncharted (PS3)
    Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360)
    Age of Empires (PC)
    GTA IV (Xbox 360)
    COD Modern Warefare 2 (xbox360)

      Miracle World???!!!

      That's a travesty, the one on SMS was WAAAAAAAAY better!!!

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