The Best Games Of 2010 Were...

The Game Developers Choice Awards gives developers a chance to say which games they like best. This year it seems what they liked best was Red Dead Redemption.

A close second? Minecraft.

Now that's a fucking great year for games. Here's the full list of winners:

Best Audio

Red Dead Redemption

Best Debut Game


Best Writing

Mass Effect 2

Best Game Design

Red Dead Redemption

Best Downloadable Game


Best Visual Arts


Best Technology

Red Dead Redemption

Best Handheld Game

Cut The Rope

Innovation Award


Game of the Year

Red Dead Redemption

Special Categories

Ambassador Award: Tim Brengle & Ian MacKenzie

Pioneer Award: Yu Suzuki

Lifetime Achievement Award: Peter Molyneux


    Lifetime Achievement Award: Peter Molyneux
    Oh lord, like his head isn't inflated enough already

    I really don't see the point of this, every one has different tastes in games.
    I'm not about to go play a game just because a few dev's liked it.

      Deva likes them because they were some of the best games of last year. You should play them because they were. Taste will be a factor, but they are remarkable games and deserve the kudos this brings.

    I'm surprised you guys would swear in an article, swearing doesn't offend me, but it's not very professional.

      Agreed. I was surprised.

      Didn't find it off-putting, just surprised - mostly by how crude and unnecessary.

      ...sure, Mark does it sometimes, but he's classy :P

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