The iPad Only Makes Gaming Better

The iPad Only Makes Gaming Better

Computer, console, phone, tablet: The more devices that can play games the better for gamers.

That’s the philosophy of Donald Mustard, one of the people behind Advent Rising, Shadow Complex and Infinity Blade.

“Great games will always be great,” said Mustard, co-founder of Chair Entertainment. “The more delivery methods we have to get games out to consumers is only good for the industry. As a consumer I’m super excited that I can play Infinity Blade on the iPhone and Red Dead Redemption on my Xbox 360. I love where gaming is going.”

It’s no surprise, then, that his studio is an early adopter of new gaming platforms. The day the iPad 2 was announced the studio sent one of their developers to Apple’s offices to check it out and work on a special update for their popular action game Infinity Blade.

Mustard calls the iPad 2 “really impressive” for game development.

In Infinity Blade players make their way through a castle, battling enemies in swordplay with swipes on the touch screen of an Apple device. The final goal is to take on the God King and defeat him. But once you do you can play through the game again and eventually take on a higher level God King.

Mustard says that people have gotten up to fighting a level 3000 God King in the game.

What was designed to be a quick, pick-up-and-play game has some people playing it for hundreds of hours, he said.

So Chair Entertainment has been spending a lot of time updating the game, adding new levels, new enemies, new weapons and spells.

The game initially shipped with 11 enemies and 70 items. The latest free update bumps that up to 27 different enemy types and 140 items. The updates also includes new story elements and plenty of minor tweaks requested by players.

The most surprising one, to Mustard, was the call by some for a way to buy Infinity Blade’s in-game gold with real cash.

“When we first launched Infinity Blade it didn’t support the ability to buy gold,” he said. “But we had a ton of people who wanted to buy gold, that was kind of a new thing for us.”

The ability to tweak and fine-tune the gaming experience through patches is wonderful for game development, Mustard said.

“There is a clear path to updating this,” he said. “We want to continue to support it.”

Mustard also strongly hints that Chair will be working on a future game for Apple portable devices, but promises they’re not becoming an iPhone, iPad only developer.

“Infinity Blade is successful enough that our eyes are open to this huge new user base and the possibilities there,” he said. “Chair will always be supporting these devices and other devices too.

“We are definitely working on stuff, some really cool stuff.”


  • I feel like im living in the twilight zone sometimes…
    ipad/pod/touch/phone games are bad for your health!

  • “The more delivery methods we have to get games out to consumers is only good for the industry.”

    Except that devs still like doing platform exclusives to appease the creators of said platform; and cross platform games have to be designed to the lowest common performance denominator and hopefully given a High Res pack for PC.

    *takes a deep breath and hopes he doesn’t sound bitter*

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