The Most PSP Game On The 3DS

What would a PSP-style game look like on the 3DS? Samurai Warriors Chronicles has the cut-scenes, the voicework, the multiple loading screens - and the ambition to look and play like a PS2-era home video game - that make it a lot like a PSP game. But the game is a 3DS launch title.

Samurai Warriors Chronicles also has good glasses-free 3D effects (in gameplay and cutscenes) as well as smart two-screen design, neither of which are PSP traits. Nevertheless, to see a PSP-style game on the 3DS, watch this video. Hey, this game is so PSP that, when you play it, you'll find yourself wishing it had a second analogue stick for camera control. Now if only I could hear the UMD whirring noise while I was playing this thing.

For comparison, this is the PSP's Samurai Warriors: State of Play, which came out in 2006.


    The PSP one was terrible. You had a huge map, but could only fight in a square.

    I've preordered this one and since it looks much better than the PSP one which I still enjoyed it looks like I'm in for a treat!

    And, just had to say - that second guy so badly has the triforce on his back ;)

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