The iPhone's Equivalent Of Mr Magoo

I came across this new iPhone game during my daily browse through Gizmodo, and immediately found myself scrambling for my wife's credit card details so I could buy it. Sr. Mistu is a game about a blind man who loves olives. You must draw a path for Sr. Mistu, to help him navigate this crazy, crazy world and find said olives. The thing that sold me? The gorgeous hand drawn art style.

It's the game that looks like the hand drawn logos in every indie hipster movie ever made - which you think would be a bad thing, but it's not. I love this kind of gentle gaming experience - I know what I'm doing on the train journey home today (after I've finished reading mX of course).

Sr. Mistu For iPhone [Gizmodo]


    You read Mx??? Seriously? That is utter gobshite, nonsense, dribble, kack!!!

    You just lost 10 points, Serrels.

      dude mX is awesome! overheard FTW

    Nice hand drawn graphics, but game play heavily depend on trial and error (the get the right timing to avoid the cars).... I'll pass

    Game = +10 points
    Olives = -10 points

    So yeah, with Jimus score, you're still sitting on -10. Sorry about that.

    You only read Gizmodo once a day? So disappointed Serrels - I've got Kotaku in a dedicated tab open all day!

    Poor Mark, really feelin' the love - but don't worry, unlike Ben I totally dig olives so you're up +10...

    ...but yeah, mX? For shame!!!

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