The 3DS Diaries: Day Seven

So the 3DS is released in Australia this week, but we received one last week. So partly to inform, but mostly so I can mix business with pleeaaasure, I’ve been running a daily diary of my experiences with Nintendo’s latest exercise in wizardry. Ladies and gentlemen – welcome to the final entry into the 3DS Diaries.

Taking It To The Street Folks. If you see me walking down the street, and I start to cry each time we meet - it's because no-one has bothered to turn on their frickin' Street Pass functionality yet. Jeez folks - get a move on will you?

Today was the day I had longed for - the 3DS has been released in Australia. I was looking forward to taking a gentle stroll at lunch, with my 3DS fitting snugly in my pocket, and having Mii after Mii drop like some mystical ninja sorcery onto my 3DS. That did not happen.

Here's what happened...

I wandered around Circular Quay, looking like an absolute idiot, waving my 3DS around in vain, in an attempt to try and connect to someone via Street Pass. It was crazy. I'd scan the street for large groups of people aged 18-30, stealthy approach them and try and blend in Ezio-style, blindly hoping to get some Wi-fi action from those fools.

Thankfully I had the common sense to leave before the cops arrived. I walked up to the food court and attempted the same thing in that area - twas once again a fruitless endeavour. I wandered around, waving my 3DS in the vicinity of everyone's burgers, but nothing.

Maybe it's for the best. When setting up the Street Pass functionality it asked me what message I would like to deliver in prospective Street Pass encounters. I tried to type in 'Avocado is my life', since I feel it best represents where I'm at in my life journey at the moment - particularly around lunchtime - but it wouldn't fit. Then I tried 'Granola is my life', because that's another culinary passion of mine. Since both didn't fit in the limited space Nintendo had allowed, I settled for 'What's up cutie'.

I expect much better results on the train later this afternoon.

The Drought Is Over Regular readers of the 3DS Diaries may remember that yesterday I got more than a little stir-crazy waiting for new games to arrive. Finally, today, Ubisoft pulled through with copies of Ghost Recon Shadow Wars, Splinter Cell 3D, and Asphalt 3D. I've only had the remainder of my paltry lunch break to sample these wares, and focused most of that time on Ghost Recon, since early reports stated it was one of the best titles available at launch.

After 30 minutes of play, I'm hardly qualified to provide an in-depth review, but my first impression was one of surprise. I wasn't expecting a turn-based strategy effort from this series, and I was taken aback at first. 30 minutes later I really began to enjoy the experience, which worked as a nice change of pace - it's almost Advance Wars-esque enough to be successful on handhelds.

Signing Off Well folks, this has been fun. Now that the 3DS is in the wild, I see little point in continuing on with this folly. You may or may not have your own 3DS now - this is your time to shine!

Poopy is looking down from heaven, he wants you to live. He doesn't want you to mourn him.

It's goodbye from Poopy, goodbye from me, and goodbye from Missile. Look! Missile is giving you kisses!

[Yes, I've become one of those people.]

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    hehehe Missile is so cute!! Has been an interesting read for this series! Makes me wish I had a 3ds to be sure!

      Mark -

      How the hell do you take screenshots like that? Is it just in Nintendogs, or can I take a mid-shoryuken snapshot whenever I want?

        ... Stupid me and making that a reply when it shouldn't have been frargl snarf.

        Nintendogs has an awesome feature that let's you take pics whenever. More games need this feature.

          Every game needs that feature.

          I remember the Camera in MGS2, I ended up taking some honestly stunning photos, but lost them all when I lost the memory card.

          I had action shots of bosses, Snake mid-roundhouse kicking a Tengu soldier, headshot pics, etc...


    Mark provide a tutorial on street pass on this page to help newbs

    Day 1: Constantly refreshing the AAE Tracker only to find out that no one was at home to receive my 3DS *sigh*

    I always read the "pleeaaasure" part in Matt Berry's voice. I shall miss you, 3DS Diaries.

    I wonder how successful Street Pass will be...

      I have my doubts.

        people are reporting in the USA that street pass is picking up a bit when walking around

          just for you mark i turned street pass on ;)

          i am walking around the city later :p maybe u will pickup choc

          interestingly, when you turn street pass on a 'foreign' 3DS it says where the person is from so if you haev a JP unit near AU it says 'xxx: from japan' in street pass

    I'd offer to stealthily sneak aboard your train and surprise you with a Mii attack but I'm not buying a 3DS until they release the inevitable 'zelda' edition. Nintendo caught me out with that when buying both my GBA SP AND my DS lite.

    You should have moved down George St about a block, Mark. I picked up my 3ds this morning and set it up straight away. I've had it on and sitting in it's cradle all day, although i'm a few stories up, so probably outside of range anyway.

    I promise I'll leave my street pass on always - I might even head down to the quay for lunch tomorrow, just to make you happy.

    Of course you're not going to get anyone on Street pass today. Everyone's waiting for the 5pm bell for their unboxing ceremony.
    The city will be a street pass frenzy within a few weeks though. Can't wait.

      No way... true dedication *cough* was shown by *splutter* those who *gag* *hack* called in sick :)

    Been a fun read everyday, thanks Mark good sir :D

    Doesnt street pass suck your battery dry?
    The reason I havent turned it on yet is because of that:/

      Well considering that the 3DS has low battery life, and that streetpass needs the console in 'sleep' mode (not off), i'd imagine it would be inconvenient if you didn't take your charger wherever you went :|

    I have a feeling that streetpass is a bit of a waste of time in Australia. The country wasn't... designed(?) well enough (i literally have no other way to put it LOL) for it to work here because it's so spread out!

    Maybe it'll be fine in a few cities, but where the majority of people live, probably not.

    i got my US 3DS last Sunday and just took it in my Totoro bag to Disneyland and have 19 random US Streetpass friends from the last few days.

    I picked up my 2ds at the Brisbane midnight launch last night, went to work this morning playing it, I work in a major shopping centre with an eb 2 stores up so had some hope of street pass being used, I was pleasantly surprised at lunch to check and see I had someone new on my 3ds waiting for me who I discovered worked 4 stores down, then we both got another as we were discussing it.

    It may start slowly like this, but its only day one, people prob don't know you have to activate street pass and make a mii.


    Yay! Day 7 of you reminding us that you got a 3DS free and a week early, thanks for that btw I really do love the hard trails you face.

    Perhaps I should take my 3DS along next time I head to the city just to see if I can collect some StreetPass stuff, even if I don't plan on playing it :P

    It's funny to me that Nintendo's treatment of online friends lists has gone from Boarding school mother superior to 'hey let's pick up random strangers on the street!'


    obviously since i'm a stranger, he had to come up to me and say "WELCOME!"

    ahhh ghost trick, i love your characters so much!

    oh yeah, 3ds, cool bowling

    I burst out laughing at that last paragraph. Rest in Peace Poopy. Your memory will live on...

    I thought the reason was obvious.
    Everyone is busy spamming hadoukens by their power outlets at home.

    7 days of diary, was great. Can you possibly give us, a 1 month update at the start of May? How has time effected your relationship with Missile? Or how has the DS faired.

    I'm going to Super-Nova Brisbane this weekend I suspect quite a lot of Street pass action there. Although not from me, still waiting for more games.

    Man, after reading that I could really go for an avocado!


    Now that I've played Ghost Trick, I now fully understand the awesome that is Missile. Just saying.

    I go to a uni full of gamers, so my street pass light is ALWAYS flashing. :D

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