The Cursed Crusade Is Coming Along Nicely, Though Still Cursed

After months of quiet toil, Atlus and developer Kylotonn Entertainment step out of the smoky blacksmith shop with a handful of new screenshots for their co-op action-adventure outing The Cursed Crusades. Why does everyone look so glum?

Oh yeah, the whole curse thing. Just because holy Templar Denz and his roguish mercenary friend Esteban have been resting up since their debut late last year doesn't mean they are any less doomed to spend an eternity in hell unless they mend their ways. And since mending their ways seems to require killing everyone they can find, I guess I can understand why everyone else is upset.

It was a bleak time. They had no gummi candy to make things better.

Perhaps they'll all be happier when The Cursed Crusade hits the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 this winter.


    I'm famous woo!

    Why is it these things always come in twos? This and The First Templar are coming out within months of each other. Both seem to be riding the tail of the little-known Knights of the Temple series too.

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