The Monsters Of Minecraft Shed Their Blocks For Flesh And Bone

Indie darling Minecraft is a scary game! Scary in tone, though, not appearance. In appearance it's adorable. To help the tone match the look, then, some artists decided to paint Minecraft's monsters as they'd actually appear.

The results? Let's just say I'm glad the game only deals in bright, colourful blocks.

The artists featured here include Edgar Juhkov, Dmitry Burmak, Damian Buzugbe, Alexander Iaccarino, Dave Rapoza and Jaan.

While some opt for the comical route, others have gone for straight horror. Like the zombie pigs. Urgh.

Sure,you could say that part of the terror of Minecraft is in the juxtaposition between such cute characters and their inherent danger. And I'd be inclined to agree with you. Still, these are some great paintings!

(You can see them in their original dimensions here.)


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