The Absurd Motion-Sensing, Keyboard-Packing, Gamepad

Veho's Mimi Wifi Keyboard & AirMouse with Game Controller gizmo looks as clunky as it sounds.

The device includes a full keyboard with definable hot keys, motion sensing air mouse, left and right mouse buttons, LED indicates for battery status all packed into a gamepad that also has two analogue thumbsticks, an eight-way directional pad, and an array of other digital buttons.

Veho says the PC controller's Li-Polymer rechargeable battery has a battery life of 20 hours.

Now to find someone with hands big enough to use this thing... or maybe small enough?

MIMI-KEY-003 - Mimi wifi Keyboard & Air Mouse with game controller [Veho, via Dvice]


    wow... despite looking fugly... i want one...

    will be sweet... can load some emulators on my htpc... sure i could use 360 controllers but that requires resyncing between htpc and xbox and an all in one unit would be sweet

    currently use a logitech dinovo mini and its a touchy piece of crap :\

    I have to say, I would use that to control my media centre PC in the lounge room. That's really interesting! Usually you only need a mouse, but every so often its really handy to have a keyboard around.

    looking at ordering one... on special at the moment for $89.95AUS... shipping kinda sucks though!

    hm...i wonder if this would work for ps3

    Hmmm... if I didn't already have 360 controllers and ControlMK, this would be pretty reasonable.

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