The 3DS Diaries: Day One

The 3DS Diaries: Day One

So the 3DS is released in Australia next week, but we just received one today. So partly to inform, but mostly so I can mix business with pleeaaasure, I’m going to be running a daily diary of my experiences with Nintendo’s latest exercise in wizardry. Ladies and gentlemen – welcome to day one of the 3DS Diaries.

The 3DS Diaries: Day One Genesis So this was me. The minute the 3DS arrived. Fixated in what can only be described as a zen-like state of deep, meaningful religious pleasure.

A little bit of context – this week has been characterised by me rushing to the door, barking like an sexed up Jack Russell each and every time the Kotaku doorbell rang. I’d been doing this practically every day this week and, just when I’d given up hope, Mr Courier man finally arrived, with the delivery that would make this Friday a frivolous exercise in non-productivity.

Then I opened it. The 3DS Diaries: Day One

Elly didn’t really care. Look at her acting all aloof, working and stuff – what does she think this is – a place of work? The 3DS Diaries: Day One

Angus Kidman, Editor of Lifehacker, started cleaning up after me. As I rolled around on top of the 3DS, marking my territory.

The 3DS Diaries: Day One

I paused to look longingly at the two games Nintendo sent. Bizarrely, I was really looking forward to busting out some of those poodles and going for an augmented reality walk.

The 3DS Diaries: Day One

While I was distracted, Nick Broughall from Gizmodo took the initiative and stole the 3DS before I could even turn it on. This picture is blurry because I’m literally shaking with rage. Hurry up and go back to writing articles about mouth-breathing Apple fanboys queuing up for the iPad 2!

The 3DS Diaries: Day One

Finally I wrestled it out of his hands, and it was down to business.

My Eyes! My first impressions are this – in a comfortable environment, as opposed to the show floor of some noisy trade event, the 3DS is quite a relaxing experience. Gaming on the original DS was always a ‘lie on my couch lazily, whilst playing though Phoenix Wright or whatever’ experience – much like Beyonce. I was a little worried that 3D eye strain would put the kibosh on that sort of experience, but so far it hasn’t. This experience may change as I put more time in, but for now it’s hunky dory.

The 3DS Diaries: Day One

Cosmo Kramer Black I chose the Cosmos Black colour – and I swear that the only reason I did so was in order to crack the ‘Cosmo Kramer Black’ joke to the cute Nintendo representative when she asked which colour I wanted. She didn’t even crack a smile and now all I’m left with is vague embarrassment and a deep feeling of regret. I should have gone with the blue!

I can’t speak for the Aqua Blue, but the Cosmos Black is a bit of a fingerprint magnet. That said, it is a slick looking piece of kit, if maybe a little too similar to the DSi in look and design.

Where’s The Bloody Stylus But bizarrely enough, it’s the deviations from the DSi’s design that have me most frustrated. It’s probably just habit, since I do most of my handheld gaming on a DS Lite, but I found the positioning of the stylus a little unweildy, having been moved from the right of the device to the top. Playing GTA Chinatown Wars, for example, required samurai level stylus-removal reflexes – I just don’t know if the positioning of the 3DS stylus will allow for that kind of dexterity.

Start Me Up The battery life is tough to comment on at this stage, although I’m sure I’ll talk more extensively about it throughout the week, but I was pleased to see that the 3DS came charged. Setting up was a breeze – with the system asking you to calibrate a few things, asking your name, region, blah blah blah – all in the typical ‘my deaf-mute-blind Grandma could pull this off’ Nintendo style.

Most are probably already aware of this – but I was surprised to see just how busy the 3DS’s home screen was. It seems packed with stuff to explore – the AR card stuff, setting up your Mii, Face Raiders, etc, etc. It’s also extremely easy to navigate between the programs using the ‘home’ button.

Oh, and one final thing – I created a Mii using the new photo function (in which the 3DS configures your Mii by taking a photo). It didn’t look like me! I have giant eyes – not small eyes!

Alright – that’s it for now. I’ll be updating Kotaku with new diary posts – at least one per day – so stay tuned for more impressions and hands on with the 3DS launch titles. This afternoon I’m going to give those Augmented Reality cards a go, since I had a bit of trouble with during my last 3DS hands on.

EDIT: I just caught Elly playing with the 3DS – turns out she was just feigning indifference. I knew it.

The 3DS Diaries: Day One

She wasn’t too happy when I took the pic! Her dog is called ‘Poopy’.


  • So THAT’S what you people look like. I’ll be sure to add those pictures to the WANTED posters I’ve been distributing…

    Also, I demand you forgo the ezmode puppy and try your hand with a kitten. Good luck, sir!

  • Gizmodo dude with cheesy grin stole your 3DS before you got a chance to play?!! I’m not feeling sorry for those guys over there anymore.

    Also, Elly weren’t you going to try out being blonde?

    And the augmented reality thing is what I’m most curious about. Can’t wait for the next installment.

    • hehe i was gonna say the same thing. Since im sure with his 3DS arrival he doesn’t need the thing.

      Hopefully amazon sends them out early got my pickup stub for rayman and ridgeracer this morning

      But no point going to fetch them today it would be cruel

  • We are soooo doing a ‘Caption This’ for the first picture..

    1. When i received my ‘Fleshlight’ i couldn’t even wait to get it out of the box.

    2. Anyone else wanna join me for a game of Chinese Penis trap?

    3. I’m soo happy, I could shit out headphones.. oops

    4. “Be like Snake, Be like Snake, Be like Snake”… Damn, I still don’t fit in this box!

    • 5. Preparing a present for his better half…

      To all the fellas out there with ladies to impress
      It’s easy to do just follow these steps

      1: Cut a hole in a box
      2: Put your junk in that box
      3: Make her open the box

      And that’s the way you do it
      It’s my dick in a box

  • Jeez, what should I name my dog in Nintendogs?

    Furfang McHound
    Captain Feral
    Butch Largenuts
    Bitch Pimp


  • I don’t think the Aqua Blue joke options would have been any more successful…

    Aqua “Barbie Girl” Blue


    • They need more colours.

      “Seething Red”
      “Mashed Peas Green” (almost did a “seth” green)
      “Elitist White”
      “Emo Black”
      “Fanta Orange”

      Ran out of ideas. >_>

      • I know, lets stop appealing to casuals and get some real core names!!

        And by core i mean outright offensive! YAY!

        Apathetic Grey

        Menstrual Red

        Supremacist White

        White Trash

        Suspicious looking Black

        Jackie Chan Yellow

        Burt Newton Blue

        Mark Serrels Luminous White

        Serrels Summer Red

        Angus Kidman’s hair yellow

        Soilent Green

        Red headed step-child purple

        Linda Lovelace Pink

        Bella Donna Purple (*snicker* she likes it rough[no really, she’s scary])

        Michael Jackson multi-tonal black/white

        Poo Brown

        Corpse Grey

        *shrugs* ok i’m all out

  • My god… that picture of elly at the end.. i could just marry it!!
    How deliciously awkward!

    Mark, you are the man! lol

    Also, thanks to Angus, i now know what eminem will look like in around 10 years time

  • Agreed on the Where’s The Bloody Stylus bit. Except for me, it’s because of the thing being on the left side of the machine, not the right like on the Phat. Damn lefties, taking over. But outside of just being a frustrated right-hander with a sense of entitlement – the control stick is on the left, the whole system is even designed to be held/controlled with the left hand, while the stylus goes in the right. So why isn’t the stylus on the right side where you can reach it easiest?


    Great post by the way 😛

    • The stylus would have been moved for no other reason than it would have been in the way of one of the components in the console. Has anyone ripped apart the 3DS yet? im sure that will explain a lot.

  • Whenever I play my DS, i usually keep my stylus between my pinky and ring finger if I am using the buttons, so I can quickly switch to the stylus if need be. The new pokemon game is the perfect example, using the buttons in the game world and the stylus in battle.

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