The Last Moments Of A Dying Arcade

Having failed to work out a last-minute deal with its landlord, the historic Chinatown Fair arcade in New York City closed its doors on Sunday night. Here are some images of its last hours.

It's unclear whether the business will be moving, as we were told was an option last week, or is simply shutting down. What is clear, though, is that the arcade's presence on Mott Street is now no more, the same building having played host to arcade gaming for over 30 years closing its doors just after midnight on Sunday night..

Even if Chinatown Fair is able to relocate, it'll be missing that history. Not every arcade sits in the one place so long, and certainly not every arcade gets a starring role in an Ol' Dirty Bastard video clip.

The Final Hours Of Chinatown Fair, The Last Arcade In Chinatown [NYC The Blog]


    That's sad. It'll be sad the day the arcade I worked at for 9 years closes. I invested so much time and emotion into that place, I think I'll cry when it shuts.

      How about I give you a cup of cement so you can harden the fuck up?

        Wow, that's so completely original. You're a genius, and an attribute to the human race. I'll go mix you up a cup of sarcasm.

        If you died, it would have no effect on my life whatsoever.

        I'm hard as fuck, y'see.

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