The Menus On The 3DS Are A Breeze

Nintendo hasn't only just released a stylish piece of hardware, the Kyoto-based games maker has just launched a piece of hardware powered by elegant software. If only other Japanese companies could follow suit.

Anyone who has ever owned a cell phone in Japan knows exactly what I'm talking about. Heck, if you've played Japanese video games, you know just how indecipherable the menus can be.

Japanese cell phone menus are, generally speaking, an utter mess. They're not instinctive, they're not streamlined, and they seem designed just to piss you off. Likewise for the menus in so many Japanese video games. They just don't make sense.

The menu for the 3DS is elegant and intuitive. There are those who will say it's copying the PS3's "XMB" menu. Screw those people. The menu works well, and new options like the ability to stack up to sixty apps on the same screen are so very welcomed.

Check out Kotaku's walk through of onboard 3DS games.


    The menu also goes to 3 tiers if you hit the 2 tier button twice.
    I like the look of the 3-tier style menu over the single-tier scroll menu. 3-tiers kinda looks like a small Wii menu and It does look like there is room for extra apps or channels like the Wii menu.

    In comparison to my DS phat, the 3DS menu looks AMAZING.

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