The Final Mass Effect 2 Mission Arrives On March 29

Commander Shepard travels to the edge of the galaxy to rescue an undercover operative that could have evidence about an impending Reaper invasion in Mass Effect 2's Arrival downloadable content, coming March 29 to the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

This final batch of downloadable content for Mass Effect will set the stage for Mass Effect 3, making it a can't miss expansion to what some people around here considered to be last year's Game of the Year. And if the game bridge angle wasn't enough to entice you, Arrival also features the return of Admiral Hackett, lovingly voiced by the gravelly voice of Lance Henriksen.

"All year, we have been extremely honored and humbled by the reception we have received for Mass Effect 2 from players around the world, including our post release DLC", said Casey Hudson, Executive Producer, Mass Effect series. "Mass Effect: Arrival is an exciting extension to Mass Effect 2 and will show players just how close the Reapers are to returning and completing their deadly harvest."

Arrival will be available on March 29 for 560 Microsoft points, 560 BioWare points, or $US6.99.


    Can't... Come... Fast... Enough...


    Admiral Hackett! SQUEEE!

    This sounds awesome.

    I thought that screenshot I saw earlier was of Hackett, his face has never appeared in the two games, until now! Woot!

    And after Arrival hopefully it won't be too long till ME 3.

    YAY! hopefully it comes with a few new guns too
    plus its cheaper than lair of the shadow broker (not that i regret buying it- it was fantastic!)

    Damn it's too soon... I have to replay part 1 twice and part 2 four times to get back to where I was before I lost my save games. Uni gets in the way too much

    The devilishly handsome Serrelsesque Scottish accent was what attracted me to this video, but it's actually a really interesting overview of all the versions of Internet Explorer (shudder):

      aw, crap. Wrong tab.

      Please delete this and the other comment, Elly/Mark :(

    Fantastic. Lair of the Shadow Broker is going to be a hard act to follow!

    Was there a press release saying it's the final mission, or did the writer make it up?

    sweet... just finished taking my three ME1/2 characters through the leftover DLCs, all prepped for Arrival and ME3...

    downside is I only got my hands on AC:B on PC and DA:O last month... not to mention, work, study, wife... far too hard juggling all of this!

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