The Best Mass Effect 2 Cosplay Meets The Best Dragon Age II Cosplay

The Best Mass Effect 2 Cosplay Meets The Best Dragon Age II Cosplay
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Which is tougher, the female version of Mass Effect 2’s Commander Shepard, or the female version of Dragon Age II’s Hawke? When costumer extraordinaire Holly Conrad and crew take on both BioWare sequels, everybody wins.

You may remember Holly Conrad and her team from the best Mass Effect 2 cosplay every created. Her group created movie-quality costumes for Commander Shepard, Tali, the Illusive Man, and Grunt, stealing the show at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Now the team has coalesced into a company called Crabcat Industries, creating not only costumes but costumed entertainment for the masses. Together with writer/producer Jessica Merizan, Crabcat is producing a web series called Hawke Vs Shepard, with Holly as Shepard, Jessica as Hawke, and flash animated intros by Ross O’Donovan of Vuvu Hero fame.

Visitors to PAX East in Boston this weekend will be able to attend a Hawke Vs Shepard panel to help determine whether science or magic reigns supreme. No offence to Holly’s Shepard, but the female rogue Hawke is tops in my book.


    • Yeah.. everytime i see that lady sheppard it kind of makes my stomach churn… she is just so… wrong…
      The costume.. awesome.. the head.. not so much.. whats with all that black lipstick? I don’t know anyone that played through mass effect as “Lenore Shepard – dark queen of the dark darkness”


        • Booo, the guy on the box is so cliche. He looks just like your average nameless faceless space marine, which is a little ironic as all he has is a face and a name….

          I was quite happy with the guy I made, black hair, green slightly lidded eyes and a gorilla jaw. Not the prettiest fellow, and the slightly lidded eyes meant that whenever he was supposed to glare at someone he just closed his eyes completely, but I made him and damnit if he wasn’t beautiful.

          • Yeah, i can;t go with box shepard.
            Mine looks PERFECT!
            Big ass scar, little soul patch, just like me, and chiseled yet soft features in a way. Like a guy that would help an od lady across the street, but could punch a krogan in his 4 nuts when the time arose

          • I’ve tried. I’ve tried so many times to play through with a lady Shep but as soon as she opens her mouth all I can think is Bastila Shan from KOTOR.

            I have a default shep and a few custom Sheps. Custom Sheps are the only way to go.

      • Bah, Chuloopa I can’t help but disagree! That Lady Sheppard is extremely appealing. If I wanted to play Mass Effect with a Catholic Schoolgirl Sheppard I would have just opted for Final Fantasy XIII (and I could get some pedophile marriage too).

        The haircut is pretty yet functional, and the black lipstick speaks “Renegade” to me. Its a dangerous look, alternative look and it works.

        As for Man Sheppard, Mark Vanderloo’s face is there for a reason. Its stunning. The facial animations don’t give it justice, and that ends up detracting from it BIG TIME. The smile on the default Sheppard face is hideous – even “stomach churning”. In any event, the Reapers are serious business so I won’t let a crooked smile turn me away from Sheploo *mancrush*

        Dragon Age 2 has much better avatar faces than previous Bioware games so here to hoping for that tech getting into Mass Effect 3.

  • I don’t know a whole lot about Dragon Age 2, but isn’t the red bit on Hawke’s face supposed to be blood?

    Kind of looks like this cosplayer stuck half a strawberry rollup on there…

  • Even though I’m a mad fan of both games, for a second I was like, “Who are these characters?”

    I always name my characters and customise with mods so much that my end character looks super awesome but unrecognisable as part of the original game. lol.

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