The New Sexy Way To Play Flower

Flower is a great game - probably one of my favourite games in the last five years - but it's not a sexy game. That's a problem that ServerCrashers are trying to alleviate with this, quite frankly, completely disturbing video...

Their solution, it seems, is simple. Tie a controller to your pants and thrust at the screen. Solid.

I would totally try this. If I actually wore pants.


    You could tie it to something else...

    Had to be said

    I love having lady flowers around my genital region..

    wait... we're talking about something different??

    oh... well in that case... umm...

    ...I love having lady flowers around my genital region.

      Move over Lady Gaga, make way for Lady Flowers.

    This is disgusting, it like playing shadow of the colossus with your wang, it's just insulting the game.

      If someone can play through shadow of the colossus with their wang, deserve all the kudos we can give.


    So random

    Literally "Fuck This Game!"?

    You're welcome, Australia.

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