The 3DS Diaries: Day Five

So the 3DS is released in Australia this week, but we just received one on Friday. So partly to inform, but mostly so I can mix business with pleeaaasure, I’m going to be running a daily diary of my experiences with Nintendo’s latest exercise in wizardry. Ladies and gentlemen – welcome to day five of the 3DS Diaries.

Training Day: Part Deux So yesterday I wrote more about not playing the 3DS than actually playing, discussing just how tough it was, on a 30 minute train journey, to convince myself to play the 3DS when I had my more accessible iPhone just sitting in my pocket.

Well, today I actually forced myself to play on the train, just to get an idea of how 3D would work in a shaky, constantly moving environment, snuggled up next to a fat man's buttcheeks on a tiny two seater. And you know what - I was pleasantly surprised.

I played the 3DS twice - yesterday on the way home I managed to get a seat on the train and, with the 3D cranked full cheese, I had absolutely no trouble with the the 3D effect - no headaches, no issues with the display, nothing.

This morning, however, I couldn't get a seat. What a perfect chance to practice my zen balance skills while playing the 3DS, I thought. And I was right.

The main issue, bizarrely, was actually getting my 3DS out of the bag to begin with. Truly I needed the multiple elephant hands of Ganesha to pull my carry case out, get Super Street Fighter IV, put Nintendogs away, and do everything without dropping my stylus on a moving train. I'm afraid to admit that I had to use my teeth.

But once I had gotten past that ludicrous trial, I found playing the 3DS, on a moving train, a complete cinch. No issues whatsoever. The 3D was fine, I barely had to adjust despite standing up on a moving train.

Now this may be the result of my incredible balance, the end result of years of training with Monks in the art of Shaolin Kung Fu, but I left the train that day with complete faith in the 3DS's ability to produce 3D images on a moving train.

My only disappointment - no one said anything about how cool I was for having a 3DS early. Everyone just ignored me. [Sad face]

Re-evaluating Street Fighter Strangely enough, my train experience also forced me to re-evaluate my feelings on Super Street Fighter IV. You may recall from previous 3DS Diaries that I was pretty hard on the game initially, having only played it from the comfort of my own home. I wondered what the point of the game was, when I already had a copy on my 360 and an arcade stick to boot.

But on the train, it finally clicked. Super Street Fighter IV was my fighting game away from home. It was meant to be played when I couldn't play the console version - on the train, whilst travelling, etc - and in that regard it's perfect. The controls, which I had previously slaughtered, also started to make sense to me, and worked well in the grand scheme of things.

I hate to admit it - but I was completely wrong about Super Street Fighter IV 3D edition. Please forgive me ye gaming gods of yore.

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    So it was you who invaded my personal space on the train.

    *grunts and sweats profusely*

    All is forgiven, fellow Street Fighterer...

    Btw Mark, I was wondering who you main in SSFIV? From your last entry, it sounded like you played the game a fair bit as you're using a Madcatz stick (TE or SE)?

    Nice to hear about train impressions as that's what I'll be using it on mostly.

    Sir I challenge you to good old fashioned Balance fight.


    You're making me want SSFIV... I've got enough for one DS/3DS game at launch and I don't know what to do :/

    Cheers Mark,

    I look forward to tomorrows installment when you attempt to play the 3DS with full 3D whilst driving a car. Followed by your experiences with the 3DS whilst surrounded by a pack of hungry lions.

    If you don't answer my question I will hound you in TAY and ask me Stufff!


    Now we just need to know how it does in peak on on the M4. Care to try that one??

    We're all missing the most important piece here. Which train does Mark catch, which carriage is he most likely to be on and most importantly, how can we fill it with Kotaku'?

    I don't think people would have ignored you. People like me would have just tried to slyly watch the 3DS without being suspected of looking interested/jealous. I would've played it cool, daddy-o. I reckon there were people like me there...

    "Now this may be the result of my incredible balance, the end result of years of training with Monks in the art of Shaolin Kung Fu..."

    Monks sounds like one nice guy in Sydney... :P

    That was a reply to Sughly...

    My first post had a pre-first post that has dissapeared into the netherworld of intarwebzia!

    Cant wait to play mine tommorow

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