The First Beautiful Minutes Of Sword & Sworcery

People who are in the know have been waiting for Sword & Sworcery for many, many months.

They've expected one gorgeous iPad game from a little development studio called Capy.

These people know an attractive game when they see its first Ico-meets-Atari screenshot. These people know that "sworcery" isn't a typo and that the full title is Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery EP.

But what else do they know? The game's been a mystery. Is it an adventure game? An action game? Or what? I've got the first several minutes of the game for you to look at here. Enjoy the sights.

Sword & Sworcery will be out on March 24 on iPad for $13, with the downloadable/vinyl soundtrack - Jim Guthrie's Sword & Sworcery LP: The Ballad of the Space Babie - to follow a couple of weeks later. The iPhone version should be out a couple of weeks after that.


    This is only coming out for the iPad? Well that's disappointing.

    Wow, gameplay looks incredibly annoying...

    I'm lost

    somebody has to explain to why this game is an anticipated title...

    the graphics are nothing to speak about(though graphics aren't everything)
    the gameplay seems boring (point and click has been around since the early 90s)
    I don't see much of a story (though this is only the 1st few minutes)

    I mean it maybe a great game...I just don't see it from that video....heck, a game of Go seems so much more exciting atm

      It's not the graphical power. It's more the wya they are stylised.

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