The 3DS Diaries: Day Three

The 3DS Diaries: Day Three
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So the 3DS is released in Australia next week, but we just received one on Friday. So partly to inform, but mostly so I can mix business with pleeaaasure, I’m going to be running a daily diary of my experiences with Nintendo’s latest exercise in wizardry. Ladies and gentlemen – welcome to day three of the 3DS Diaries.

Introducing Missile

With Poopy gone – RIP little buddy – it was time to get a new dog. I had fully intended to get a boxer but, having just finished Ghost Trick on the DS, the minute I saw Nintendogs+cats had Pomeranians, I knew what had to be done.

So, this is ‘Missile’ folks. He can sit and give a paw. That’s about it.

Street Fighting Man
After getting to grips with the AR Games, and messing around with all the built-in software on the 3DS, I thought it might be a good time to give Super Street Fighter IV 3D – the game most would call the must have launch title on the 3DS – a bash.

I’ll be honest – I found it hard to get motivated for this one. I have Street Fighter IV, I have Super Street Fighter IV with a Mad Catz Arcade stick and I have it for my 360. I’ve played it to death, and I have a good television in my living room. I couldn’t help thinking that I’d rather play Street Fighter IV on my TV, with a control system tailor made for it, than play what is essentially a stripped down version of the same game, albeit in 3D.

I’d love to say that I spent some time with Super Street Fighter IV and had all my misconceptions challenged – but I didn’t. The fact is, if you have any copy of Street Fighter IV on your home console, you’d be better served sticking with that. The 3D does not provide a big enough point of difference to justify playing it with a control system that works, but is hardly ideal.

It’s still a great game, and I think Capcom has done as good a job as possible given the limitations of the 3DS and handheld gaming in particular, but the fact is, the game works better on home console.

Alright, it’s a Sunday folks – and I’ve got to go and make lunch, to make up for my abject laziness yesterday.

See you all tomorrow for day four.


  • I find it really disappointing that the must have launch title for the 3DS is a port. One that limits the greatest aspect of the original version by not having access to XBL or PSN.

  • Pomerainains… Really??? I see them as furry little footballs, My nextdoor neighbor has one and it does nothing but bark and really pisses me off.

    Come on Mark… You could have chosen a more manly dog.

  • Eh, was never that fussed about Street Fighter. I generally suck at fighting games, and only a few of them seem to manage to hold my interest.

    Very encouraged by the US posts about Ghost Recon being awesome though!

  • My original Nintendog hasn’t been checked on in years. I assume he’s just a rotting carcas now after not being fed for so long.

  • I preordered ssfiv, and it’s waiting to be shipped tomorrow. I’m not that happy that it’s the only game so far that interests me, but I feel like some more street fighter action! The only other one I’ve played is SFIV on 360.

    Maybe they should have meshed nintendogs + cats with street fighter to make super nintendogs Vs cats! That sounds more fun! Wouldve been a day 1 purchase.

    I place my bets on the cats being more powerful. They scratch.

  • wow your 3D cat is very cute. I commend you for creating Missile. I cant help but to admire Missile and of course you. Have a great day!

  • The 3DS comes out this week and I still haven’t decided if I’m getting one yet or not. 😛 I’m leaning more towards no, but the cheap Kmart pricing is tempting…

    Might just turn up on launch day and if they have any Blue ones left I’ll make my decision. Maybe they’ll have a demo unit to wow me into an impulse buy. lol

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