The Best iPhone Dungeon Crawler Crawls To The PlayStation 3

The Best iPhone Dungeon Crawler Crawls To The PlayStation 3

Diablo III might be coming to consoles, but it’s still a long ways off. In the meantime, PlayStation 3 owners can satiate their dungeon crawling cravings with Dungeon Hunter: Alliance, coming in April to the PlayStation Network.

The Dungeon Hunter series for the iPhone and iPad is quite derivative of Diablo, but if Gameloft’s developers have proven one thing it’s that a clone doesn’t have to be a bad game. Indeed, Dungeon Hunter proved to be one of the most satisfying games on the iDevices, and now it’s heading to the PlayStation Network with support for three-player local and online multiplayer.

Pick a character class, assign your experience points, and equip the best armour and weapons as you journey through 30 levels of hack and slash action alone or with up to two friends. The game difficulty adjusts depending on the number of players, so the challenge remains constant no matter how friendly your adventure becomes.

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance even supports the PlayStation Move, giving players the point-and-click PC experience of Diablo III using Sony’s motion control solution.

If none of that convinces you, just look at the trailer. Look how smooth and gorgeous the game is running. It’s a thing of beauty, even if some of that beauty is borrowed.

Look for Dungeon Hunter: Alliance to hit the PlayStation Network in April.


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