The God Of War Brings His Quick Time Events To Mortal Kombat

If there was any doubt that God of War's Kratos was a good fit for the PlayStation 3 version of Mortal Kombat, this trailer crushes them brutally. He's a perfect fit, right down to the button-mashing quick time events.

Netherrealm Studios treats Kratos like the god he often is in his cameo in next month's Mortal Kombat. Many of his signature weapons are intact, from the iconic Blades of Chaos to the Bow of Apollo. Even the Nemean Cestus is represented, making painful contact with his opponent's face.

But Kratos' best moves don't occur in real time. They happen in quick time, flowing according to timed button presses. Imagine the humiliation of forcing your opponent to sit there while you idly poke his life away, one PlayStation 3 controller button at a time.

The more I see, the more I can't wait for April 21.


    I cannot wait!!! This is going to be AWESOME... Wait... What? It's been what now? Oh... Nevermind then...

    Wow. Not to be extremist, but this kinda makes me glad it was banned in Australia. It means I don't have to deal with this sort of fight.
    I'm having severe flashbacks of King in Tekken with his grapples. He grabs you, then strings a bunch of stuff together and you lose.

    I'm still not buying this.

    Having characters from other games in this reboot as a gimmick undermines the integrity of the title and this new begging entirely.

    Some may like it, but I see it was one of those small allowances of stupid that made so many series go down the crapper - none more than MK.

    What on earth is with all you picky bastards, the game isn't forcing you to play as him it's just incentive to pick it up and the rest of the Internet thinks its a match made in electronic entertainment heaven. & @ben what the hell do you mean integrity!? The game has an extra character for the sake of it & I am quite literally arguing with the only people on earth who think that it's fine that it was banned in Australia. P.S. if you try and import the game you will be fined somewhere between a few hundred to hundred thousand...bummer. In conclusion I hate people that are jerks for the sake of it, it's been a long day for me, I am an adult and its not the Australian's Classification Ratings Board's place to tell me what I should be playing, yada yada yada, going to crawl into the foetal position on launch day in a dark corner, blah blah blah, and cry myself to sleep, bitch bitch bitch, and wonder what its like for the lucky bastards all over world to play as Kratos in MK. OH how I love to plan my evenings :D.......:/.

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