The 3DS Diaries: Day Six

The 3DS Diaries: Day Six
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So the 3DS is released in Australia this week, but we received one last week. So partly to inform, but mostly so I can mix business with pleeaaasure, I’m going to be running a daily diary of my experiences with Nintendo’s latest exercise in wizardry. Ladies and gentlemen – welcome to day six of the 3DS Diaries.

Dear Diary,

It’s been six days since I finally received my 3DS in the mail. Six long days. I’ve been given only two games for survival, and a smattering of installed programs in case of emergencies.

Upon receiving this survival pack, I had questions. Would this pitiful sustenance really provide me with the gaming nutrients required to get me through the week? I had doubts. I played conservatively, hoping that the lustre of these new games wouldn’t lose their shine. But once I indulged… well, I’m ashamed to say that my base instincts took control.

I couldn’t. Stop. Playing.

And now what, Diary? I’ve completely exhausted my resources, with nothing of substance in sight. Post Poopy’s tragic, untimely demise, I’ve been so traumatised that I’m afraid can muster little desire to check up on my Pomeranian puppy ‘Missile’. The poor blighter remains unfed, unwatered, and unwalked as I lay here, blanketed in my own self-indulgent sense of ennui. I’m so sorry Missile. I simply don’t have the energy.

Video game resources are in short supply. In a search for gaming vitamins, I’ve resorted to playing around with the 3DS’s lacklustre sound application. Dark days indeed – fraught with the boredom that eventually comes from playing two games over and over again. Like some disturbed, three dimensional merry-go-round, there’s only so much time you can indulge before you feel woozy, nay nauseous.

I’ve been waiting for days. Ubisoft is my only hope now. Each morning, at dawn, I stare out into the horizon… waiting for that elusive courier man, eagerly carrying the package that will redeem me, help my hapless journey make sense. Ghost Recon – I await your arrival with bated breath.

But it never comes. I continue to wait, sinking to my knees in mental anguish. Back to memories of Poopy, Hadoukens and [shudder]Face Raiders.

Pilotwings Resort looms in the distance. Is it some mirage – the trick of a twisted mind gone rogue? At this stage it’s impossible to tell. The game edges ever closer. Will it arrive in time to save this bitter wreck, this barely recognisable shred of of humanity?

I hold on desperately for you… Pilotwings Resort. I pray you won’t let me down.

Mark Serrels


  • With such a limited launch line-up, I fear that other early adopters will soon find themselves in similar positions.

    You should definitely write a survival guide for those poor souls. A way for them to ration out the precious few resources they will have available in the first few months of 3DS ownership.

  • How about some of the old DS library?

    But yeah IMO Ghost Recon is a must have but I can pretty much forget the rest. TBH I’m surprised Nintendo didn’t make Pokemon Black/White have some more advanced features for the 3DS.

    Hmm 6th Generation pokemon game might be in 3D and not with sprites…

    • ” game might be in 3D and not with sprites”

      Ha ha hoo ***wipes tear from eye***
      Good one!

      • Only one person finds the humour in that?

        With the glacial change of the Pokemon franchise and the rapid development of Global Warming I figure one day it might start to speed up. And in my defense Nintendo obviously have 3D models of most of the pokemon for all the Colloseum games. That being said I suspect the first 3DS Pokemon game to be a remake of a previous game.

  • THis is the point where I’d be plugging in my DS back catalog and playing games from my personal pile of shame. I’ve got at least 4 DS games still shrink wrapped and unplayed.

  • Should that be abated breath?
    I’m actually not sure…
    But baited breath sounds like you just ate some fish!

  • I’ve never played Rayman 2. I also really want a platformer to play on the 3DS. Is Rayman 3D worth it for these reasons, even if it is buggy? Appreciate any advice.

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